Police Chase Video: Gangsta granny kills ‘accomplice’ during liquor store burglary

Diawannah Thomas faces multiple charges/Photo: OnScene.TV, Houston Police Department

Drunken granny murders her help.

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HOUSTON — Diawannah Corteasher Thomas, 54, had her drunken ass thrown in jail after she accidentally killed an accomplice during a burglary attempt. The felonious ordeal transpired in Houston, Texas on January 21st. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows the inebriated granny parked outside a liquor store in a U-Haul truck while her co-conspirators burglarized the venue. After purloining several cases of intoxicants, the villainous trio leaped into the vehicle and Diawannah drove off.

Police showed up seconds later and a high-speed chase ensued.

One of the miscreants jumped out the truck to escape only to get pancaked by the rear tires on the passenger side — killing him instantly. Diawannah continued to zigzag through traffic until she intentionally crashed into a police cruiser with two cops inside.

Fortunately, no officers were hurt. Diawannah was arrested and charged with murder, aggravated assault of a police officer, and driving while intoxicated. She’s lookin’ at a million years behind bars. The other two suspects were also booked and charged. Must admit, I’m not surprised.

With a moniker like Diawannah, you’re destined for imprisonment.

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. wow GTA for real

  2. I would have just killed her

  3. Jameson Bornholdt

    so…she crashed on purpose

  4. Watched it again, now I’m thinking a bad version of the dukes of hazard. 😂

  5. So why didn’t they shoot her in the parking lot before the chase??

  6. Senhor do obvio

    B U S T E D

  7. Looks like some movie’s action scene…

  8. This bitch is slick! LMAO Too bad she can’t drive for shit!

  9. Keep it simple

    how the fuck do you pronounce her name???

  10. i blame popeyes chicken

  11. This is what happens when you get involved with lygers, tigers and nygers.

  12. Biscuits N Gravy

    I’m sure she wasnt wearing a seat belt. They should add that to the charges.

  13. Nicholas Watson

    At least she went out with a bang

  14. Haha you dumbass cops!

  15. The way she crashed it is hilarious I’m going to hell

  16. moral of the story: dont jump out a moving truck

  17. Accidently on Purpose

    Fuggin women drivers

  18. Jesus she tough as fuck.

  19. Wasted

  20. Lankey Bastard

    She gets an A for effort, but only a 47 for I.Q.

  21. Bless. Too bad she didn’t take out any filth while she was at it, US cops deserve only annihilation.

  22. David DiStefano

    You GO GIRL !

  23. Phạm Duy Nghĩa

    Got talent 😁

  24. girls just wanna have fun!!!

  25. You go girl! She is my HERO 😍

  26. This is so sad, she was neither killed or seriously wounded 🙁

  27. She’s amazing!

  28. damn she ran over her own nigga

  29. John Papandreou


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