Snoop’s son, Cordell Broadus, comes out homosexual via Instagram model shoot?

Snoop’s son Cordell reportedly comes out the closet/Photo: YouTube

Snoop Dogg’s son comes out homo? 

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LOS ANGELES — First it was Magic Johnson’s son. Then Dwyane Wade’s kid. Now it’s apparently the Dogfather’s turn. Cordell Broadus — Snoop’s Dogg son — appears to be the latest celebrity whippersnapper to come out the closet. Yep, young Cordell is reportedly full-blown Liberace gay. The 22-year-old millennial posted a series of modeling pics on Instagram that shows him donning a full countenance of makeup coupled with a pink embroidered blouse and matching earrings. He also wore eyeliner. Fans are understandably flummoxed.

One Twitter user wrote, “Okay sis come on out.”

Another fan asked, “So he’s bisexual?” While a third person inquired, “Wait…. he gay?” An optimistic reader juxtaposed Cordell’s modeling métier to his father’s gangsta lifestyle. “Better than sitting on a corner, selling drugs and killing people,” the user wrote.

Damn, that’s cold.

Must be something in the air.

Earlier this week, Dwyane Wade informed the world his 12-year-old son Zion is now a female.

The transgender pre-teen even changed his moniker to Zaya.

Cordell was once a football player at UCLA.

Now it appears he’s trading in his cleats for a pair of stilettos.

Are you happy for Cordell and Zaya?

Watch the photo shoot.

Share your thoughts.


  1. We are definitely in the last days

  2. Anthony Williams

    Snoop Dogg son ain’t gay you believe that. Something wrong with you straight-up off top

  3. Lindaas. 007 007

    WHAT!!! GOD Put u Here as a BOY BOY not someone. Else!!!!! Littler Boy Boy BOY 💀🌎👀🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Shabazz Ishmael

    GOD decides male or female, not man.

  5. It’s about 12 pictures of him..either way …that’s his business…

  6. Feminization of the negro male continues.

  7. Twelve years old!!! Is it just me, or is that too young of an age to make life altering decisions. I empathize, but I’m not sure if this is the right decision to make at such a young age


  9. Brim5ide 2Tuff4MyOwnGood

    Maaaaaaan dat nigga look like Chico debate😵😵🔫🔫

  10. Life Journey Glory To God International

    Satan is working because we are not following the scriptures: Proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV)

    6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  11. snoop’s son is a faggot

    this made my day….. Hahahahaha!

  12. Dwayne wade back at it again talking about his son has transitioned into a girl and his name is Zaya. Snoop apologized to Gayle again. This world is so damn wicked.

  13. I seen Snoop had black nail polish on once and later on Katt Williams was wearing that shit too. Straight gay rituals. And Snoop grandson died not too long ago. Smh…

  14. Time is getting closer & closer All 777s no sixest yhwh’s chosen children’s shall rise Above so All 777s on these waste of real life demons

  15. What about the world? Awoke yet?

    Yea snoops son was just initiated. That picture proved it. Humiliation ritual. He is Illuminati now. These mfs crazy. All 7s, no 6!

  16. They trying to make this normal 🤦‍♀️

  17. boooo👎👎👎👎👎👎👎


  19. Chartise wells

    Lol they getting everybody smh..Man i can’t wait until satan outta here

  20. The devil is winning.

  21. thats what happens when ur dads in the illuminati tf!

  22. Jesus is the only way to truth and how to live your life.

  23. Sad SMH, maybe he wants to be like Prince..

  24. We are living in very demonic days. How can you be a twelve-year-old and making decisions whether you are transgender or not and dressing like a woman he wearing Nails that’s sickening and it’s not okay.

  25. I wonder if he’s the man in the relationship or the woman??????

  26. Ethan Whitlock

    People are fucking disgusting in the comments
    Let that child be who SHE wants to

  27. eastside harold

    Maybe snoop dog son just getting ready for Valentine’s day. 😅

  28. Black we need to follow stocks, precious metals and entrepreneurship like we follow these celebrities and athletes

  29. Lord the ignorance of black people, no wonder white folks think black people belong as second class citizens you act like it. Always bring god and the bible into your hate. Maybe the only place black people belong is in the back of the bus and a kitchen, you sure as hell ain’t learning anything in school. Leave this boy alone he is living his truth and god doesn’t have a problem with it. If anything god should be mad he created ignorant colored people.

  30. If this is the kind of shit that actually makes yall mad, it’s no wonder black people can’t get ahead. Who gives a fuck what this lil nigga is doing? He ain’t trying to fuck none of yall. Lol smh

  31. Well I won’t allow my kids to be Something that they are not and help send my kids to hell No Thanks!

  32. Wow. That was hit to his heart. I’m sure. However he is an illuminati puppet. So he has to deal with it. Probably why he stays high so much, to deal with all that he see’s and knows.

  33. Man i Don’t support This shit at ALL theses ppl have pushed brainwash and continue to enslave … I think its sick to see a large population of men in wigs and women clothes …i MEAN i accept your preference but it’s began to be to much for me .. Come on i cant even scroll internet without seeing masculine men looking and acting like Bitches my Faith in God is Strong and i KNOW for a fact God didn’t create you on purpose if you are born a man or woman that’s what you ARE. God gave us free WILL to choose wrong or right good or BAD we know what’s good or bad for us you think when he created us he said Oh man can’t live ALONE lets give him a husband or woman can’t make it on her own let’s give her a wife…

  34. It clearly shows half of y’all don’t have common sense lmao when you are a model it’s required for you to do stuff you aren’t use to doing…whoever wrote this article you should be ashamed 😂😂😂

  35. the boy is a faggot

    if you disagree it means u are a faggot too

  36. Porkchop Jones

    @J.D: straight men dont model like that….. the nigga gay…. period….. end of story

  37. 2 EACH HIS OR HER OWN ❓🙏 👀✌

  38. I see some racist and homophobic ass comments. All y’all can suck a fat one, let the kid be whatever he wants. Nothing wrong with being gay and proud. Everyone who disagrees can go to hell.

  39. Snoop himself had his nails done up like a female. French tips in all……Snoop admitted that he sold his soul to satan for fame. Snoop hit the casting couch himself…..sad, now his son accepts the bait, that spirit travels from one willing soul to the next.

  40. Anthony Mckinney

    Snoop be wearing head wraps like b!+(h.

  41. Do better folk

    If you come to mass appeal to get news and truth . bless youR heart But this man didn’t come out as nothing and google should be your best friend

  42. He gay

  43. Ronald Williams

    Snoop son is gay!! OMG!!🤔 NOW WHAT?

  44. The devil is winning because you are hating a stranger, not because he takes a feminine picture.
    How dumb are you?
    You have so little respect for women that you think men being feminine bothers god?
    God made women fool

    And to the idiot who says feminizing the negro…
    If you think your power comes from your gender, you are weak and egi driven.
    Emasculating every black man in America does NOTHING to their power.

    You people are what is wrong with the world.

    You think the devil is winning because make up is for girls?
    Heels and makeup used to be worn by men, not women.

    I wish I could make you see how ignorant you are.
    And for a black person to hurl prejudice is an even greater sin because you should know better.
    You use the Slavemaster’s god to justify hating Innocents and say THEY are the problem in the world?

    YOU are Satan.
    Gays are innocent.
    Women are equal to men and a mane being feminine is not shameful
    And what is wrong with changing genders?
    God gave us the ability to
    And when nanotechnology is the standard of medicine you won’t be able to tell the difference between born females and sex changes.

    And who cares? Everyone should change gender.
    Why do you think God doesn’t want you to change?
    Because of some line in the Slavemaster’s bible written by primitive rulers?

    You’re all pathetic

  45. It’s pretty sad that so many of you are so judgmental. If everyone would mind to their own business the world would be a much nicer place. All of you talking down and then asking “I wonder who’s the man and who’s the woman?” You must be really interested on the DL if that’s what you’re thinking about.

  46. Mad Trucka Max

    Fruity to the booty lmao….

  47. Why are black people the most prejudice and racist people I have met? They worse than white people.

  48. Joto! Joto! Joto,! Joto! That boy is a fag if I ever saw one.. his dad is at fault for letting him think it’s ok to dress like a girl. And that 12 year old kid’s father is a fucking idiot for allowing the boy to get a sex change. I know in his heart he knows that’s wrong !!!! He just doesn’t have the balls to be a real dad and put his foot down ….now he’s gonna have to deal with all the problems if the boy decided he’s not a faggot. Shit he probably hasn’t even gone through puberty yet

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