Ex-Disney star Raven-Symoné comes out transgender with macho Instagram pic?

Raven-Symoné shared her sexual orientation with Oprah/Pride.com

Raven-Symoné is drawin’ headlines. 

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NEW YORK — Former Disney starlet Raven-Symoné, lead actress of the hit TV sitcom “That’s So Raven,” raised eyebrows on Valentine’s Day when she disseminated an Instagram photo shoot that insinuates she’s now a male. In the gallery, the 34-year-old thespian is rockin’ a buzz cut while being decked out in an orange and neon green ensemble with white tennis shoes. Raven looks butch as hell. It’s probably safe to assume she’s transgender. “Showed up to work early and loud as hell! Haha! #33000 #33000raven #33000infrasounds #infrasounds,” she wrote.

“33000” is Raven’s new music album.

Fan reaction, as you’d expect, was ambivalent. One user wrote, “You are beautiful my diva you don’t need to care for opinions of people who are unloved and who have nothing to do you and you don’t need to change because you don’t change will not be my race I love you that way my diva😍👏👏👏.”


A second fan chimed in with, “Raven Symone baby what is you doing? Go back to being a Cheetah Girl!”

A third user added, “She’s so Raven! Real Raven! Too Raven…this will end…poorly.” Raven has been an LGBTQ constituent for years. But, until now, her gay status was primarily abstruse as to which contingent she belongs to. At first, she claimed to be bisexual. Then she referred to herself as a lesbian.

Now she appears to be a tranny.

Are you happy for Raven?

Does she look better as a man?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Shes gay? Thats sad she is so beautiful.

  2. All celebrities have drug abuse and mental problems because the illuminati devil elites chew them up and spit them out and torture them

  3. Passionate About Coke

    Damaged at a young age 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ hollywood not for children

  4. If you could would you go back, and live a “normal “ life.

  5. damn she butch

  6. Carpet muncher

  7. Katie Arbuckle

    Girl Finally, And I know I was late to the game. But I feel like I can still respect her for finally being Open.

  8. STeeLo205 ImDatRapper

    She crazy, period. .industry drove her crazy and gay

  9. This is powerful💖

  10. Your really great Raven your always America’s sweetheart

  11. That’s what Orlando Brown been saying,they did the ooo wop yeah yeahhhh at a young age l

  12. I did now know that she was gay until now. But i have respect for her.

  13. What a beautiful, beautiful soul.
    She’s so underrated.
    Love you, Raven! 💓

  14. Nidia Guerreiro

    ❤️❤️❤️ love her regardless 💯

  15. Charmain Edwards

    I may not always agree with her…but I respect for her being herself

  16. Felicia Dominguez


  17. She’s lost

  18. michael blackston

    I never knew she was gay til most recent!! I’m glad she came out!! Still has my respect

  19. Quianna Dillard

    I love her personality 😍 she so gorgeous

  20. I was 0% shocked when she came out.

  21. If you wanna be gay, that’s your business, can’t nobody tell you how to look live your life. It’s your life, do what you want with it. I’m not gay, but to each his own.

  22. I had the biggest crush on her when she did “That’s so Raven.”

  23. Very, very,very sad.
    She have been overcome by her success and the desire to rebel because of an overbearing and controlling parents is sad.
    Go on, a lot will venture in like you and a lot will venture out after the rebellion pang is gone.
    God have mercy.

  24. She and Orlando brown should date

  25. Go Raven, THANK YOU for sharing your truth! I hope u know that u make a difference & u probably just saved a life or 2 by coming out & sharing a piece of something that can be so personal.

  26. Your a strong soul but your still wrong.
    You were designed in God’s image
    You need healing from Jesus
    Your a beautiful young lady

  27. Jasmine Bester

    Happy for her

  28. Wow Raven I love it Soo much gurlll

  29. She gone always be a woman, because God don’t make no mistakes. JS

  30. That’s her life. She’s going to have to live the consequences. Here and after.

  31. Call me stupid or crazy but it looks like these disney stars are bought and sold.
    There are 10x more sick people hiding behind these controversys.

  32. Omg what 😂😂😂😂

  33. It’s pretty sad that the children who give us such joyous childhoods are suffering themselves. Her character on That’s So Raven was such a big part of my adolescence. She was someone who looked like me, had limitless confidence and such a beautiful spirit. I created so many memories with my friends watching her on tv. I learnt a lot about myself too.

  34. It’s okay “” God’s on his way back he’ll shut it all down, enjoy your fun that you think you having, it’s not going to last, this world is getting turned upside down if people see the evidence of the word of God what the Bible said all the things on the Earth was going to happen we watching The Bible Pages come alive as I speak, if people are still ignoring it…

  35. Bert loves Ernie

    raven licks pussy

    nasty bitch

  36. Yolanda Singleton

    Let her live some days you just want to throw on something and do you

    no judgement I got mad love for raven she looks beautiful either way

  37. My straight crush 😍❤️

  38. This young women make the demon?☺ take over her lives. I dont understand?☺ why these people give in to the flesh god said if you are in the flesh?☺ its very powerfull because its fighting againest the sprit?☺ he said in his words a man should not lay down with a man are a women should not lay down w a women ?☺😙 what is there you people do not understand ?☺do ya:belive in god almighty that all what we have one day we are going to leave it behind?😙 and spend eternity in hell are heaven we are going to judge for our conduct of living on earth?☺ we should looking to our lives and see how we live that we can spend eternity w our father?☺ a man belong to a women. Not a man?☺so back to that women and the rest of people who pick that correcpted?😜 lives stop .repent before dieying?☺ before its 2 late and mercy gone☺😙

  39. Raven is on drugs

  40. soooo how’s Orlando Brown 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 Raven …
    Raven :💃💃💃💃💃

  41. heartbreaking

  42. How is this heartbreaking????👊👊👊let her live!♥️♥️♥️

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