Super Bowl LIV: Mahomes & KC Chiefs dominate fourth quarter to claim title

Mahomes and Travis Kelce lead Chiefs to Super Bowl title/

Chiefs win second Super Bowl title. 

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MIAMI — Call ’em the Cardiac Chiefs. For the third consecutive postseason game, the Kansas City Chiefs trailed by double digits only to close things out with one of their patented runs. Patrick Mahomes threw two touchdown passes and ran for another to lead the Chiefs to a 31-20 come from behind victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV (54); resulting in KC’s first world title in 50 years. But it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows. “Showtime” Mahomes also tossed two uncharacteristic interceptions.

The 24-year-old wunderkind was jittery at the outset and it had everything to do with nerves. Announced attendance at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium was 62,417 with more than 60 percent being Chiefs fans. International superstars Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed at halftime.

Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Kevin Hart were among the hundreds of celebs in the stands.

Also, an estimated 102 million watched on television.

Talk about pressure?

All eyes were clearly on Mahomes and there was tremendous stress on the kid who’s widely regarded as being the face of the league. That being said, the reigning MVP came alive when it mattered most. Trailing 20-10 with just over 6 minutes left, the Chiefs scored the game’s final 21 points.

Halfback Damien Williams (17 carries, 104 yards rushing, 1 TD) sealed the win with a 38-yard touchdown scamper late in the 4th quarter. Rallying from behind is nothing new for Mahomes and Co. Down 24-0 against the Houston Texans in the divisional round, KC scored 41 points in a row.

Then, in the AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs fell behind by ten before responding with 28 unanswered. Whoever said “defense wins championships” is an idiot. Andy Reid’s high powered offense averaged 39.0 points in three playoff victories.

The Niners never stood a chance defensively.

The Legion of Zoom was simply unstoppable.

“We never lost faith,” said a giddy Mahomes who became the youngest quarterback in NFL history to win league MVP honors and a Super Bowl Championship. “That’s the biggest thing. Everybody on this team, no one had their head down. We believed in each other. That’s what we preached all year long.”

Um, that’s not entirely true.

After Mahomes tossed his second interception early in the 4th quarter, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill was caught sobbing on the sideline. The melancholic speedster told teammates he thought they were going to lose the game. Hill was eventually consoled by Mahomes.

Prior to that, Fox television cameras caught Chiefs safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu cussin’ out fellow defenders over what he thought was a strategic lack of effort. The harangue definitely worked. Steve Spagnuolo’s defense pitched a shutout moving forward.

“I told coach [Andy] Reid we’re not leaving this place without a ring,” said Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones. “I’m not getting back on that bus unless we have a ring. There was no doubt in my mind we were going to win it. We were down 10, the game got a little shifty, up and down. There was no doubt in my mind. We’ve got MVP on the other side of the ball. We’ve got the fastest, the best receiving corps in the league. Our defense, sack nation baby! They’re going to make a movie about this.”

The victory ensures a Hall of Fame enshrinement for Coach Reid who now has 222 career victories to go along with a Super Bowl title. Barring injury, Mahomes also cemented his legacy in Canton, Ohio. With Vegas odds of 6 to 1, the Chiefs are already the betting favorite to win next year’s Super Bowl.

Could this be the start of a dynasty?

At least one person thinks so.

“The dynasty is just starting baby,” boasted Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“We’re motivated to do it again, for sure.”

Congratulations KC on a job well done!

I smell a repeat.

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  1. Richard “Toast” Sherman

  2. Rein Dragonslayer

    Way to go Andy Reid!

  3. 2 MVP & A Ring💪🤘😎

  4. This was a battle between which coach would choke in the biggest game of the year and Kyle Shanahan solidified his stance on it. Congrats to big red and the Chiefs 🏆

  5. Brandon Fitzpatrick

    Tyrann Mathieu made at least two touchdown saving tackles that hurt my team badly … I cannot hate on that mans game fr , and mahomes jesus the man is blessed with insane talent .. my team blew it

  6. The Refs didn’t make any calls in favor of the Niners. The Chiefs? P.I calls, false starts, and non calls. The Niners and the refs won this game.

  7. The Brave Explorer

    How the hell the 49ers only have 3 3rd down conversions the whole game..

  8. Mahomes is the QB and played well in the 4th quarter. I get it but Damien Williams is the MVP in my opinion. 17 carries for 104 yards. When was last time any RB ran 100 yards on this SF defense? He also did a good job as receiver. He put on some moves to create yards after catch. KC’s defense didn’t get much credit as well. Mahomes didn’t play great first three quarters. The defense kept it close. Much was said about Shanahan’s play calls in the 4th quarter. SF’s passing game fed off of its running game and stopping it was not a given. KC’s defense batted down or tipped multiple passes, pressured Garoppolo, and got to him a few times.

  9. 49ers: Defense always wins.
    Mahomes: I’m a mass shooter.

  10. Hard fought, well played game. Probably best super bowl I have seen in awhile.

  11. i swear to god i was so tense the entire game but the comeback on the Chiefs was amazing, also im a cheifs fan…

  12. Mahomeboy is the real deal holyfield c’mon 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. Super Bowl LIV is better than last year’s disastrous Super Bowl LIII!

  14. Things we learned from the Superbowl, The game is not fixed, just tilted and Jimmy G is no Tom Brady!

  15. Garoppolo is the greatest choke artist

  16. What an amazing game!!! So proud of my Chiefs. Niners fans, your team is scary and have a hella bright future. Your d line worked us all night. Mahomes didn’t have his best game but put our team on his back when it mattered most. KC is lucky af to have him and we all damn well know it. I could see this rematch happening in the big game.

  17. I am mad. For these reasons. #1 chiefs were playing dirty and unfairly. #2 the way they tackled was very aggressive and #3, 49ers tried so hard but the chiefs just didn’t play right. Doesn’t anyone understand? Did you keep your eyes open when the chiefs did something wrong but the referees didn’t call it? It’s so disappointing..

  18. The Greatness of Patrick Mahomes defeated the “Madden Curse” , He is truly the GOAT

  19. bolieve 1310017

    Sherman got burned so bad this game…

  20. San Francisco didn’t bother to watch game film on KC comebacks in the playoffs?

  21. ARKHAMxMaverick

    The most dangerous position to be, is up 10 or more points against the Chiefs in the 4th quarter….

    By the way Troy aikmam is so like bipolar against mahomes like one drive he talked smack on him then the next he’s going crazy I wish it was Romo and Nantz

  23. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    KC can win it next year too young team QB in his prime 👅👄💅🏻

  24. Not coming here to be a sore loser, but that one run by Damien Williams was rigged. Like Sherman pushed him out before the ball could even cross the line.


    The Bears could have drafted mahomes……😡😡😡😡

  26. The 4th quarter was owned by the Chiefs!

  27. CHIIIIEEEEEEEFFFFFFSSSSSS!!! KINGDOM💯 the hometown baaaaby!!!💯 2020 Super Bowl 54 CHAMPIONS.

  28. 49ers choked

  29. The greatest football game ever ❤️

  30. Chiefs didn’t quit. I bet they are still partying in KC as I type this.

  31. Thebigbad Wolf

    So glad to see andy Reid to finally get his ring that was cheated away from him by the cheatriots and they still needed Adam vinatieri to save those bums!!!

  32. Jonathan gonzalez

    Lol… 49ers is the same as the Raiders losers lol….


  34. 49’ers controlled over 3 qtrs.of this game..chiefs owned 4th qtr.when it really counted

  35. John Ben Dover

    Spent all day sunday pissing out my ass on the throne, still better time spent then watching the national felon league!

  36. Over the years I have watched Andy Reid during the games…team losing and in trouble…calm and composed and…games that were close and instead of pacing sidelines and yelling…calm and composed….last 2 minutes in Super Bowl on last touchdown to seal the victory knowing he was about to be a world champion…calm and composed…Andy is a class act and deserves this..

  37. kermit the frog wins his first super bowl ring and super bowl mvp

  38. TheSpeedfoever

    Patrick Mahomes is the 1st man to finally break the madden curse

  39. Richard Garcia

    This is the beginning of a Dynasty in K.C.

  40. I freaking love this city, this team, this KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. “you’ve got to FIGHT for your RIGHT to PAAAAAARRRRRTTTYYYY”

    best experience for Kansas City in a while.💛💪🏼❤️

  42. We did it chiefs kinGDOM

  43. Man this is the best group kc had in a long time I’m proud to be a chiefs fan 26 years of my life we got the best quarterback and tight end in the world chiefs kingdom baby ❤️🐐❤️🐐

  44. Pat Mahomes deserves to win like 10 more of these. Great leader, class act and absolutely electric on the field.

  45. Sammy Watkins had Richard Sherman seeing ghosts. 👻👻👦🏿👻👻


  46. Patriot Plumber

    I heard some of the Refs got Superbowl rings.

  47. 49ers acted like chumps posing in the end zone after the late interception. They got exactly what they deserved. Play the game for 60 minutes…celebrate later. Losers.

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