Weed & Liquor Video: TMZ releases a 2nd Kareem Hunt video, this time with a cop

Kareem Hunt caught speeding with weed and liquor/ClutchPoints.com

TMZ shares another Kareem Hunt video.

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CLEVELAND — TMZ has released another Kareem Hunt video; except this time it involves a cop. The first video, released in November 2018, shows the Cleveland Browns halfback kickin’ the sh*t out of a young white woman in a hotel. The most recent footage, disclosed Monday, shows a lachrymose Hunt pleading his case to a police officer after he was cited for speeding — going 77 mph in a 60 mph zone. The cop also discovered a diminutive amount of marijuana coupled with an unlatched container of vodka inside Hunt’s car.

“Man, I’ve been through a lot,” said a weeping Hunt. “Officer, I’ve been through a lot. I just, it stresses me out. I lost everything already, sir… I should be playin’ for the freakin’ Super Bowl [with the Chiefs].”

Hunt was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs until the first video surfaced. Once footage leaked that shows him beating a white girl’s ass, it was a wrap. After garnering a pink slip from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, the 24-year-old miscreant was signed off the street by ex-Browns general manager John Dorsey.

Since then, Hunt has gone from leading the NFL in rushing to becoming the lead blocker for Browns tailback Nick Chubb. To label Hunt’s attenuation a fall from grace would be a vast understatement. Hell, his slip ups have already cost him millions of dollars, not to mention he lost his métier as a featured runner.

While being interrogated, Hunt also admitted he wasn’t fit to pass a drug test. Rule No. 1 — Never tell a cop you’re high. That’s a waste of weed. The officer did, however, get in Hunt’s ass for sh*tting on the second chance the Browns gave him. “You had a good second part of the year,” said the cop.

“You don’t want to screw that up over some weed.”

The officer is a huge Browns fan so rather than throw Hunt in jail for a DUI and marijuana possession, he simply wrote him a speeding ticket and let him go. Do you agree with the punishment?

Was preferential treatment involved?

Is Hunt capable of turning his life around?

Should the Chiefs take him back?

Watch the dashcam video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Clifton Brumbaugh

    I didn’t do nothing…….except beat women…

  2. Kareem you should kick your damn self

  3. Police Officer of the year!!

  4. TMZ are pure vermin.


    Cop: Okay Kareem, I’m the biggest Browns fan so I’m going to cut you a break because you’re a Brown.

    Kareem: Thank you officer. Btw I’m leaving in free agency.

  6. Bro tmz is a hoe fr exposing this guy

  7. As a Chiefs fan, and former Kareem Hunt fan, he SOUNDS baked out of his gourd in this video. Glad he’s where he belongs now.

  8. Nathaniel Thomas

    Don’t sabotage yourself. Get it together and move forward. Some people don’t get another chance. Don’t waste it. Hope you figure it out

  9. I have to just say, how stupid can you be? It’s all, poor me, I should be in the super bowl, etc. Spoiler alert, the weed was his. He’s going to the airport, with a backpack with weed and vodka in it? Cops are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but come on. He should have been ticketed for all three offenses, and sobriety check on the spot. Who the hell cares that he plays football? He’s speeding on the highway, possibly impaired, and kills somebody. You think anybody cares about football then? I seriously doubt it. Cut him, and move on. Will see here how much the browns have really, or the NFL for that matter, have changed. Let’s keep pretending these high-profile athletes are saints. Would you let your daughter date Kareem hunt or Kobe Bryant? I’ll take that as a hell no. Double standards are great, aren’t they?

  10. Brendon Rotoff

    Honestly, I feel Kareems pain…… I pray for you brother

  11. As a Browns fan he better know he got off because who he is because if it were any of us we’d get charged with the weed and have a sobriety test for the vodka…

  12. What About Bob

    🤦‍♂️ this guy doesn’t get it.

  13. Where’s all the “ it’s different for us black folk man!!!” Now. Where they at now huh? If this was a white guy they would be like see how different they treat us man!!! Lmao 🤣

  14. Chase Washington

    Welcome back to KC this is his get out of Cleveland ticket.

  15. Jonathan Wayne Berry

    This is what you don’t do with you second chance. Then cry like a little bitch and say your life sucks. You make your own choices people. Live with your choices..

  16. White privileged. Wait no. I mean black privilege. Wait no. (o.0)

  17. Total trash bag… He should be doing lines with AB.

  18. Cop knew that weed isn’t shit! Stupid to get someone in trouble over some damn weed!

  19. Is this what is called “Black athlete privilege”?

    If the driver were a non-famous white guy, he would have gotten the weed ticket and the alcohol ticket to go along with the speeding ticket.

    Clearly, “privilege” is not exclusive to white people and has nothing to do with skin color.

  20. I’m tired of this millionaire treatment

  21. “Big Dummy!”

  22. Cop just scored some bomb ass weed

  23. crooked ass cop took the weed home and smoked it

  24. Hunt you got so much talent bro we lost a legend named Kobe who would change the world if he was still alive and his death is making me change mine. Get help bro do not ruin your life

  25. That’s bull shit. No cop would do that for a regular person. Equal rights. He should fucking treat us all like that. That officer should be FANS of HUMANS.

  26. Shame this man can’t smoke some weed. We all watch this guy for our entertainment he takes a beating let him smoke. Fuck all you haters. Dude ain’t a bad guy

  27. cops always targetting us

  28. the chiefs can have that nigga

  29. S. Adam Bernstein

    CTE sucks.

  30. speaka datruth

    Cop at home holding his next SEASON tickets in one hand burning Kareem’s Blunt in other. I mean c’mon, he’s clearly jamming out in his cruiser.

  31. He feels sorry for himself because he isn’t still on the Chiefs and playing in the Super Bowl. I guess no one wants to play for the Cleveland Browns. Damn…

  32. Stephen Summers

    He for sure got special treatment for being an NFL player. Anyone else who got pulled over for speeding, drugs and open alcohol in the car would be F’ed. When I was like 18 I got taken to jail IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY for having busted headlight because someone hit me…. I was never in bad with the law either.

  33. This idiot keeps living the THUG LIFE mentality. Come on man.

  34. He’s probably going to kill himself before that idiot Antonio Brown smh!!

  35. Blackheart Beatz

    I’ve had to get buck naked over less. It all depends on the mood of the officer. Which is pretty fking sad. Fk all of that “privilege” shit. 🤦‍♂️

  36. Where is black lives matter ??? These cops are racist! Justice for Kareem Hunt

  37. Who gives a fuck even if he had been charged to the max of each offense he got enough money to fight it or bail out….. niggas go to jail everyday

  38. Bro wtf he gave him a pass he was definitely drunk on the side of the highway like a fucking idiot

  39. Amazing! I naturally assumed that the pigs were going to be unfair, aggressive, power tripping and generally unpleasant…….what a complete shock/wrong of me to have instantly and naturally put that particular officer in the same bracket as the rest of the police that do their job so unfairly and so rudely. I never thought I’d ever type this……but – bravo officer. Respect to you 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  40. This kids not serious about getting his career back on track.

  41. SpeedyNickFlash

    Damn my boy Kareem going through alot of shit mane yall done took him away from his Team and put him onna garbage ass team and dont even get play time hardly Yall need to send my boy back to KC where he belong

  42. And just think, Kareem’s former team just WON THE SUPER BOWL. I’d be getting high too. 😭

  43. Kareem is damn sure kicking himself now. Chiefs 2020 champs

  44. MattmannTheGod

    Kareem Hunt should’ve stayed with the Chiefs he loss bad this year 😪😪

  45. Darryl Anderson

    He’s STUPID he can pay some one to drive him around,DUMB ass.


    This cop was cool!! Dude lucky, I think you need a real role model fam! Where ya daddy or ya uncle at fam!!

  47. The cop was cool for giving him a break and understanding where Kareem is at mentally but cop is dick for selling the footage to TMZ . Fuck TMZ they always trying to ruin somebody’s life to get clicks. They even posted the Kobe accident before his own family could find out he passed smfh no respect

  48. whats up with athletes fucking there bodies up with weed

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