“Good Times” star Ja’Net DuBois found “deceased” inside her California home

DuBois dead at 74/I Love Old School Music

Good Times star found deceased. 

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GLENDALE, Cali. — “Temporary layoffs, Good Times…” Ole Willona has migrated to that big housing project in the sky. Damn, Damn, Damn! Ja’Net DuBois, best known for her dramatis personae as Willona Woods on the classic ’70s sitcom “Good Times,” passed away on Monday. She was 74. The scuttlebutt queen was found deceased inside her Glendale, California home. Ja’Net reportedly died in her sleep. Her quietus comes just two months after the premiere of ABC’s “Good Times Live” where she made a cameo appearance in front of a studio audience. Those close to Ja’Net said she appeared to be in good health and there’s no record of any terminal ailments. It was simply her time to go.

Ja’Net’s character will be most remembered for adopting Penny — an adolescent victim of child abuse. If you recall, Penny’s mother was so nefarious she made Joe Jackson look like a saint. The sordid ghetto mom routinely burned Penny with a hot clothes iron as a vile act of discipline.

In addition to her gossiping neighbor role on “Good Times,” Ja’Net also performed the “Movin’ On Up” theme song for “The Jeffersons.” Her movie credits include “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” “Tropic Thunder” and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.” Ja’Net made her acting debut on Broadway in the onstage premiere of “A Raisin in the Sun” alongside legends Sammy Davis Jr. and Louis Gossett Jr.

She leaves behind three whippersnappers.

RIP Willona.

You’re gone, but your ghetto gossip will not be forgotten.

You and Florida are neighbors once again.

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  1. A legend , very talented , and extremely beautiful rip

  2. Rip Ja’Net DuBois very sad to hear about her passing u will forever be apart of my childhood

  3. Davelle Coleman

    Great actress, great show… but it would’ve been more interesting if her and James had an affair… Just thinking out loud

  4. She was hilarious as Wilona on good times and always stylish and so pretty she helped make that show enjoyable to watch.

  5. I’m in total disbelief…my routine late night is to watch Reruns of Good Times …its on now as I read my notifications and got the news…
    Naw man…..This can’t be real. Just can not be real…….

  6. She was so sexy on that show ❤

  7. DAM!! DAM!! DAM!!
    R.I.P. Mrs, Janet Dubois.

  8. Awwww I love her… You will be missed. Rest In Peace!!😢😢😢

  9. Damn RIP good sista

  10. Rest in Peace, Wilona!

  11. NAAAAAAW!!!

  12. So funny and entertaining…I always looked up to you for taking Penny in.❤

  13. NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful lady she was!!!!! RIP QUEEN!!! You have earned your place in heaven…

  14. Izsha’s World

    God not her pleaseee not herrrrrr!!!! 💔

  15. Terrance Mitchell

    God bless Willona Woods. She is in heaven with the angels.

  16. 🌹Ja’net🌹You will be missed🌷


    Gone to soon! Still watch Good times everyday!
    You will be missed and loved dearly! Rest In Peace Queen Ja’net ♥️💙🖤💚💛

  18. Annette Jenkins

    ” Class”, at its Best! Beautiful Lady!. You can’t say that about too many people now. Just being honest. True “Lady” till the end.😍😘Kept herself and life private- ” Everybody don’t have to know Everything”. These young ladies today should take notes. Truly is going to be missed. Icon. Of course, The Jeffersons, her voice was just as popular as the Tv show.

  19. Jacob Joey Lozada

    I loved her. As alderman Davis would say ” and you too winsomnia”

  20. I’m sure we all have or had an Wilona encounter/ Aunt / family friend. I loved how she rescued Penny (Janet Jackson) . My 13 year old son didn’t like that iron episode, lol. Anyway, I’m seriously gonna miss that beautiful smile, laughter. May your next journey be the greatest performance, RIP Ms.Woods.💝✌🥂🙏

  21. The Rona Barrett of the projects as James would say r i p💔.

  22. Natalie Dorvil

    So sad😇.Wilona and Florida neighbors again.

  23. Rest on❤️

  24. RIP💛💚💛

  25. Yes Lord, she moved on up. She’s in heaven where fish isn’t frying in the kitchen and beans ain’t burning on grills. I want to go there. The wicked is ceasing from troubling and the weary is at rest! REST In PEACE Aunt Willona

  26. Ryuu Nishikawa

    Thank god that Ja’Net DuBois is dead!

  27. @Ryuu Nishikawa: You have to have a relationship with GOD to thank him and that’s something you clearly don’t have

  28. Beautiful Black Sister,
    Strong Black Woman!

  29. Now she’s with her son who died about a MONTH ago.
    He was sick with cancer for 3yrs. The hell she went though 😢!

  30. Sis Samara Baht Yashar'AL

    Ja’net DuBois, was a great actress. I enjoyed her in all her roles. Rest in paradise, as you join our other greats who has transitioned..

  31. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Very talented woman very beautiful had a great presence about her the special lady I’m saddened by the news I watch Good times all the time every chance I get God bless this special lady rest in peace ❤️✌️

  32. ♫ “Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen” ♫
    Well, I never understood that lyric because I always fry fish in the kitchen. Rest in peace, Ja’Net DuBois.

  33. Repent, The Kingdom is at Hand

    😢 It’s so sad to see people passing away. My heart and prayers goes out to the family and friends. She was an awesome actress.

  34. Ricardo Torres

    R.I.P. Ja’Net Dubois she was so beautiful 😍 I loved her in the 🎥 movie Five On The Black Hand Side and especially Good Times she will forever be missed.

  35. Desmond Morrison

    I may have been born in 1989 but I Love the TV show Good Times

  36. R.I.P JaNet I will always remember the episode when they thought the neighbor lady made a casserole out of dog food that was so funny God Bless

  37. She was so fine…RIP🌷

  38. Paulette Adams

    Janet Dubois aka “Wilona” will be sorely missed. She represented herself with style and class. I loved her character, Wilona. She was a beautiful woman. I couldn’t wait to tune in to Good Times each week to see what Wilona would be wearing.
    Not goodbye, but see you later.

  39. Ceretha Mothershed

    RIP Mrs. Ja’net Dubois You were Grand!!

  40. R. Contreras , MA

    Fish don’t fry in the kitchen
    Beans don’t burn on the grill
    Took a whole lotta tryin’
    Just to get up that hill
    Here we are in the big leagues
    Takin’ our turn at bat
    As long as we live
    It’s you and me baby
    Ain’t nothing wrong with that
    Well we’re movin’ on up
    To the east side
    To a deluxe apartment
    In the sky
    We finally got our piece
    Of the pie

  41. Rosanna Cellini

    Rest in Peace, Jan’ Net. She was a classy, sassy and lovely, talented woman. Loved her character, Willona Woods, and The Jeffersons theme too.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏

  42. She’s now with Florida hanging in the chow line in the sky. RIP.

  43. MskeshiaColdhearted Asheck

    RIP 😘 love you 😍 💔

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