Keepin’ Up with the Kardashians: Khloé expecting baby No. 2 with “baby daddy”

Khloé expecting baby No. 2/

Khloé & Tristan expecting a kid. 

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LOS ANGELES — Rumor has it Khloé Kardashian is gravid with baby number two and the baby daddy is… her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. The addled lovebirds have reportedly reconciled following a one-year cessation. Khloé, if you recall, broke up with Tristan’s cheating ass after he was caught canoodling with multiple chicks including sexy family friend Jordyn Woods. TMZ also released a video that shows a drunken Tristan tongue-kissing two strippers inside a hookah lounge.

To add insult to gestation, the reality TV star was 9 months pregnant at the time. But that was then and this is now. Khloé, 35, and Tristan have apparently worked things out and they’re expecting their 2nd child together. They’re proud parents of one-year-old daughter True Thompson.

“Khloe has always been desperate to have a lasting love,” explained a close source. “She has never felt safe with herself, so she always tries to date super popular and attractive men to feel better.” Tristan certainly fits the criteria. He’s an NBA power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Can Tristan be trusted?

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  1. “This is some sad news right here” 😂😂

  2. She can forgive the cheater enemy dude but not the friend who had to go to the red table to tell her TRUTH

  3. He’s going to cheat again.
    He’s not in love with her.
    He’s in love with the lifestyle.

  4. He’s cheated several times and she ruined her sister friendship with Joydn for nothing because he’s not changing.

  5. Ha ha. He always gonna want some chocolate 🍫he is addicted to it. Maybe if they admit she is OJ’s daughter he will be faithful to that half of her. Shake

  6. Everybody plays a fool, No exception to the rules. I say that to say she’ll learn it take time for some of us. 🙂

  7. How sad🤦🏽‍♀️oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Charmaine Smith

    What the fuck she keeps having kids by him

  9. That baby looks nothing like her. Guess she wants more babies to be reminded of Tristan face. Those hips look like they gonna fall apart if she doesn’t fix them after next 1. She got her lips done she feels like new Khole with same old Tristan.

  10. He the stupid one! Hell is she giving him child support because he might as well get ready to pay up

  11. SMH. Ain’t no peen worth all of that embarrassment and heartache! I guess money doesn’t buy self esteem either lol! These rich folk are broken as hell 🤦🏾‍♀️

  12. base reaction Bass

    Tristen loves to cheat on pregnant baby mothers.

  13. wow if this is true, she crazy, has low self esteem

  14. rashida williams

    Fix it Jesus

  15. She’s A Doll

    I dont want to hear him cheating again she better let that man cheat peacefully and break up to make up with her just to cheat on her again

  16. She dumb as hell

  17. Annitta Ivonne

    Really? But I mean. I think it is better for children to have the same father. So may be that is her reason

  18. Young Queen Cole

    I KNOW YOU FUCKING LYING 🤯😂😂😂😂😂 he gon cheat AGAIN😂😂😂

  19. djnaenae102490

    But that’s the kind of pussy that be like:

    “Oh well he mine now. You’re not going to want him anymore.”

  20. Grace Ntihinyuka

    Money can’t buy dignity, common sense or respect. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Verbal Assassin

    Say what we want about these females but they are humans as we are and hurt like we do…no one deserves to be done wrong but it goes to show no matter what (money, mansions, cars) you have people will still stray…

  22. Melinda Hartwig

    Majority of the Dark Skinned black guys are cheaters.

  23. Instagram whores😮😮😮

  24. Charlotte Acreman

    My boyfriend cheated on me while I was pregnant and there was no way in hell I was gonna let him be at the birth 🙅🏼‍♀️

  25. I feel so bad for Khloè she really is a strong person

  26. Patricia Alexander

    Load of Krap! 😣

  27. Run Tristan Run!!!!!!

  28. This man has no shame !

  29. No amount of money in this world can fix low self esteem. She has proven that time after time.

  30. Tristian makes me wanna throw up
    P.s im disgusted by him

  31. LOL. What a fucking moron. Stay single and use a goddamn condom. These idiots end up paying child support for the rest of their lives while upsetting their spouses for no reason.

  32. Heavena Wilson

    It’s not surprising she would want her child to have a sibling…. and both kids to have the same father…That maybe all it is..and nothing more than that..Whatever it’s their Choice..Their Life..

  33. Lailah Griffin

    She is stupid

  34. Y’all have to forgive when you catch your man cheating. What, you’re gonna divorce him and get a new man? Now it’s a stranger cheating on you. Everybody is gonna cheat on you.

  35. DancingPonies 79

    Can’t these girls wait till they put a ring on it..? Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie..Geez!!!

  36. Debbie Kleinow

    Khloe is a fool if she thinks tristan wont cheat again.

  37. L O R D R A H L

    Never date a black basket ball or ANY black sports person… unless they’re faithful… which is probably 8/10 that they are not faithful.

  38. Stephanie Oluchi

    Lol she’s desperate bro 😂😂. This woman doesn’t love herself enough to find someone to respect herself 😂.

  39. How could you give a man like this a second chance? Hell I would’ve never even looked his way.

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