Kansas Fight Video: Jayhawks & K-State Wildcats lock horns in bout of fisticuffs

KU and K-State went to blows/Getty Images

KU and K-State spice up rivalry. 

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LAWRENCE — The Sunflower Showdown became the Sunflower Throw-down on Tuesday. That’s when a massive brawl broke out on ESPN between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats towards the end of KU’s 81-60 victory at Allen Fieldhouse. All hell broke loose when Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa got stripped midcourt by K-State’s DaJuan Gordon in the closing seconds. A pissed off De Sousa ran down the floor, blocked Gordon’s layup attempt, then stood over his ass to show off.

Both benches cleared.

A bout of fisticuffs quickly ensued.

What’s sad is the melee was the most engrossing aspect of the game.

Mainly because college basketball has sucked for years. Coaches place so much emphasis on defense, student-athletes have forgot how to shoot. Fast breaks no longer exist. Final scores are typically in the 50s and 60s, and the winner is usually the squad that shoots the fewest bricks.

It’s a sh*tty product and fans should think twice before purchasing tickets.

The NBA is 100 times better.

I digress.

Back to the topic of convo.

The skirmish spilled into the disabled seating section behind K-State’s basket as handicapped fans ran for cover. At one point, De Sousa picked up a chair with felonious intent. He wasn’t alone. KU center David McCormack stomped a dude silly as KU coaches Bill Self and Jerrance Howard rushed in to conciliate. Local police officers also intervened. A capacity crowd of 16,300 cheered the fracas.

This is what happens when you remunerate Snoop Dogg and strippers to perform on campus.

“Absolutely sickening, unbelievable. In my 40 years in TV, I haven’t seen anything like that,” said ESPN analyst Dick Vitale. “I think there’s no doubt in my mind that De Sousa should never, ever put on a uniform again in college basketball. He’s holding a chair. That’s criminal. He’s gonna hurt someone!”

A ban? Really Dick?

In 1985, Indiana head coach Bob Knight threw a chair at a referee and he wasn’t banned.

Hell, hockey players kick each other’s asses all the time and they’re still allowed to play.

Ditto for baseball players.

So why single out De Sousa?

Anyway, watch the fight.

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  1. both teams must’ve had popeyes chicken during pre-game meal

  2. Basketbrawl 😆

  3. niggers

  4. The game was over. What an idiot to start all that. Turned a solid win into potentially the end of the season for him.

  5. I always knew K State would put up a fight during this matchup. I just wish it would’ve come before the end of the game. lol.

  6. this is the stuff I come for

  7. Finally… this is a KU team I can get into… We basically have Ron Artest AND Charles Oakley! ROCK CHALK!

  8. When u throw a chair that’s a start of a nigga moment

  9. college basKKKetball is slavery……. what y’all niggas expect????

  10. One of the hardest decisions looming for Bill Self is whether to suspend Silvio DeSousa with or without pay for the next few games.

  11. What happens in Kansas stays in Kansas..Just Sayin’ !!

  12. Skrilla Forilla

    Nothing will happen…. It’s Kansas, the NCAA will give them a pass. ALWAYS DO

  13. Street Scholar

    Is this the type of education you get in the state of Kansas?

  14. They trying to make something out of nothing booo.

  15. And this is why trump is my president

  16. I’m a ku fan and that never would’ve happened if KSU’s dumbass player would’ve let us dribble out the clock but you can clearly tell he was butthurt and got even more triggered after de souza blocked the absolute shit out of him

  17. Brandon Johnson

    Boooo boring ass fight

  18. Let’s play “Where’s Ron Artest”.

  19. you will be triggered


  20. Da Williams Fam

    This all Kansas State fault, everyone knows you dont try to steal the ball and score with 3seconds left and you are down by 20+ points. There is no other way this was gonna turn put once he stole that ball

  21. None of y’all going too the league now lol

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  23. bastardjackyll

    Of course all of the fat hillbillies, morons and bigots in this comment section have nothing to say when a fight breaks out at a hockey game.

  24. Bring both teams back out round 2 just saying 🤔

  25. Ron Artest: Hold my beer…

  26. And the band played on! What a bunch of animals! Rock Chalk Jayhawk K-O! Get a leash on your pets, Self!

  27. These are good kids, joke, thugs end their season……..

  28. Explosive Juice

    “What are you gonna do fine us?”😂


    Gang members its what they do

  30. Aaron Anderson

    In hockey this is normal but in a primarily black sport this is bad🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  31. White people caused this to happen

  32. nathan koroush

    Bringing the hood to an arena near you, sponsored by NCAA.

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