Twerk Video: Lizzo leaks another freaky conception except this time it’s lingerie

Lizzo releases new twerk video/Photo: YouTube

Lizzo drops new “twerk” footage. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — Our buddy Lizzo is back at it again. The “Truth Hurts” singer released another “twerk” video earlier this week; except this time she’s scantily-clad in transparent lingerie. Cell phone footage shows the corpulent diva gyrating her hips as she ogles the camera. Seconds later, Lizzo leaned against the wall and commenced to shaking her derrière in a very risqué manner. All you see is her tumescent cheeks going up and down. Lizzo, in case you didn’t know, is a quotidian target of social media vitriol.

A couple of months ago, the 300-pound vocalist twerked in front of thousands of fans at a Los Angeles Lakers game; exposing her thong and booty in the process. Lizzo, 31, is an advocate of “body positivity” as it pertains to morbidly obese women. So there’s certainly no mortification in her game.

But many critics believe she’s taking it too far.

Personally, I think she’s cool as f*ck.

Just don’t let her sit on your face.

That p*ssy pop will kill a n*gga.

Watch the twerk video.

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  1. She really doesn’t have to do this. I honestly think it’s just torture 4 the haters now.

  2. This is what black men like now… This is sick. Who the fuck likes this nasty ass bitch?

  3. I bet that pussy dirty & sweaty

  4. i remember when women were worth more than their ass. aretha franklin never had to do it to be her amazing self.

  5. Gross

  6. Vanessa Rickford

    No this is not okay at all. She went way too far She is an empowered woman but she doesn’t act like one……. That is just disgusting and disrespectful.

  7. Lizzo is a disgrace to black people, and a terrible roll model to all little black girls…

  8. Black women are just fat and downright embarrassing

  9. Angela-Marie Coe

    She can’t even twerk! Did you see how hard she tried to? Her ass too heavy I swear her ass did like two actual bumps😂💀

  10. hot af

  11. Black Dont Crack

    fuck yall i love fat women

  12. There’s a difference between pride or confidence and shameless

  13. shes nasty

  14. Sandrine Anterrion

    Please help me!!
    I love myself!

  15. Salome Kabinga

    This woman is traaaashy 😥😥

  16. I like my meat on the bread, not hangin off the sides all messy!

  17. She is fat, she should know what’s fit for her body…

  18. uh oh


    Thats a Big giant fat bald headed piece of shit wanting attention. Fkn gross

  20. Bill Cosby Clone

    her butt cheeks look like JELL-O pudding

  21. Enzo The barber

    I hope someone tells her she is doing way to much. Yeah we get it. Strong big confident black woman, but please going extra, it isn’t cute. Or sexy.

  22. There should be a under 200 weight limit on revealing clothing

  23. Sherrie Phillips

    Let lizzo be her you all ar all hatters

  24. DAMN THATS ALOT Of ass

  25. I watched this just too see her twerk. Was not dissapointed.

  26. SillyAssWhiteBoy

    Lizzo, will you marry me?

  27. Esteban Rodriguez

    That ass

  28. Yo I bet she’s a freak 😍

  29. Time to go on the double cheeseburger diet….. It is now cool to be obese…. I am in….. Anyone got a sugar pill???

  30. Came here for ass left with a laugh

  31. It’s funny bc she’s fat but she think she thick and can twerk

  32. Disgusting landwhale 🤮 tasteless!!

  33. i fucking love her sexy ass

  34. How much I gotta pay to have sex with Lizzo

  35. blog king is a sick man……… lol

  36. I bet her toilet has PTSD

  37. She needs help

  38. Ok taking notes Lizzo 😂

  39. Lizzo is gorgeous!! Not for a big girl but for a WHOLE WOMAN YAASSSSS!!!!🙌🏾😍❤👑

  40. Women have become perverts…

  41. Lizzo tryna get Fd really hard from behind

  42. She so pretty and I love her voice but like, wtf is this.

  43. Y’all smell that

  44. SillyAssWhiteBoy

    it would take 2 years to eat lizzo’s pussy

  45. propolis propolis

    Lizzo is so awesome and multitalented. 😍👍❤️💋

  46. Black women are so beautiful!

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