Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter finally “divorced” after 22 years of marriage

Wendy and Kevin finalize their divorce/TMZ.com

Wendy Williams officially single. 

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NEW JERSEY — “How you doin?” Wendy Williams is back on the market. After 22 years of holy matrimony, the 55-year-old talk show host and ex-husband Kevin Hunter finalized their divorce on Tuesday. She’s now a single lady (cue Beyoncé). As part of the dissolution indenture, a New Jersey judge divvied up their assets. Their home in Livingston is up for sale and they’ll split the proceeds 50/50. However, Wendy will maintain ownership of their residence in Florida and Kevin will keep the cash received from their recently sold property in Morristown.

Wendy also gets the furniture and Kevin will retain possession of his Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Wendy, if you recall, filed divorcement docs in April 2019 after finding out Kevin got his side chick pregnant. She even served his ass at work. The former lovebirds first met at an ice skating rink in 1994.

They got hitched 3 years later.

Wendy and Kevin share one kid together, 19-year-old Kevin Jr.

The teen got arrested last year after punching his dad.

Are you happy for Wendy?

Should she stay solo?

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  1. Good 👍for U, Wendy😍😘 God got you 😇and ur Fan’s do too😎😍

  2. Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person! Bitch!

  3. I’m happy for her 👏👏👏 congratulations Wendy “how you doin”

  4. Tolindra Collins


  5. I don’t care for wendy at all…,,but I glad she found the courage to leave her disrespectful husband.

  6. Beautiful Angel

    Ok finally……….Now she can STOP showing off that damn ring🙄😩!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michelle Small

    Wendy… God is good, God don’t like ugly… karma is a B****… Rock on Wendy, stay strong, stay messy 😂😘😀 stay crazy 😏

  8. Cheating ass men. Uggggh.

  9. Claudine Goffee


  10. Ramona Middleton

    Wendy U R A Beautiful and Successful Woman! F. Kevin!

  11. Calvin Gilmore

    Now we can see the real woman in her.I’m so happy that released all of his negative energy.I hope that she gets better in more ways than one.U are in my prayers Ms Williams

  12. Wendy Williams is a BOSS BITCH!!!!! i am in love with Wendy and her bossness!!! she is on her way to a better life…Bossing up and letting that “ZERO” Go!!!!! Wendy deserves better!!! I wish her well and happiness in her new life… GO Wendy Go!!!!!!

  13. I hear that Kevin ALSO has a Boy Toy !!! I guess he’s Bi.

  14. Quincy Delsoin

    If he didn’t have money he wouldn’t had a side chick cuz he ugly as hell. And good things don’t last forever side chick I hope you realize that look at him now in 10 years he going to be uglier.

  15. redlips blacklace

    I hope all works out for MS. Wendy I TRUELY do from the bottom of my heart ! But when you talk nasty smack about others love life and are very crule the universe has a way of giving you just 🍰🍧🍮DESERTS back . a slice of humble pie is what Wendy needs and a wonderful new man and a better life with out Kevin Hunter.

  16. Name Changed to Punty

    I never really thought he was right for Wendy, he comes across as a thug !

  17. Sleeping Beauty

    I can’t stand wendy she is so ugly w all that plastic surgery

  18. go wendy!! Kelvin hunter can burn in hell!

  19. ღSwnsasyღ _

    I love how she served him in a gift box and a bow!😂😂 You go girl!

  20. SorbitolMalitolXylitolMannitolCalciumCarbonateSoy

    Wendy Williams being in the position she is in should be a ROLE MODEL to women all over the world… so her staying with her nasty cheating husband is not a good look and not a good message she’s sending to young women everywhere who follow her… finally she did it.. it was about time… good lord

  21. Side peice should feel stupid ass hell that Kevin didnt love her enough to divorce Wendy first.

  22. Amanda True Crime

    I’m so happy for her! She played him for the fool he is! Get the DNA, now he gets no spousal support and no alimony…she’s still the diva! ❤

  23. My Humble Opinion

    He disrespected Wendy in public. She served him where the disrespect occurred…in public.

  24. crystal jefferson

    This is what happens when u minding everyone’s business but your own🤷🏿

  25. She in love with her husband still

  26. william alderman

    No sympathy for Wendy here. Now sympathy at all. Because this is what Wendy lived for in others lives. She’s made a living off the sorrows of others. No sympathy here.

  27. 😁😁😁😁🤗🤗 Have Fun Wendy. Enjoy yourself.

  28. Haqim Al-Arabia

    i’D bang her

  29. Yes! Finally Wendy let him go. Kevin and his mistress will reap everything. She will not have a happy life. Cheating with a marry man is not good. They both will be miserable together. Just wait a few years he will be cheating on her soon. Watch & Wait! Poor baby will have to endure this mess. I pray God will give Wendy strength and wisdom in this situation. Now Kevin will not hinder your blessings. I speak complete healing for you Wendy. Lord send your angels to protect Wendy and her son JR. In Jesus name may the blood of Jesus cover them always. Amen!

  30. Good for you Wendy. You’re more popular than ever!!!!

  31. Fanecia Jackson

    You piece of trash 🗑 Kevin hunter 😡😡

  32. Can’t stand Wendy

  33. He Walked Away With WAYYYY
    TO MUCH !!!! But At Least He’s
    Out The Picture.👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  34. Kevin is what you call a cock sucking ass Nigga!!! 😡🤦🏾‍♀️💯

  35. C H A L O ‘ N

    How the hell did this nigga make out like a bandit like this??? 0_O DAWWWGG! No wonder people sign prenuptial agreements this is ridiculous!

  36. I’m so proud of her for finally getting rid of his free riding butt! He got away with way too much for his good for nothing self. She put up with his sorry abusiveness for much too long. I hope she regains her self esteem. She may have given him credit for boosting her career but, she was talented and well respected in her profession, before he came along. Good luck and God bless. gurl!

  37. @Judy Hinchey: She was terribly insecure and all that yes but.. The reason they’re not together is because she was the breadwinner. Men aren’t made to hang on a woman’s purse strings and coat tails. That’s the reason he got a younger, plain, poor chic. Because he got to be the man, he got to call the shots. Black women need to figure it out. Stop dating beneath yourself, you’re not doing anybody any favors. He will cheat, he will resent you, he will have low self-confidence, he will abuse you, and then he will leave you. It happens to black women all the time, Wendy is just the most famous example.

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