NASCAR Crash Video: Ryan Newman is “fortunate” to be alive after fiery crash

Ryan Newman involved in fiery crash/Photo: Getty Images

Newman suffers serious injuries. 

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DAYTONA — We can finally exhale. Ryan Newman is lucky to be alive after he was involved in a fiery automobile crash during the final lap of Monday’s Daytona 500. That’s when his car spun out of control and flipped multiple times before erupting in flames. Sparks flew as Newman’s vehicle skidded across the finish line. As hot fuel poured onto the race track, emergency crews rushed in to assist. Spectators gasped as stadium employees combed through the debris to pull Newman out.

Hell, many feared the worst.

NASCAR hasn’t suffered a casualty in its elite Cup Series since Dale Earnhardt lost his life in 2001. Two hours after the accident, NASCAR officials announced Newman sustained non-life-threatening injuries. But the 42-year-old racer is still listed in critical condition at Halifax Medical Center.

“We had been waiting for information just like everyone else,” said Mark Rushbrook, director of Ford Performance Motorsports. “So to hear some positive news tonight is a relief. The entire Ford family is sending positive thoughts for his recovery, but our first thoughts remain with his family and his team.”

Newman finished in 9th place.

That’s not a misprint. Dude finished 9th despite the explosion.

Denny Hamlin won the race.

Anyway, watch the fiery crash.

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  1. He will surly be racing wheelchairs down hospital corridors and shortly after be racing rental cars. Hope he makes a full recovery and comes back.

  2. This looks SO bad. In every possible way.

  3. I been watching racing for awhile now and have seen a lot of bad looking wrecks…. That one scared me. Scared a lot of us, but glad hes alive and hope for a full and speedy recovery

  4. Newman got out maneuvered.

  5. Michael Chapman24

    I would be pissed if I was him

  6. Still finished 9th! Hope he’s ok

  7. This is a joke with NASCAR…cars are too close, not enough HP to do anything when in the was, and is too dangerous!!

  8. Ryan newman always flipn his cars.
    Look it up.
    The man has an angel

  9. i dont know the rules so whats the deal? the yellow 12 car doesn’t have to give way because he got lower first right? the guy who got spun out was going slower and should have gave away that’s why he got spun out?

  10. Rebecca Peterson

    Ya! Crash, burn, spew gas and smoke, make loud noises, watch someone almost die! Ya! Go America!

  11. It’s because trump was there

  12. Prayers out for Newman.
    Great win for Hamlin.
    Hard racing all it was….

  13. Crazy how they just keep on celebrating as one of the people they raced with is being hauled out in an emergency vehicle… Can’t tell if that’s disrespectful or just plain disgusting.

  14. Mrrobotobrains

    Nascar is dumb.

  15. That’s gotta be one of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen

  16. Captain turtle butt

    Crashes are the only things that make this boring thing watchable.

  17. Jennifer Small

    Prayers for him and his family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  18. That scumbag took him out on purpose!

  19. Looks like Newman was not going to go side by side at the end and kept cutting Hamlin off. He probably would have won if they ended side by side. Terrible crash. God heal Newman and bless him.

  20. CapturingCars321

    It ain’t a 500 without a massive wreck!Woooooo turn left! Yee hawwww 🤠

  21. Sous’s Missing Finger

    “Finished 9th” lol

  22. These cars are trash getting flimsier and flimsier. IVE Never seen so much flex in car chassis before scary i wouldnt ride in one if you paid me 1 mill bucks… 🔥🚘🔥🔥🔥🚘🔥🔥🔥🚘🚘🔥🔥🔥

  23. Trump is a bad luck demon.

  24. I love these crashes this was awesome

  25. Damn I can’t believe Newman finished the race that way. I didn’t know he crossed. I know it’s dark at times like these but the fact he salvaged 9th in that condition is amazing and I think he will someday be telling that story. Someday at a RIPE OLD AGE RYAN. We’re not letting you go like this.

  26. It makes me mad that the driver who spun Ryan out didn’t even say sorry or go see if he’s ok

  27. I hope this forces Nascar to STOP allowing locked bumpers in all of their races! They have to! If they don’t, drivers ARE going to be killed! Drivers are not allowed to lock bumpers in the truck series! Stop this dangerous practice & stop it now, before our beloved drivers get killed!

  28. That sucks, he was so close to the finish line too, glad he’s doing ok.

  29. I hope no black people were hurt.

  30. Jimmy Cracked Corn

    @Mr. Bond: you sir are a racist piece of shit

  31. Damn he so good he can crash and still finish the race!!! Finishes 9th!!!! 😂 Guy is a Legend!!!

  32. I didn’t get to watch the race because I was at work and all my mom and husband said was “Denny won!!”. He’s my driver so I was all excited. A coworker said it was crazy but didn’t explain how. All of a sudden I see posts from family about Newman so I just now see this and.. damn.. it brought on tears hard. I can’t be happy about Denny’s win anymore knowing he only got it because Newman was almost killed. 😭 I hope he’s gonna be okay..

  33. Hopefully Ryan Newman will retire from this ridiculous “sport” so he can live to tell his grandkids about how he cheated death before they were born.

  34. Anyone who has been on a track, in the pits, knows you cannot always see whats going on and no one is talking until they know something, but some don’t understand that. It’s like when on TV you see parents after their child is abducted or worse, and they are showing no emotions, you can’t help but think that they don’t care at all. I used to think the same, until my daughter died in an accident, and I am so quick to cry it’s ridiculous, I even thought it weird that I barely cried, for 6 months. Believe me, SHOCK is something that just happens to you after you hear the news, or suffer the tragedy, you don’t realize it, your regular emotions just feel dead. Like you wonder to yourself, even as it’s happening, that people must be thinking you didn’t love the person, I’m here to tell you, it’s the shock, natures way of seeing you through tragedy I guess, but baffling even to those of use who experience it nonetheless. (It hurt me so much to think people who of course are watching me at my daughters service, to have them think I didn’t love her or something, and though that seems weird, it’s a fact. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy).

  35. Newman deserved what he got …. let that be a lesson to ALL Hillbillies who cheat.

  36. Johnny The thinker

    At least he finished 9th

  37. Newman is a straight up O.G.

  38. Announcer gave 0 shits

  39. I wish they would do away with Nascar all together.

  40. Best part of NASCAR

  41. Glad you’re OK brother 🙌

  42. God bless🙏🏽💛✝️

  43. Very lucky

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