Super Bowl Halftime Show: Latina ‘stars’ Jennifer Lopez & Shakira are taking heat

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez drew mixed reviews/Getty Images

JLo and Shakira take some heat. 

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MIAMI — Jennifer Lopez, 50, and Shakira, 42, garnered global opprobrium Sunday night for not delivering on their promise to incorporate a “heartfelt” tribute to Kobe Bryant during their halftime performance in Super Bowl LIV (54). In front of 62,000 spectators at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium and 102 million television viewers, the scantily-clad Latinas performed a medley of their greatest hits coupled with gyrating sequences of awe-inspiring choreography.

But, when it came to Kobe, the halftime panegyric was minuscule at best. Lamenting fans were subjected to an on-field visual of a purple and gold cross as a nod to the Los Angeles Lakers.

That was pretty much it. Pissed off viewers lambasted the effort via Twitter. “SOS did I miss the Kobe Bryant tribute?” one user wrote. “People were waiting for Pitbull, but I was waiting for the Kobe Bryant tribute during the Halftime Show,” someone else added.

“So Jennifer Lopez and Shakira used that they were doing a tribute to Kobe Bryant as an excuse to get their views up during the halftime show? Not only that, but then they proceeded to do NO Kobe Bryant tribute like they said they would… but are we surprised?” wrote another.

Kobe, his 13-year-old daughter — Gianna — and seven others were decimated in a fiery helicopter crash a week ago in Calabasas, California. Last week, Jennifer vowed to commemorate the fallen NBA icon. But it didn’t materialize. Are you still impressed with the halftime show?

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  1. Crunchy B Roll

    Why Is Latin America infiltrating the United States?

  2. great show! they dont owe kobe shit!

  3. Alan Rodrigo Álvarez Cruz

    P O D E R L A T I N O 🔥

  4. kamara Yaye Fatou

    Shakira Shakira 😍😍😍😍😍💃🏽

  5. kobe has had plenty of tributes already….. he will be fine

  6. Michelle Leuch

    I love how Latin & representative it was 😭😭❤️🇨🇴

  7. Alan Rodrigo Álvarez Cruz

    Where my proud latinos at 🔥?

  8. Please that was the most ridiculous halftime show ever seen. I wonder how many children were sacrificed why this was going on because it is nothing but a ceremony. Wake up. Wake up. You need God in your life. We all need God.

  9. Nikolina Krupec

    Like… D A M N!

  10. kobe rapist.

  11. Perfeitas ❤️

  12. Kobe and his daughter will be shooting dunks in heaven. 😢

  13. Better than last year’s disaster.

  14. 2 pancake 🥞 ass hoes that need to be in I Hop😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯

  15. Granny stripper time

  16. Fat old hoes! Nuf said!

  17. Robert Fullmer

    A truly disgusting display. If they’re going to continue doing these halftime shows in such an indecent manner, I’m never going to watch them again and neither should anyone else who has kids.

  18. Anthony Umana-Paniagua

    I didn’t even know who Kobe Bryant was until the people in my class wouldn’t stop talking about how he died

  19. I saw two mature women dressed inappropriately, a stripper pole, kids in cages, and a lame tribute to Kobe Bryant. Sad.

  20. Susette Santiago

    It was semi cornball…and I’m Hispanic…shakira held her own….J balvin was excusable …but this was a retirement home event as an entire event…if you can’t sing please restrain yourself and stop dragging other people into the embarassing moment…please..this was embarassing…

  21. Mario Guillén Montero

    Shakira stole the show!

  22. Seems like only Latin people enjoyed it.. Only 5% of the performance was in English smh!!

  23. Why they keep talking about it and not letting them all rest

  24. SB halftime is family time also and these two twirled around like hos on meth. Young girls watch this and think it’s good. No wonder young people have little morals

  25. The Super Bowl Is suppose to be a big family event. For everyone to enjoy– Not a darn strip show wearing half clothing during or halftime show. It’s so Heart breaking & very sad that our kids had to see this. The performance was good, but JLO should have worn better clothing an to say the least not Grabbing herself for all our kids to watch on TV. She’s 50 yrs old, it’s about time to act like it, an grow up!! Not to be pole dancing an dressing with hardly any clothes on SMDH!! This was a big disappointment for sure!! 👀👀😥😥😥🤷‍♀️ I hate they wasted money on them… JS!!

  26. Who cares?

  27. Healing Mermaid

    I think they killed it! Powerful! Amazing! Strong women! I loved they were true to themselves and J-Lo’s daughter is phenomenal!!

  28. they lit a cross on the field for kobe

    what more do you want?

  29. All talk no action ladies.
    Why talk then??????

  30. America -The Great

    Did anyone honor the girl he raped ?

  31. WOW!!! They are amazing!!!

  32. Samuel Lalhmingsanga Pachuau

    They killed it 🔥! One of the best Super Bowl halftime show performances ever! But for me I think Jennifer Lopez’s performance was more entertaining,her choreography was more difficult and I think she sang live most of the time as well… Shakira was also awesome, but I think most of her vocals were pre recorded, you can tell if u listen carefully and look closely to her mouth movement while she perform.. But love them both anyway

  33. Stephania Pena

    Yess 💥💥🤝❤️🇨🇴🇨🇴 amazing show

  34. they old as fuck

  35. Was such a great half-time show!!! So much Mexican language & Mexican elements which made it so interesting!!! I think Americans need to experience more culture from the country of Spain much more often

  36. All the people commenting in shock over their ages are just out of shape. There is absolutely NO reason that they shouldn’t be in this level of physical condition, barring legit medical conditions. Hell I know a guy who took up marathon running in his 80s. Stop being so unambitious with your health and you might reap benefits like this. I’m done with this ageism BS.

  37. Why did Shakira change her lyrics and leave out Africa? Anyone know what I’m talking about? She said something else in place of where Africa goes…

  38. simply rüstemli

    JLO 💗

  39. There should be pole dancing at all halftime shows.

  40. Only Shakira can move like that and it be sexy

  41. Zhang Yixing 10

    Love both performances❤️❤️
    Shakira was like a high school girl had a fun performance at her high school festival ☺️😻, so adorable and sexy at the same time

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