Octomom shares a birthday picture of “octuplets” who are now 11-years-old

Octomom shares birthday pic of her octuplets/Toby Canham, Getty Images

Octomom shares birthday picture. 

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LA HABRA, Cali — Remember Octomom? Do you recall her eight babies? Well, they’re growing up. Sh*t, time flies. The octuplets are now 11-years-old. Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, disseminated a birthday snapshot of her eight youngest whippersnappers (she has 14 children total) on Monday with the caption: “Happy birthday to my beautiful angels. You are some of the kindest, most compassionate, caring human beings I’ve ever known. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be your mother.”

Nadya’s 11-year-old angels are Noah, Maliyah, Nariyah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Josiah and Makai. In the photo, all eight are donning crowns while holding up two fingers to signify their age.

Nadya also made a reference to the deadly helicopter explosion that took the lives of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter — Gianna — and 7 others when she wrote, “recent events of loved ones lost are a powerful reminder of how fragile, precarious, yet precious life is, as tomorrow is never promised.”

And the congregation said, “Amen!”

Are you proud of Octomom?

Is 14 kids too many?

Do you have a problem with her being a Welfare recipient?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sweet Lil Devil

    I’m obsessed with the Octomom! Glad to see she’s back and doing well!

  2. I wish her well, she is doing a great job

  3. Adorable kids, she seems to have done excellently on her own❤

  4. It’s good to know the kids are doing great and she is there for them

  5. Where is other 6??

  6. She always shows pictures of the 8 younger children but never any of the 6 older ones…why is that???

  7. She still looks like a strung out dope addict.

  8. Everyone looks happy and healthy. That’s a feat in itself with such a large family. Looks like motherhood becomes her. Kudos to her and her family.

  9. She failed those kids. I hope she got the mental help she needs and let’s stop making her a celebrity for being a psychological WRECK

  10. I wonder what these kids will find out if some day they do an ancestry DNA test. They don’t look like full related siblings.

  11. Like throwin a hotdog down a hallway 🐱

  12. Great looking kids, keep up the good work!!!

  13. I’m sure that her children are a blessing to her and they all look happy & healthy, but Nadya Suleman is a BAD prime example of when having multiple births to land a lucrative reality show goes ALL WRONG!! The public & social media drug her through the coals for years, but she survived!

  14. My question is what is she doing to support all 8 mouths, clothing, supplies, and schooling?

  15. Awesome !!! What a amazing family !!! Blessing to you all ❤️

  16. Who’s paying for them?

  17. Go back and do porn..!

  18. Does she have a job yet or are the taxpayers buying the birthday cake?

  19. Charles D. Burns

    The Octo Bunch

  20. Considering the ridicule she took, I must admit, she has done a good job, and a good looking bunch of kids.

  21. Yea!! I love the OctoMom!! I’ve always thought she looks like Angelina Jolie, so glad to see her back in the spotlight!!

  22. She’s an amazing woman, I have real respect for her

  23. This is a super woman
    Because to be honest, this is not easy

  24. The big question is where’s the children’s fathers? 🤔

  25. OMG I had 6 kids one pregnancy at a time. I could not do what shes doing my god!

  26. Amber Malinowski

    Soooo she had 14 kids? How? Same dad? What da fawk

  27. Stop throwing stones! Somebody give this mother an award!

  28. Sheesh she is amazing I have three and I’m alone and feel like I have 8😳I still make it work and I have plenty of nights where I don’t sleep at all

  29. I hope she is couponing!

  30. Kate Kleinsteuber

    She is an awesome mom
    People were so cruel to her.
    I commend her and the kids!

  31. The names just got me confused😵

  32. Happy 11th birthday

  33. Arlenice Carbajal

    May God continue to bless her.

  34. Sweet Lil Devil

    I’m obsessed with the Octomom! Glad to see she’s back and doing well!

  35. This lady is awesome. I can’t believe she doesn’t have a “show” like other moms of multiples. You go girl good for you. 💋

  36. Therese Nydahl

    Adorable kids, she seems to have done excellently on her own❤

  37. Michelle Gordon

    I wish one of those lucky lottery winners out there would pay off her house or do something nice for her…she more than deserves it. What a strong lady…

  38. Patricia Dollin

    at least she didn’t kill her kids she loves them

  39. MuZIKaLLy InKLiNeD99

    Octomom: Im pregnant with 8 kids
    Media: This would make a great show!
    EVERYONE: hmmm…🤔

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