Reboot of “Saved by the Bell” features transgender teen as the lead character

The gang is back for a reboot/Photo Credit: Fan Expo

Saved by the Bell reboot underway.

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LOS ANGELES — “It’s alright ‘coz I’m saved by the bell!” Filming for the reboot of “Saved by the Bell” is underway in Los Angeles more than 30 years after the series first premiered on NBC. Cast members Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley were on the set Monday afternoon reprising their dramatis personae as A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano. Mario, 46, looks basically the same. He even sported a wife beater to show off his sinewy physique. Elizabeth, 47, rocked a business casual ensemble for a conservative look.

As quondam students of Bayside High, Mario and Elizabeth will star in parental roles this go round. The show’s cynosure entails the integration of a group of penurious students into opulent Bayside High at the behest of school alum Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) who’s now the Governor of California.

The “woke” reboot will also feature transgender teen Josie Totah as the most popular kid in school.

Yep, the sitcom has a tranny.

The show will air on NBC’s Peacock streaming service in April.

Are you excited?

Will the reboot succeed?

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  1. This show will fail harder then my future

  2. robert michelsen

    Wow, I won’t be watching

  3. jacques taljaardt

    Nobody is going to watch it. Failed before it starts.

  4. Well…. There goes “Saved by the bell.” 😧. Garbage.

  5. Well, this piece of shit is already doomed, more libtard crap.

  6. Shake my [email protected]’ head. Way to ruin what could have been a solid reboot.

  7. “Woke by the Bell”

  8. I’ll never watch this trash and will not allow my kids to see this garbage.

  9. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!! GROSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 NOT GONNA WATCH IT….NOPE.

  10. 2 seasons at most. Another failed reboot.

  11. A crossdresser cheerleader imagine him with a skirt on top of the pyramid lol feel bad for the real girls are holding him up😂😂😂

  12. Will A C & Jessie end up being Married I know that Zack & Kelly will because of their Wedding N Vegas or Will Screech & Lisa Married the 1 that do want to know the Most is A C Slater & Jessie

  13. Don Diego Vega

    No Screech, please.

  14. LOL a trans girl is the most popular! Only in Hollywood..

  15. astra birznieks

    What the fuckkkkkk no thanks I’m not watching the reboot this show will suck

  16. Yay!!! A show that NOBODY asked for. I can’t wait to NOT watch it.

  17. Saved by the Bell: The Woke Years

  18. hairbandfan1967

    Since the show takes place in CA, how many homeless will be shooting up and defecating in the halls?

  19. Damien Ledfurd

    Maybe now Screech will finally get laid

  20. NBC= Nothing But Crap

  21. Not only are people tired of remakes, but when they add wokeness to the mix it’s bound to fail even faster. When are they going to learn?

  22. Children should not be Transgender, period.

  23. I’m not going to watch “WOKE by the Bell”.

  24. Oh thank christ , for a second there it looked as if they might leave some shred of our childhood unfucked.

  25. Killing our childhood🤦🏾‍♂️🤬

  26. Dr. killpatient

    Saved by the tinker-bell.

  27. Get ready for failure and cancellation. Nobody wants to see this freak shit anymore, we are tired of having it forced down our throats on the daily! Every goddamn commercial these days is some freakshow SJW propaganda campaign.

  28. you all right wing snow flakes are sooo scared of change. Guess you all woll be lining up for your darwin awards soon enough. Change is life right wing sn0wflakes!

  29. Saved by the Transgender bell

  30. Remakes all push the harmful agendas of the day. Beware especially of the remakes of children’s cartoons which are full of sexual innuendos, satanic symbolism, and questionable messages. Got rid of TV programming in my home

  31. Penis your a man , vagina your a woman . If you don’t agree your a moron ,very simple!

  32. Karamal Chocolate

    They need to remake happy days and the Fonz can be played by Rosie O’Donnell she would be perfect for this part a wise cracking fat as$ butch

  33. Don Diego Vega

    Please explain WOKE.

  34. PNWS&P 21st Century

    I definitely love saved by the bell a lot. And love all the characters, and what I fear in the new saved by the bell woke show is that they are going to make treat Zach like President Trump and mock him and say a lot of bad things about him and make fun of him and say all these terrible things to him and he will have no way to defend himself in the new show and they will throw a lot of buzz words at him, which is terrible,

    It’s basically the same thing what the SJW and PC and liberal producers did to Luke Skywalker in the new stars wars trilogy, destroy a beloved character and destroy that character’s legacy just because it’s male and that character represents the Patriarchy, it’s awful.

  35. Popping some popcorn…to sit back and enjoy this shit show.

  36. Charlotte's Web

    SBTB was such a politically incorrect show.
    Zach was the epitome of the “white guy” that the left hates.

  37. Why don’t these types of people ever learn? That’s not a rhetorical question. Serious question. Every single time something gets “woke”, it fails on a colossal level. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And STILL, these leftist-types keep trying to make everything ‘woke’. When are they going to understand that society rejects them and what they have to offer? When will they learn?
    Nobody can argue with the idea that liberalism is a mental disorder, because their actions are the very definition of the word “insane” – doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, never learning.

  38. Satan’s main task is to destroy the family unit

  39. As long as married with children isn’t remade I dont care

  40. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!! GROSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 NOT GONNA WATCH IT….NOPE.

  41. The Real Review 3000

    Im OUT! Fuck man it was an alright idea until they brought politics into it. You know if we don’t watch it and it fails the 40 something white makes will be called genderphobic, fir not watching it because it has a transgendered person on it. If she can’t act, this showe is sunk. I might give the show a once over and hope the old guard can keep the show interesting.

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