Wild Stripper Video: Exotic dancer got “seriously” hurt after falling from pole

Dallas stripper falls from 30-foot pole/Photo: Twitter

Dallas stripper suffers nosedive. 

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DALLAS — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Genea Sky, a redboned exotic dancer, who’s recovering from a myriad of severe injuries after she plummeted 15 feet face-first from the top of a damn stripper pole. On the real son, Genea hit the canvas like a sack of potatoes. The egregious nosedive transpired in front of a shell-shocked audience at a gentlemen’s club in Dallas, Texas. It was also captured on video. Aerial footage shows Genea swinging atop a stripper rod when she suddenly loses her grip. Rather than writhe in agony, the voluptuous damsel continued to twerk like nothin’ happened.

Rumor has it Genea was higher than Lil Wayne at the BET Awards. But she was quick to repudiate the scuttlebutt. “I wasn’t f*cked up,” she tweeted from the hospital. “I do the same tricks every night. I simply messed up this time around and that was the result. The end.”

Genea suffered multiple afflictions; most notably a fractured countenance. As a stripper, she lacks a union and healthcare benefits so she concocted a GoFundMe page to garner succor with medical expenditures. She’s absolutely elated with the contributions. She’s raised more than $20,000.

“The video has gone viral and I’m getting a lot of messages asking if I’m okay and all this stuff,” said the ailing stripper via Instagram. “I pretty much broke my jaw… I broke some teeth and I got a sprained ankle when I fell and I got some stitches. But, aside from that, I’m good… I’m just really overwhelmed by all the messages and everything. I’m so thankful for all the positive messages and the love.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Shake it off girl no body seen it go on 😂😂

  2. Damm that could’ve been worse

  3. Amanda Marcelle

    God save her hope shes ok🤙

  4. Elisabet Rodriguez

    Bitch popped up like she was on crack 😂😂😂😂

  5. So when did shaking your ass for money become a respectable and professional job??? 😂

  6. Twerk thru the pain…just twerk they the pain smh

  7. Bitch betta have my money

  8. No one came out to even check on her not even the girl next to her. There’s no way you can call from that height and the way she fell and be ok. All this girl was concerned about was other people laughing and not stopping the show and having people upset so she pretended to act as though she was ok. This is the effen culture we created. SMH.

  9. Angels was watching her that day

  10. Scar The Ghost

    She shouldve been working a regular job and she wouldnt have had that happen to her but I will say she was in shock because of how hard she fell, thats why she kept going, she was in so much pain on top of the embarrassment that it caused her to keep going

  11. She a true champ twerking and in excruciating pain

  12. Loren Alexandra

    Damn rent must’ve been due

  13. Baby girl didn’t have to keep going but she still did 😭😭

  14. Stuff Of Horror

    If she hadn’t kept going she would’ve been fired, most likely. That’s why she kept going. Out of fear for losing a job as a fucking stripper. What a world.

  15. The show must go on



  17. 😮😮 damn she the real MVP I felt that impact when she hit the floor and to keep performing I couldn’t have done that hope she ok though

  18. I would’ve just played dead. Drag me backstage. I ain’t getting up.

  19. Glad she’s okay but she probably did more damage by continuing…

  20. Hoe down!!! I repeat, hoe down!!!

  21. Denigrating profession for women SMH. Thats why im a stripper for my man at home

  22. Why you keep dancing girl 🤦🏾‍♀️ thank God she still alive

  23. I would have packaged my bags and left 😂

  24. That’s called a Texas hoe down.

  25. Patrick Malone

    Somebody better tip her

  26. Lmfao she kept twerking even tho her jaw fractured

  27. I bet she gonna wear a helmet next time.

  28. What normal person does this happen to, this is dangerous work for a couple of dollars🤣🤣🤣🤣 15feet in the air, no money on the stage at all the woman she fell next to was just sitting there🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍 dam these women will die twerking lol

  29. She’s tough as hell! My ass would’ve laid dead for a couple seconds, then literally rolled of the stage crying.

  30. Omg that’s scary as the fuck

  31. I’m Donating.. SHE DEFINITELY A SOLDIER♥️♥️

  32. this is a tough chick…. why no one came to her aid is my question….
    one of your employees, coworkers falls like that and you dont go
    help..?…. screw them….

  33. Holy Shit….now that’s some fuckin dedication right there….I’m not in to chicks…..but I’d have tipped the $hit out of that girl


  35. Damn I dont think she was Twerking….she was twitching after that fall O_o

  36. member of universe

    god is giving her warnings to stop prostituting

  37. She know damn well a few of her organs relocated. And then she twerks. I bet she retires or at least reevaluate a few things. I hope she is okay.

  38. The first ever crash test dummy stripper.

  39. What’s funnier is the other girl pretending like nothing happened, just turn around and probably said “oh shit u still alive” lol

  40. Bitch said “ DEATH, WHOOOO ⁉️”

  41. Charlotte Kalz

    She really kept going tho😭😭

  42. I give it to baby girl… she fell busted shit… it look like it hurt like hell but she improvised and kept that shit going she’s kept right on with the routine and act like it didn’t faze her even though she was in hella pain she the real MVP

  43. Orenthal Simpson

    This is like when MMA fighters keep trying to fight after they’re knocked out

  44. Glad you are ok keep your head up girl

  45. Do not cum for me


  46. BLoODy Zombie man

    Good bless u woman n take care much love n respect ❤👑❤😍❤💪💪💪💪💪👏😎

  47. High School Graduate

    Would be cooler if she landed on a D

  48. Ach. My face hurts FOR her. Oooooffff. Poor girl. Who puts a pole up that high anyway? You ain’t cutting down trees in there.

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