NBA legend Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old daughter killed in ‘fiery’ helicopter crash

Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash/

Kobe Bryant is among 5 killed. 

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LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant, an 18-time All-Star with the Los Angeles Lakers, was among nine victims killed Sunday afternoon in a fiery helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. He was only 41. Kobe’s daughter, 13-year-old Gianna, also died in the explosion. Rumor has it the helicopter plunged 2,000 feet per minute after the engine caught fire. The chopper was also flying in foggy conditions that local authorities considered dangerous. Kobe’s quietus comes just 24 hours after Lakers forward LeBron James passed him for third place on the NBA’s all-time scoring last. Prior to the Lakers’ 108-91 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, James inscribed “Mamba 4 Life” and “8/24 KB” on his sneakers as a panegyric.

“It’s another guy that I looked up to when I was in grade school and high school,” James said earlier in the week. “Seeing him come straight out of high school, he is someone that I used as inspiration. It was like, wow. Seeing a kid, 17-years-old, come into the NBA and trying to make an impact on a franchise, I used it as motivation. He helped me before he even knew of me because of what he was able to do. So, just to be able to, at this point of my career, to share the same jersey that he wore, be with this historical franchise and just represent the purple and gold, it’s very humbling and it’s dope.”

King James then added, “Kobe’s a legend, that’s for damn sure.”

Kobe is a former league MVP, an Olympic gold medalist and 5-time world champion. He leaves behind his wife Vanessa and their other 3 daughters — Natalia, Bianka and Capri. RIP Black Mamba! You’re gone but not forgotten. Heaven just gained a Hall of Fame shooting guard.

One more thing… a Chamberlain Heights cartoon predicted Kobe’s helicopter death 3 years ago.

Do you think the Illuminati is involved?

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. Rip Kobe bruh you was better than Jordan you was the best in the nba history

  2. Rest easy, Legend😞

  3. Train_lover8888

    And THIS is why I’ll never fly.

  4. Bro I’m just seeing this omg 😱

  5. @Train_lover8888: Well you likely can’t afford to fly in a helicopter, but…

  6. Darrius Washington

    Is this the guy who anally raped a White woman and lied about it? Same guy who’s Black privilege kept him out of prison? Oh no!! What will the world do now?

  7. I’m still in shocked and so sad to know that Kobe Bryant has passed away 😭😭😭😭 Rest In Peace.. You are the greatest player!!!

  8. Kobe we love u 💕

  9. 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party!

    Rest in peace Kobe Bryant😢

    My sincerest condolences to the Families, loved ones, friends of all of the passengers.

  10. R.I.P black mumba

  11. Slow down people, he was just a ball player, not Adonis!

  12. Johnathan Landers

    Go in peace babygirl….lead her home daddy.. RIP


  14. IghtImmaHeadOut


  15. RIP Kobe
    I know this is messed up to say but this is the first time Kobe has ever passed.
    Still, RIP to a legend

  16. RIP true legend

  17. KOBE age: 41
    Gianna age: 13
    41 + 13 = 54…. Super Bowl 54 is next Sunday
    Dwight Howard: Appreciate people while they are ALIVE (weird to say that)
    Lebron: Shoes read Mamba 4 LIFE
    Somebody in 2012 tweeted Kobe was going to die in a helicopter crash

    Something is not adding up, yall cam get mad all you want be this can’t be real

  18. Rip to his daughter also

  19. We all love you Kobe ❤️ #24 forever 🏀🏀🏀🏀

  20. Rest and peace kobey Bryant you are in a safe place now in heaven

  21. This is too sad to think about😢RIP

  22. I hope his death is enough to get our government to rebuild our street so that rich people won’t be on plane or helicopter much.

  23. My friends: Your such a pussy booker why do you hate flying.

    Me: This is why

    Anyway Rest In Peace. I have condolences for his family


  25. Kobe got Epsteined

  26. Kobe Bryant was not just the greatest basketball player of all time he was the greatest role model of all time he inspired so many people and helped even more he is the reason many people play basketball today and it so tragic to see how him his daughter and the 3 others on that helicopter pass Rest In Peace you will be forever missed😢💔🙏🏾

  27. Sad😓😓😓😓

  28. Leonardo Hughes

    Nah, this seem like a set up

  29. 23 years ago today, Kobe Bryant made his first NBA start.
    Today we remember the man, the Mamba, the Legend.
    Gone too soon. #RIPKobe #Mamba4eva

  30. ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

    They are basically fried pork chops now 🤣

  31. We are not promised another day. Please seek and find Jesus Christ while you still can. 🙏

  32. Cmdr Fuzzy Nubbins

    RIP guy who settled out of court on a sexual assault case for over $2mil and publicly apologized to the victim. I feel sorry for the mother of the child.

  33. Sad but what about the other people who died? aren’t they important too? there are people who will cry for Kobe and his daughter but shred a tear for a family member. We put theses stars in a God like position.

  34. He probably had dirt on the Clintons.

  35. Hired the wrong pilot. He should have told Kobe it’s too foggy and dangerous and canceled like other helicopters did that day. No way Kobe would have risk people’s lives

  36. Just a reminder to never become to comfortable and always respect mother nature and machine. All the money in the world couldn’t save him that day.

  37. Tour Quadrillion

    The pilot is ISIS member

  38. It's Your Uncle Joe

    Its going down for reaaaaaaaaal..

  39. Nathaniel Clark

    Helicopters dont fall out of the sky from fog. The weather was not the cause of the crash

  40. RIP:
    Kobe Bryant
    Gianna Bryant
    Ara Zobayan
    John Altobelli
    Sarah Chester
    Keri Altobelli
    Alyssa Altobelli
    Payton Chester
    Christina Mauser

  41. Something just DOESN’T set well with ME on this tragic and unfortunate lost of lives, especially without knowing the MENTAL state of mind of the pilot to fly in those type if weather conditions, being highly experience as it was reported. This sounds BOTH, fishy and puzzling at the SAME time.

  42. Diana Rodriguez

    I feel sorry for each one of them. Because they pretty much died a hard and painful death ! My condolences for all the families of each person who loss there Life !

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