Dr. Oz: Lark Voorhies blames her mental ‘disability’ for “Saved by the Bell” rebuff

Lark appears on Dr. Oz/Photo: Sony Pictures

Lark Voorhies is hangin’ in there. 

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NEW YORK — “It’s alright ‘coz I’m saved by the bell!” NBC’s “Saved by the Bell” reboot is set to launch soon on the Peacock streaming service and fans will get their fill of original cast members Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris), Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano). But there’s several familiar countenances that won’t appear in the series; namely Dustin Diamond (Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski) and Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle). The latter made a special guest appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show” that aired Wednesday morning.

Lark, who suffers from mental health issues, vocalized disenchantment with being ostracized by her castmates. She also gave an elucidation of daily challenges specific to hearing voices inside her head and bouts with disorganized thinking. Lark blames her illness for not being allowed to reprise her bougie role.

“I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt when I was not invited to be part of the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion as well as other cast members’ events,” said a dejected Lark who donned a blonde hairdo.

“Yet, of course, I also realized that having this puzzling disorder may have played a major part in that factual decision. With that in mind, I am truly thankful for having had the chance to work on a show that has been so successful.”

Lark, 45, was hotter than fish grease back in the ’90s.

I had a “Saved by the Bell” poster on my wall and I used to lick her face at least twice a day.

Lark still articulates well and she doesn’t pose any danger.

Should she receive at least a small part on the show?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Twitter Glitter

    The blond hair indicates they’ve put her under the MK Ultra control. So sad what they’ve done too her. Then claim she’s crazy which is their classic tactic. Hollywood is sick. All these people are sick. She WOULD have been fine if she was never in it. You can see they have put her thru sone severe trauma. Smh…..

  2. Painful to watch, it was like she was saying, “Im so sorry white people, i understand why you snubbed me, it makes sense. Im a good girl now, please give me some work”,

  3. Sooooo mean of them not to include her

  4. I have depression and anxiety 🙂Thank you for speaking out 🙂I really hope dr Oz calls some people and I get to see you in SAVED BY THE BELL😁you will always be Lisa turtle to me 😊stay strong

  5. Not right how they treated her. Smh

  6. she is bat shit crazy maybe that’s why no one wants her around. That god awful bleached out hair is further proof of being nuts.

  7. It’s ironic, the two to get cast out of the SBTB group are…Lisa and Screech.

  8. She has been struggling with mental health issues for years but she seems like a good person who doesn’t deserve to be shunned by her old castmates. I’m sure we don’t know the full story, but I think all they needed to do was give her the opportunity to have a small part on the show, a few lines here and there. Instead it seems like they are scared of having anything to do with her because of her mental health struggles, and that just isn’t right. They left her out of that reunion sketch on Jimmy Fallon a few years ago too.

  9. I understand why screech wasn’t included he talked so bad about the cast during the years, but Lisa I don’t see why not invite her back. She was a very important character in the show. I hope to see the show return with the whole cast❤️

  10. I hope she gets all the help she needs 🙏🏿

  11. She let them DR’s fool her into thinking those voices in her head aren’t real… Those are real people lark.

  12. I think she felt she wasn’t accepted for being herself. A Black woman. She felt a deep deep rejection.

  13. “Saved By the Bell”…. My Fucking CHILDHOOD 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  14. Denise Selinsky

    I have no clue how she acted when she was younger and had success.
    All I know now is that she is a deeply disturbed woman who is battling mental illness and her issues are REAL!
    She doesn’t need to be ostracized or demeaned any longer. It takes great strength to go before the entire world and speak your own truth, baring your heart and soul.
    She needs compassion, understanding and support!!
    Stay strong Lark, the world loves you !!!

  15. Hope she got a decent check for going on this show… exploitation at its finest 👌. Poor lark that’s so sad what these child stars go through

  16. She’s still beautiful ….

  17. She just needs a good man in her life. Still as beautiful as ever 😍

  18. Candace Johnson

    I won’t be watching the reboot…..not feeling how they left here out….. disgusting

  19. her castmates are assholes

    they shouldve at least checked on her


    She definitely not all the way here💯


    If she was white she would have been embraced.. smdh .. this is so sad 😭 .. the cast of save by the bell cast is fuked up for not reaching out .. mental illness is real.. she should have not went on this show she is not ready to speak publicly.. she needs help .. I feel so bad for her .. she’s still beautiful I hope 🤞🏾 she gets the help she needs ..but this was not the platform..

  22. Pay attention to her mother🐍. She acts just like my mother who envied and sabotaged me my whole life…she tried to make me out to be crazy to other people too…they need to look into Maunchausen Syndrome By Proxy and Narcissism, her mother is loving the attention! Just like my mother she stood by my side looking like she was helping me but it was all for show and attention she would get from being a “supportive mother”. There are alot of mother’s out there like this especially when their daughters and beautiful, talented and get alot of attention.

  23. Michael D. Williams III

    She was one of my favorites from the series when I watched Saved By The Bell. It’s sad to see her struggles like this publicly and to be and feel ostracized by her cast mates or even family at times. I do hope and wish her the best I’ll her struggles with the mental health challenges she’s endured and have been struggling with. Her smile is still very radiant…💛

  24. Her and Orlando brown =Match made in heaven

  25. I’ve seen this before in interviews where she struggles to segment a coherent thought. For those who blame her castmates for not checking on her, because she said they didn’t, shame on you. It’s not their responsibility to do what her mother clearly has struggled to help manage. This is her reality, if you took the time to research, you would know that in her disorder, there is also chaos of thought and reality.

  26. Sheila Hutchinson

    GOD deliver her from mental illness and demons. Restore her mind and bring blessings to her in Jesus Christ name!

  27. GOD Bless this Women. For Try to Speak her truth.
    MAY she continue to SHINE LIKE THE STAR THAT SHE IS.

  28. MostSleptOn1 Hayes

    Girl you’re brave. Thanks for being human. It’s not easy.
    And I’ve seen people who are in worse shape than us suffering from mental disability.

    I have schizophrenia and bipolar also. So, please just keep on fighting. I sure am. And it’s great to see that I’m not alone

  29. Heather Nunley

    She should be invited back to the reunion. The show would not be the same without her.

  30. Lark is unfortunately a black woman with a severe mental illness and Hollyweird could care less. Thank God she has her Mom for support. If they did invite her to join the cast it would be out of public ridicule towards them but they still wouldn’t treat her right. If they really cared they’d refuse to do the reunion without her but money rules and compassion doesn’t truly exist in that community. Prayers for her are what she really needs.

  31. Juliette Jewelz

    Aww my heart breaks for her, but equally happy that she’s trying to be better. I’m rooting for you Lark.

  32. I’m glad that she sought help. I can relate! I wish her strength and clarity! She’s beautiful!

  33. She’s needs deliverance from unclean spirits by faith in Jesus Christ the son of God.

  34. I feel so much for her. This makes me want to cry. Please stay well and strong!

  35. GoodGriefCharlieBrown!

    She said she is schizo affective, and her mom said it’s bipolar. Lark also mentioned each person’s trying to get their point out (in her head) but she was going to get “her” point out. That sounds more like Disassociatve Disorder (Multiple Personality). I feel her treatment team is full of sh!t, and are not doing her much good. She seems to have been either going thru an episode, or recently recovering from one. Both of which are the wrong time to put someone on the air. I feel this was done to discredit her further, to quell the complaints that are sure to come when fans see she is left out of the reunion. I do believe there is MK Ultra trauma in effect. Her blonde hair is a sign her programming is complete. She seems to be loaded up on the wrong psyche meds too. She should be more natural and comfortable, than she was in the interview. She looked liked they pulled her straight out of a psyche ward. I hope she gets through it all. Her mom looks like she’s enjoying the ride, somehow.

  36. Yep that’s what the Illuminati could do to you when you go against the bloodline

  37. SilverBlackGorilla

    Just listening to her psychiatrist voice could make anybody have mental issues. A few sessions with her could drive anybody into schizo mode

  38. I pray she continues to heal & grow. ❤️🙏🏾

  39. She’s strong and amazing🔥

  40. Caught up in mans world will distort your reality if you do not know yourself….
    Know thyself. America you can keep your madness look what’s happening to your citizens.

  41. You know she looney if she thinks she can disappear for 20yrs and go through these things but expect a call for a silly ass tv show, like that’s what’s important??!! Sis really you just want the money you don’t care about them ppl. But I’m glad somebody give a care about her to help her for real.

  42. She’s a mess. So sad.

  43. Her disorder hurts my heart. Her & Myiah Campbell two of the most beautiful women inside & out and are mentally shattered. So sad.

  44. Maybe someone slipped something in her drink. This is so sad omg.

  45. This is SO suppressive. Yuck. She needs to get AWAY from her overbearing suppressive mother!!! I have one too… my mom has put me through hell!! She does not need a psychiatrist and mom by her side!! She needs friends social support and people encouraging her… these two pull her down and make her think she “needs them!” Very awful to see!! Run Lark!!!

  46. Francisco Martinez

    This is so sad she is definitely under MK ultra mind control that’s why she has the blonde hair which means she’s under mind control Hollywood really is the devils playground I Pray for her 😔🙏🏽

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