Weed Puffing Video: Crazy defendant is ‘arrested’ after smokin’ a joint in court

Spencer Boston smoked a joint in court/CrimeOnline.com

Wild dude smokes marijuana in court. 

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LEBANON — Spencer Boston, 20, had his crazy ass thrown in jail after he smoked marijuana in front of a Tennessee judge. The comedic affair transpired Monday afternoon inside a Wilson County courtroom. It was also captured on video. Boston, who was arraigned on a simple marijuana possession charge, stood at the podium and implored Judge Haywood Barry to dismiss his case because he believes weed should be legalized. Then, to magnify his point, Boston reached into his jacket, pulled out a joint, lit a match and proceeded to take several puffs as the entire courtroom erupted in laughter.

A security officer snatched his ass seconds later and placed him under arrest. As he was being escorted out the courtroom, a dissentient Boston yelled, “The people deserve better!” He was consequently thrown behind bars amid supplemental charges of disorderly conduct and contempt of court.

Do you agree with Boston’s stance on cannabis?

Watch the hilarious footage.

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  1. 😤🔫👮
    “Freeze scumbag, put down that plant!!”

  2. The guy should have shouted ITS REEFER MADNESS after hitting the joint.

  3. There is no legitimate reason for weed to be illegal.

  4. He got my respect for standing up against this BS Gov we got ! Everyone should light up in court in defiance to these BS laws that don’t protect us!

  5. Odor in the Court!

  6. DisturbeddavidAsylum

    A literal hero 😂😂😂😅😅 that man should be condoned for his courage haha. Also good on you for pressing the matter of legalizing cannabis. It should be federally legal. Without a single doubt and there is no changing my opinion on that matter.

  7. It was a Joint, plus they let him roll it right there sooo…

  8. I just smoked a joint for you!!!

  9. Someone started a gofundme for him. He’s almost at the $3,000 mark for his legal fees!

  10. Things & Stuff

    Lol, it’s funny the whole courtroom started laughing and he sure does look proud of himself in that mugshot. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. you tellem Mr. Boston.

  12. Poor guy is 20 and looks 40. Live and let live. As long as he isn’t hurting any one let him smoke.

  13. That’s dedication dude….✌️

  14. Lol!!!! Still hittin’ that shit as he walks out.🤣

  15. SchweinchenHorst

    Smoke weed everyday!

  16. Smokey Mchrondo

    Good for him. We all need to stand up to the Republican bullies and fight for equality.

  17. A true man of the people. My new hero

  18. hippies are brave.. hope they let him go..
    it’s a plant.. FFS… #freeSpence

  19. fight for your right to party!! .. .I mean medicate

  20. Bert loves Ernie

    my kinda nigga

  21. If that had been a black man or woman..smh..no other charge of having possession of marijuana

  22. frederick robertson

    is this public prank guy

  23. A true fucking legend. What a man. I hope he reads these comments.

  24. Civil disobedience: it’s how we changed most of our stupid laws.
    I’d give $100 to his legal defense right this minute.

  25. Bro that would be worth every day in jail 🖤


  27. Shmarky Shmurda

    This man is not the hero we asked for, but the one we desperately needed.

  28. Losing your freedom for being in possession of a plant. What a crazy world we live in.

  29. This man should be the next president

  30. What a dumb ass if it’s not legal in your area yet you cant change that even I wouldn’t do that knowing ima get in trouble but Illinois is legal now but even with that being said you cant smoke in front of a cop or federal worker

  31. Can we have a moment of silence for this savage legend 💀


    God bless this man, legalize freedom

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