Gayle King now receiving “death threats” following Kobe rape talk, Snoop goes off

Gayle King catching hell over Kobe Bryant interview/CBS This Morning

Snoop cusses out anchor Gayle King.

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NEW YORK — Gayle King of “CBS This Morning” is catching hell from all gradients after she rehashed Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case during a nationally-televised chinwag with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie. Kobe, 41, died in a fiery helicopter crash a couple of weeks ago and many viewers are livid at Gayle’s audacity to recall the alleged rape so close to his quietus. The 65-year-old news anchor has also received death threats. “It’s been said that his legacy is complicated because of a sexual assault charge which was dismissed in 2003, 2004,” Gayle recounted during the one-on-one interview.

“Is it complicated for you, as a woman, as a WNBA player?”

A startled Lisa replied, “It’s not complicated for me at all. Kobe was never like that… I have never seen him being the kind of person that would do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way. That’s just not the person that I know.”

Rather than let it go, Gayle followed up with: “Is it even a fair question to talk about [the rape] considering he’s no longer with us and that it was resolved? Or, is it really part of his history?”

Lisa, who was visibly disturbed by the line of questioning, retorted: “I think that the media should be more respectful at this time. It’s like, if you had questions about it, you’ve had many years to ask him that. I don’t think it’s something that we should keep hanging over his legacy.”

Kobe’s fans aren’t the only ones pissed.

Snoop Dogg lambasted Gayle’s deportment with a profanity-laced video rant.

“Gayle King, [you] out of pocket for that sh*t, way out of pocket,” lamented the Dogfather.

“What do you gain from that? I swear to God, we the worst, we the f*ckin’ worst. We expect more from you, Gayle. Don’t you hang out with Oprah? Why y’all attackin’ us? We your people. You ain’t comin’ after f*ckin’ Harvey Weinstein asking him dumb-ass questions. I get sick of y’all … Funky, dog-haired b*tch! How dare you try and tarnish my motherf*ckin’ homeboy’s reputation? Punk motherf*cka!”

Damn Snoop! Tell us how you really feel.

Do you agree with him?

Was Gayle out of line?

Watch the controversial interview and Snoop’s rant.

Then share your thoughts.


  1. Wherez me mallet

    Why snoop looking like somebody auntie

  2. Fu.k Oprah and Gayle may they eat sh.t and be sick for the rest of their lives,803

  3. Why would you even bring that shit up !
    the past is the past ! why would you re hash that shit for so his surviving young daughters to see WTF

  4. Can we say Oprah and Gayle r not black? Can they be kicked out? Can we bring in a sub or just leave their spot blank?

  5. Funky dog head. 😂

  6. Yvette Decarlo

    Cancel that Bitch!

  7. Gayle King essentially yelling “RAPIST!” as Kobe’s casket lay fresh in the ground, loud enough for his wife and children to hear, but Gayle King has no problem covering for CONVICTED PEDOPHILE Jeffrey Epstein pushing that death/suicide nonsense when everyone knows he walked out of that jail cell a free man. You only need to read the 4Chan post to understand that beautiful coverup. Gayle King, what an outstandingly horrible person and to betray your own color when they’ve got enough hassle to worry about.

  8. Gayle dint u & oprah do the same with Michael Jackson last year? Did u even speak one word about the LEAKED VIDEO of the accusers which exposed those accusers wer liars!! If u wer a good journalist u would ve done tat! leave kobe, u heartless, u never thought about his wife!! stop doing this to dead black men, y r u not speaking about harvey or charlie?

  9. That was so disrespectful of Gayle King to ask Lisa Lesley about Kobe Bryant’s past; she shouldn’t of done it and now she’s blaming the network…Did the network put a gun to her head and make her ask that inappropriate question to Lisa Lesley? She knew exactly what she was doing.

  10. Done with Gayle and Oprah.

  11. Fuck oprah

  12. Empress Goddess

    She did exactly what the producers told her

  13. Fredric Bethune

    Snoop Remember Oprah and her are best pals withe the rapist Weinstein. Notice he’s not in the news anymore, it’s because Billionaires like Oprah want him to get away with it.

  14. She is a fuckin funky dog head bitch

  15. beverly lipscomb

    Gayle king seems phony.

  16. Gayle started off wrong wearing the Lakers color, she not a fan, trying to bring a man down and his dead????? WTF!, Gayle you deserve everything that comes your way, and life goes on for Gayle she not sad and hurting today she’s in Canada with Prince Harry celebrating yet another white man smdh wake up!

  17. First Currency

    So why did Gayle King wait until Kobe Bryant died to start pulling up all this. B.s.

  18. Sharon Jackson

    Tell the truth SNOOP…
    I love me some Snoop. My boy keeps it real…✌

  19. The right hand of white supremacy is black women


    Gail need to worry about her legacy. People accuse her and Oprah of all kinds of shixxxx.

  21. Lisa Leslie is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL…..

  22. Sharon Jackson

    She needs to mind her own 🐎 face business.
    Gail needs to get a life…

  23. Denille Horton

    Let the man and his daughter Rest In Peace he and his daughter are with our Heavenly Father now. Stop speaking ill of the dead. Take your Home girls advice lleave it alone. I am telling you let go and let God

  24. He was a very young guy when this supposedly happen we all have a past, what the hell was she doing at that age judge yourself at that age no one is perfect and he learned from his mistakes if it’s true how dare her to persecute someone after they passed away, you never know someone will threw salt on your name after you pass away she don’t have no heaven nor hell to put no one in stop being so cocky you feeling yourself a little too much!

  25. She did it, because just like Oprah, she thinks she is better than you all. That’s why. Both glorified by white people for some reason.

  26. FUCK snoop dogg he should be in prison for murder, and he’s nothing more than a Thug Punk RACIST

  27. She don’t like black men.

  28. Enough with the race card
    These are just 2,gayle an doprah,dumb bitches looking for attention and being totally out of order.
    Bringing this up now is just cheap and shows a total lack of compassion and empathy just to get higher ratings..
    Fuck you Gayle,hope you rot in hell.


  30. When Lisa said “I think that the media should be more respectful” she was definitely talking about Gayle! Like how she subliminally said that. Respect to you Lisa

  31. My thing is why even bring it up,
    ole wht girl he supposedly victimized isn’t speaking on it,
    it was consensual, he didnt violate anybody.
    Damn this is the news now, truly sad.😥

  32. FUCK GAYLE FUCK OPRAH Now they have switched the narrative around to be about Gayle’s bitch ass it’s not about you Gayle fucking bitch Really disapponted in you Oprah Cry for the family that has to bury there father and there husband there son and there brother! Fuck you Oprah cry for the 7 other families that have to bury there loved ones you want to cry about Gale Fuck Gayle Fuck you Oprah

  33. Gayle and Oprah are probably drinking wine right now discussing the ugly side of the business and how they’re not afraid to go there despite popular opinion. To Kobe and Gianna, may your bodies rest in peace, and your souls be in heaven. May your families find peace and the Lord send his blessings. As for me I’ll keep y’all in my memory, and when I make it to the gate hope y’all remember me. 🥀🌇

  34. Jayyglizzy Mccartney

    Funky dawg head bitch 😂😂😂

  35. Oooh! The scary man from the hood is trying to scare the 60something old ladies! What a man!

  36. Black Mary Poppins

    LMFAO, Snoop you a poser boi. You a lying ass millionaire fool.

  37. Snoop Dogg so f**** fake man he out there hanging around Martha Stewart and she a white woman he don’t even like white people. He always talking s*** about white people but then he want to hang around Martha Stewart p a f**** hypocrite

  38. Devonte's Paradise

    🤣facts it’s always your own kind🤣.

  39. Oh, so happy and respect to Lisa leslie, what a beautiful answers “MIDIA HAD 17 YEARS TO ASK” I Guarantee Lisa was thinking of just get up and leave that interview at all. I hope Gayle get fired over this. It hurt me so much with all those questions, Kobe brought us so much joy. Love Kobi.

  40. Thank you Snoop for calling King out. So disrespectful, just like her girl (friend?) Oprah.

  41. Either way she put that shit it still should not have been brought up in that interview at all but that’s what happens when you give ppl just a lil power they think they can say and tlk about wtf they want and it dont work that way, you start smackin they ass in the mouth then u wrong but ppl can say what they want and it be up for a debate nahhhhh F that…..

  42. Black folks need a BLACK CREED to live by. So many Uncle and Anty Toms quick to throw their own people under a bus for fame and fortune! Grow the F up and UNIFY already! SMH!


    This the last nigga who should be saying anything about blacks undercutting blacks. Every verse out his mouth is kill nigga

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