Woman bites off her boyfriend’s tongue following an unwarranted “french kiss”

Wedgeworth jailed for biting off man’s tongue/Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Girlfriend bites off boyfriend’s tongue.

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DETROIT — Here’s a Valentine’s Day story for your ass: Youlette Wedgeworth, 52, had her fugly ass thrown in jail after she masticated her boyfriend’s tongue during a french kiss. The sanguinary ordeal went down inside his apartment bedroom on January 28th in Detroit, Michigan. According to court docs, Youlette and a 68-year-old man named Arthur agreed to effectuate a platonic kiss. So far, so good. But, there was a caveat: Youlette implored Arthur to eschew inserting his filthy tongue into her mouth.

Rather than take heed to her warning, Arthur used his tongue anyway and Youlette bit that sh*t off. The cannibalistic broad was thrown in jail amid a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault. When law enforcement officials arrived, Arthur was bleeding from the mouth and part of his tongue was severed.

Fortunately, officers were able to locate the missing chunk. “I believe this is the first case of this nature in my 27 years in the prosecutor’s office,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric J. Smith.

Moral of the story: Next time kiss her on the cheek, especially if she’s ugly.

Arthur must’ve been desperate.

That b*tch Youlette is fried.

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  1. two ugly people should never kiss

  2. Girls are the real vampires 😰😱😨😓

  3. Nathaniel Austin

    Thug nasty ugly.

  4. Give her the death penalty!

  5. Bit it Clean off and spits it across the room! Damn! Well, he didn’t follow the rules. No tongue means you lose yours.

  6. his breath was probably kickin

  7. William Sanders

    He will never French kiss again

  8. Guys she single

  9. spreadingtruthnow

    She went to jail? Should have sent her to a mental institution! Thank god he didn’t get a bj from her lol

  10. Biting in self defense???

  11. Could have been his Johnson 🤭 Ouch!

  12. rabies?

  13. She is an animal not a human and the guy should be charged for wanting to stick his tongue anywhere on her the way she looks.

  14. Rodney Mclaurin

    The kiss of death

  15. Skittledee 123

    Wow, that’s scary!! Poor guy.

  16. Eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth , tongue for a tongue . ? 🤔🤔🤔

  17. Psycho 🤪👹 I bet the sex wuz unbelievable tho 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  18. He got what he deserved for tongue kissing an animal. My mother always said that if you play with a puppy it may lick you in the mouth.

  19. So, she told him not to stick his tongue in her mouth; he did it anyway. He assaulted *her*.
    She stopped his attack in the only manner available to her. She is being punished for adequately defending herself. This is something Women & Girls are absolutely forbidden to do.

  20. arthur needs his ass kicked

    that bitch is fried

  21. Master At Work

    Don’t be getting any ideas hoes.

  22. A lot of black women have mental problems

  23. No means no…. a kiss a touch don’t matter. Saying watch who you let in your house has some truth but it’s no excuse. Keep your hands and body to yourself until you have consent. I don’t mess chicks if they don’t want to be on film. I threat them like the police this for my safety and yours. RECORD LOL

  24. With a face like that, i’ll prefer stick my tongue in a shark’s mouth

  25. Jason Mcelveen

    She looks terrible

  26. Dorothy Torrey

    Look at you
    You look like you carry bad breathe
    Don’t even brush your tooth tongue and your gums inside your jaws
    I would have bite your tongue off to You don’t even look clean
    Still of bitting you I would have kick your butt or cracked your skull putting your tongue in my mouth
    Do you know how bad breathe smell stank?
    I say look her go set her free
    Sincerely yours

  27. opinions are like assholes

    ummm, so it sounds like this crusty old man did not get permission to shove his nasty tongue down her throat. oh well

  28. Imagine if she would’ve went down on him he would be hopeless and clean your tongue nigga you got a yeast infection

  29. Just a good life lesson: watch who you let up in your house! 💯

  30. Dude seriously you can be her Daddy or Grandpa…you crossed the line… period 😀😀 😀

  31. 🤔 But she warned you

  32. hope, faith and Love

    These comments 💀💀😭😭

  33. Ewwww! Imagine how the tongue scrapper would look after scrapping his tongue..😳

  34. geeksquad smarty

    The mouth is the dirtiest part on the human body. Bacterial, plaque, tooth decay, yuck. People can even pass on gingivitis, and herpes simplex 1 through kissing.

  35. Regina Fontenot

    It should be against the law anyways for both they ugly asses even kissing! Go back and lock him up to cause this is just to much

  36. She told u not to stick your tongue n u did n u r too old trying to date a younger woman 3x your age 😀😀😀😀pervet

  37. Deplorable Citizen

    Black man with white tongue… Lol shit had a layer of white crude built up. Probably why she was like. ” Oh hell naw, Nigga…you ain’t stick ‘ dat tongue in my mouf…”

  38. LaCrystal Martin

    That’s sad on so many levels. I would never bite someone’s tongue that looks like his but then claim I told him not to put his tongue in my mouth. She obviously didn’t want his tongue in her mouth for a reason and we see why, but if she was so grossed out by his tongue why bite it. That’s even more gross!

  39. Eric Matterson

    Female Hannibal Lechter

  40. She didn’t have to do that she told him once not to do it so the second time he did it she should have said I’m not kissing you again hope they lock her up

  41. they both ugly as fuck

  42. Lord help me 😫😷I can smell that stench through the screen. What’s wrong with some people

  43. That ninja had the audacity to put his nasty ass tongue in sombody’s mouth 🤢

  44. Tamatha Wilson

    Put her in jail for 20 years for this

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