Fight Video: Ex-NBA guard Delonte West assaulted, then he cusses out policeman

Delonte West has hit rock bottom/

Delonte West is having problems. 

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WASHINGTON — The basketball community is in shock after a pair of videos went viral Monday afternoon that shows former NBA guard Delonte West getting his ass kicked in the middle of the street by a middle-aged white dude. Then, while handcuffed, a homeless Delonte is seen cussin’ out a police officer. He also appears to have several teeth missing. A damn shame. “I don’t give a f*ck,” he screamed repeatedly. The disturbing ordeal went down in Washington, D.C. which is Delonte’s hometown. After starring at Saint Joseph’s University, Delonte was selected 24th overall by the Boston Celtics in the 2004 NBA Draft.

In 2008, the 36-year-old baller revealed he was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

Delonte also had a dalliance with LeBron James’ mother.

His career has gone downhill ever since.

In 2010, Delonte pleaded guilty to a pair of weapons charges. Six years later, the embattled miscreant showed up at a Houston-area “Jack in the Box” lookin’ like a crackhead. Jameer Nelson, Delonte’s ex-teammate, and former Saint Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli are looking to get Delonte some help.

Is it time for the NBA to step in?

Are narcotics to blame?

Watch the sad footage.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sub Me In Coach

    Mental health is important, stay prayed up brothers.

  2. The NBA needs to step in and help him

  3. Serioulsy 🤬😡

  4. I remember watching him when he was a celtic. Man, he was a true fighter on the court. Seeing him in the state he is right now, it truly brakes my heart!

  5. What a stupid ass name. No wonder he has mental problems, his parents obviously do too.

  6. People don’t wanna talk about it and it’s sad. But Lebron James plays a HUUGE ROLE in why this man doesn’t have a career. All because of secret relationship with LEbron James mom in which LBJ dIdnt. He then got the player removed and banned. Let’s not forget history guys

  7. That’s what happen when you have millions but not financial education at all.
    I’m pretty sure he never read any financial book about Investing in Real Estate,Stocks,Business etc.

  8. Mark Simshauser

    Dont feel bad for him. If he has mental health issues he had more than enough time and money to deal with it in the NBA. He made his own bed and no one is responsbile for fixing a grown man who has done nothing to help himself

  9. He’s ex step father of lebron right?

  10. “All we can do is pray for him.” 😂😂😂 Simply put; “He’s on his own, I’m not gonna do a damn thing for him but I will type a long heartfelt paragraph about it and use prayer as justification for not doing anything”. 😂😂😂

  11. Comrade Galloneye

    LeBron Buried Him

  12. Coz he fcked lebrons mother

  13. Kids, pay attention. lol. Don’t Do Drugs. And Save Your Money. this fool went from millions to no teeth.

  14. The spitting image of a person hitting ROCK BOTTOM

  15. “mental health” No, it’s called demonic possession. When you open yourself up with drugs, etc., you WILL be controlled by something. If it’s not God’s spirit, then you are being controlled by a demonic entity.

    This is what is wrong with the western world. They have forgotten God. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle whether people believe it or not. The only escape is Jesus Christ. Delonte needs the gospel so he knows that he has a purpose in his life. Pray for Delonte.

  16. No would CARE if Delonte West were a former bus driver, mail man or a worker at McDonalds. It’s important for us to remember all people who suffer from mental illness!

  17. He violated when he was accused of messing with LeBron moms. Karma is undefeated, he needs help

  18. Damn this what happens when you pipe Lebrons mama

  19. Why this nigga look this bad did LeBron have that nigga mind twerked for fooling around with his mom back the I’m just saying #Conspiracy

  20. Crack is one hell of a drug. Hope he gets sober

  21. Tarence Carter

    That dude is a dope fiend.

  22. Karma Is A Bitch

  23. I hate when something happens to someone in the NBA or entertainment industry and it’s so sad and blah blah just cause he was in the NBA man it’s a million homeless people who no one cares about million poor black people with mental health and no one cares help them wtf fake love from people in the NBA knowing damn well they don’t care they only want to post about it to gain some clout and recognition

  24. Eric Hernandez

    Lebron… help your step pops out‼️😂

  25. I hate to see him like this. Mental illness is real and the shit ain’t funny.

  26. That’s it just get your phone out instead of helping. I hate this generation.

  27. phuryus styles phuryustyles

    moral of the story. dont sleep with Labron James mom.

  28. At least his greatest accomplishment was to fuck LeBron James mama.

  29. Damn🙏

  30. From shootin’ hoops to shootin’ drugs.

  31. silverdropstang

    This video may be the best thing to ever happen to him. Maybe he can get some much needed help?😔

  32. Thomas Willhoite

    Where is the outrage about the posting of videos of the thousands of homeless people, many suffering from mental issues, who are not former basketball stars, being mistreated?

  33. You can’t help someone that doesn’t want help 🤷🏾‍♂️

  34. This is just sad 😢 someone needs to make him get help he’s not just going to do it himself 🤦‍♀️

  35. It’s got to be more then mental health. He was functional his entire life. It’s altered mental health by whatever type of drugs he been on that ruptured his brain cells.

  36. Trigger Warning

    This is tragic man. Hope he gets some help. At this point its gonna take people coming together and getting him help. It’s sad but mental health is taboo in the black community so its ignored because people are embarrassed to admit it or admit their children have a mental issue. Gotta swallow that pride and help them kiddos out.

  37. That’s the true face of Sick America. There are many sick people and people living under the poverty line in America, its a verry sick Nation, Pharma industry makes more than 50 billions a year. But they allways just show Hollywood, Oscars, Gremmys, NBA, Scyscrappers, Nasa… But the Nation is Sick… They use you to make millions and can draft you in they’re private army’s to wage they’re private wars around the globe.

  38. Jonathan Robinson

    What is messed up is that if this was a @#%% dog…6-7 people would have held up traffic in order to make sure that golden retriever was safe and sound. But instead we as a world of people can get entertainment from watching a man get beat down in the street but would have lobbied to have 1 dog kicker prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law….SAD STATE OF THE WORLD TODAY!

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