Cardi B joins ‘Fast & Furious 9’

Fast and Furious 9 to hit theaters in May/Photo: Warner Bros.

Fast & Furious 9 coming in May.

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HOLLYWOOD — “One last ride” will have to wait at least one more film. That’s because “Fast and Furious 9” is scheduled to hit movie theaters in April 2021. The 9th installment, however, will present a brand new set of responsibilities for Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) who’s tasked with parenting his young son, Brian, full-time. If you recall, the boy’s mom — Elena — was killed in 2017’s “The Fate of the Furious.” Universal Pictures released a teaser on Wednesday. The opening sequence shows the 52-year-old street racer and the ambitious toddler collaborating as auto mechanics.

“Things changed now that I’m a father. I can’t live my life a quarter mile at a time anymore,” Dominic narrates in the clip. The good news is little Brian won’t grow up in a single-parent home. Dominic’s inamorata, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), is filling in as mom. “Hi little Brian, I have a gift for you,” she said. “Your daddy gave me this and now I’m gonna give it to you. It’s for protection from what’s coming.”

Again, “Fast and Furious 9” hits theaters April 2, 2021.

Rapper Cardi B joins a star-studded cast.

Watch the teaser.

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  1. remember when these guys were just street racers? Now they’re all super secret agents/spies/superheros with unlimited funding fighting to stop potential world ending events, like how the f*ck does that even happen???

  2. FreddieisGodFreddieisGod

    part 10 he will be a grandpa..that’s actually what he should be now…i can’t believe they’re still making these FF movies…they’re terrible

  3. After Walker, this whole thing just tanked, he was the heart and soul of the franchise!

  4. Enough Already…old ones still playing on cable..WHY???

  5. these movies were cool up until the 5th one.

  6. I wonder if they will kill Tyrese off because of his rambling

  7. Paul walker dies because of stupid driving that these movies promote.

  8. I almost threw up. Who is even still hung up on this show? Pathetic.

  9. At this point you might as well give them superpowers

  10. Those 1/4 mile wheelchair races at the home are gonna be awesome, though.

  11. Great. Even more kids will kill themselves and others emulating another one of these moronic films.

  12. “Excuse Me Holmes”

    Stupid movies all but the first. CGI thats all. No acting needed.

  13. I am the only think Michelle Rodriguez is hott. But wish she wasn’t gey think they say she is

  14. The people complaining about the movie will watch the movie. You can’t fool us.

  15. cant wait for Fast and Furious 27.4 will be the best

  16. Enough already!!

  17. Please stop with the fast and the furious. That horse has been beaten to death.

  18. Time to retire this franchise.

  19. Pretending to work

    I have high hopes for this movie IF it doesn’t have the Rock in it. He ruined this franchise and it hasn’t had it’s soul since he came into it.

  20. Just me or is Vin Diesel starting to resemble Mr. Magoo?

  21. These movies are so bad and so unrealistic I can’t imagine anyone watching them. The first one was pretty good and then they kind of went off of the deep end. Why don’t they quit making them

  22. Haters!!!!!…I love this series

  23. Seeing Dom as a family man is a great change of pace, I’m looking forward to it, baby, LETS GO!!! :).

  24. That little brian will ride one last time in f40

  25. Fast 9: “Now that Im a father”
    Fast 10: “Now that Im a grand father”

  26. PsychoTheGamer

    I need Dwayne Johnson 💔😭

  27. Is anyone wondering when this movie franchise will die because I think I’m sick of seeing it getting sequel after sequel.

  28. Bro this series just gets progressively stupider each movie

  29. He has a kid now so you know its extra serious.

  30. The Rose Experience

    Worst franchise in existence right now.

  31. Fast and furious 6-8 made me mad at how they got so far away from the series main focus, but at this point its such a joke of how insane this movie is compared to reality that it might actually be good

  32. Daniel Vasquez

    I know it’s a movie, but cmon man. These guys are like Immortal . Never die from impossible stunts

  33. Remember when fast and Furious is about cars , women, races , Gamble…
    Fast 1 to 5 …..not anymore

  34. I can’t wait to see f9 😀😈 it’s gonna be bad ass watching Vin Diesel’s team going up John cena and Charlize Theron in this jaw dropping and also the return of Han 😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  35. What is F&F even about? Jesus it all just started with a simple street race und now they are fcking falling off cliffs? Hell no.

  36. Pissed of Goose

    Wtf. This series should have ended on the 7th movie.

  37. I cant believe their turned one of my fav movies of all time in a shitty never ending saga with dumb after dumb shit happening. WE GETTING DOM U GOT FAMILY AND U R UNSTOPPABLE but think abour physics man..

  38. Whoever is reading this 👀 👀
    I hope you become rich 💸💸 and successful 📈📈

  39. More bullshit than ever – Episode: 09

  40. Dom Toretto: One last Ride! =
    Brett Favre: I’m officially retiring!

  41. Where the fuck is hobbs 🤨🤨

  42. What shit parents. Dom what a rubbish father. Leave his son and go to bumm bumm ride until death. Amazing message about family.

  43. Who would love a spinoff of TJ and Roman

  44. Alejandra Praeli

    This franchise has become total garbage. Far too unrealistic. So disappointed by this trash.

  45. Alejandra Praeli

    Love cardiiiii ❤

  46. I want to seeeeee cardi b

  47. Kaleyann Cornwall

    Who cares if Cardi b is in the movie it was better with out her and it will always be better with out her it’s fucking fast 9

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