McGregor knocks out “Cowboy” Cerrone following high kick, bout only 40 seconds

McGregor KOs the Cowboy in 40 seconds/Photo: Las Vegas Review

McGregor wins in less than a minute. 

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LAS VEGAS — Conor McGregor must’ve had a hot chick waiting at the hotel Saturday night because he was definitely in a hurry. In the opening round of their UFC 246 bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, McGregor kicked Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the noggin then finished him off in 40 seconds to register the second-fastest win of his career. If you recall, McGregor’s most expeditious knockout (13 seconds) transpired in 2015 against Jose Aldo. After the fight, the MMA star picked up the Irish flag and paraded it throughout the arena.

As for the kick to the cranium? Cerrone never saw it coming. That’s because so much attention is given to McGregor’s left hand we tend to forget his legs are just as lethal. “The so-called experts of the game when they break down my skill-set, they say I’m just a fighter with a left hand, which is highly disrespectful and uneducated,” McGregor said during his post-fight interview.

“I knew he was planning to knock me out with a head kick. I knew this is what Donald would have been envisioning. … But at the same time I know that Donald has many discrepancies in his game, with the leans and dips under certain attacks that can also set him up for the high kick. So the high kick was something I thought I could catch him with, also.”

McGregor, 31, dropped a few pounds prior to the match and he appeared quicker as a welterweight. “He looked unbelievable,” said UFC president Dana White. “He won’t hear another peep from me about fighting at 170. He looked fast, he looked sharp, he looked strong. It was all about Conor. It has nothing to do with Cowboy being shot or anything like that.”

The fight cost $64.99 on pay-per-view, but lasted only 40 seconds.

Did you expect a better fight?

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  1. It took me longer to park the car.

  2. Wow, what a great match up. 😂

  3. Conor shouldnt even be fighting in UFC…ban this prick



  5. What a useless prick of a fighter cowboy is..

  6. Connor’s fighting iq in this fight was something else man. From the unexpected shoulder hits breaking Cowboy’s nose to his faint with the left hand to left kick transition to holding cowboy’s left leg while beating him down. All that in 40 seconds, fucking hell this might be Connor’s best form.

  7. Mc gregor 💩


  9. Anyone who paid $ 85.00 to watch this “fight” on PPV is a real schmuck. This is why I will NEVER, EVER pay to watch PPV events ever again. I watch them for free on my Smart TV.

  10. Imagine paying thousands for a ticket and only sitting there for 40 seconds 😂

  11. I wonder how much he got paid. Probably made millions of dollars in 40 seconds!

  12. The fix was in. He took a dive for the payday.

  13. Muhammed Darboe

    He earned $100,000,000 in 40secs

  14. I feel bad for anyone who bought this fight , itcwas a total gimmie fight for connor.

  15. whiskey lullaby

    He’s Fookin baaaaack!

  16. That shit was soooooo… staged!!

  17. This is the same reason I didn’t pay to watch Mike Tyson fight.

  18. George Calatean

    Conner letting people know what he is capable of.
    Cowboy gonna do what cowboys do, ride off into the sunset and retire.

  19. Sorry but that looked like it was rigged. They just wanted to set him up to get the win.

  20. Dustin Mcgowan

    Wanted to watch the fight, but I was drunk as af 😂😂

  21. Lol. I stopped buying fights years ago just for this reason…

  22. nikhil sathish

    Felt like a WWE fight 🧐🧐🧐🧐🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  23. Be right back, gotta use the bathroom.
    (comes back)

  24. Giovanni Lomeli

    Good thing I ain’t take my weed to watch a 40 second fight

  25. i’d lose for 2 million.. good job Cowboy !

  26. Fixed, rigged, fake. This sport has gone to shit just like boxing.

  27. angela brinkley

    Good Job Conor😀❤👏

  28. That wasnt a fight sir, that was assault

  29. Connor all time 🕒champ

  30. Tsun Jap Tsjoen Tchang Mongool

    poor cowboy 🤠->🚑->🏥->🤕

  31. Kevin Joe Pelayo

    👑The King is B🔥CK👑

  32. What the fuck was that? I’m glad I watched it for free.

  33. I loved the old Conor, but love the new humble Conor even more.. Put in the work and got committed.. Like Joe Rogan said, it’s hard to get out of bed at 5am to go train with silk sheets and 100 Million in the bank.. Cheers Conor!!

  34. I knew it. Cowboy is overrated and shouldn’t have been in there with Conor in the first place

  35. If Cowboy’s performance is truly a “professional” fighting level performance, than I’m pretty sure I could have been an the Ali of MMA.
    MMA has become a bad-joke. Before long, it will be IDENTICAL to the WWF/WWE.

  36. Cowboy is out of his prime, and probably needs some test. otherwise it would have been a fair fight. Connor is just an animal. very methodical and does his homework. I love both of these fighters, I used to watch Cerrone, back in the day..

  37. NraugQaib GameFowl

    C’mon guys, Ceronne?!?! If Conor lose to this guy then Conor should not fight anymore. The surprise was it was done quicker that’s all. This fight proves nothing yet.

  38. Bullshit a fucking rematch needs to be done.

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