Tyson Fury “obliterates” Deontay Wilder, trainer gets critized for throwing in towel

Fury pummels Wilder to claim WBC title/Photo: Esther Lin, Showtime

Fury drops Wilder amid controversy. 

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LAS VEGAS — In what was billed as the biggest heavyweight bout since Lennox Lewis kicked Mike Tyson’s ass 18 years ago, the Gypsy King pummeled the Bronze Bomber in equivalent fashion Saturday night then led the partisan crowd in singing Don McLean’s renowned “American Pie.” Tyson Fury dropped Deontay Wilder twice in the 7th round to score a technical knockout in front of a raucous capacity audience of 15,816 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce were among the many celebs in attendance.

Millions more watched at home via pay-per-view.

If you recall, the first encounter between Fury and Wilder ended with a split decision in 2018.

However, dubiety was absent this go round.

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) dominated from the outset.

“A big shout-out to Deontay Wilder,” said the 31-year-old British champ in his postfight interview. “He came here tonight and he manned up, and he really did show the heart of a champion.” With the victory, Fury seized Wilder’s WBC belt but the triumph didn’t come without controversy.

The bombardment came to a merciful close when Mark Breland (Wilder’s co-trainer) threw in the towel amid ringside opprobrium. “Mark threw the towel. I didn’t think he should have,” said Jay Deas, Wilder’s other trainer. “Deontay is the kind of guy that goes out on his shield.”

“He will tell you straight up — don’t throw the towel in,” Deas added

Can’t blame Mark for waving the white flag.

After all, Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) was bleeding from his left ear after getting hammered all night.

He blamed the ass-whuppin’ on some personal sh*t that transpired prior to the fight.

“I’m doing good. Things like this happen,” Wilder, 34, explained.

“The best man won tonight, but my corner threw in the towel, and I was ready to go out on my shield. I had a lot of things going on heading into this fight. It is what it is, but I make no excuses tonight. I just wish my corner would have let me go out on my shield.”

Fury came in weighing 273 pounds, almost the heaviest of his career.

Wilder checked in 42 pounds lighter at 231.

Do you agree with Mark’s decision to throw the towel?

Are you looking forward to a 3rd fight?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Christian O'Brien

    Wilder looked off from the begining. He wasn’t right and I wonder what is up with that. Wilder is the better man and would win a fair fight. Something was way wrong

  2. Wilder got whooped silly.

  3. He beat on that boy like a rented mule 💪

  4. Should give credit to Wilder as he still standing boxing. Didn’t give up although he’s outboxed. Very unfortunate he exposed his left ears in the 3rd round. That must be hurt him so much and changed everything..

  5. Fury brought his pillows so wilder could have a sleep 🤣👊

  6. Wilder should have been stopped in the third, fifth latest. He was badly concussed. There will be no 3rd match, Wilder is damaged goods. Just hope he hasn’t suffered permanent brain damage.

  7. Looking like two pansies in the ring

  8. Jermaine Johnson

    A Blind Person Can See That Wilder Threw The Fight, Cause A 3rd Fight Will Bring In More Money For Both, Wilder Will Win The 3rd Fight And Get The Title Back #Facts

  9. Michael Michael

    Another rigged boxing fight imagine that. Look at the way Wilder falls especially the 1st time

  10. Fury won so fuking what he lost the 1st fight so yes there should be one final fight

  11. I knew Wilder was done one punch chump got jis ass kicked,

  12. Wilder is a bum glad he got exposed!!! Now go learn to box!!!

  13. Soraya Bella Morena

    Whites and Mexicans are so happy. 😂😂 finally right? 😂😂

  14. Wow I didn’t see that one coming!!

  15. louderthanlife 44

    Wilder was robbed.

  16. Placide Niyitanga

    Wilder’s era is over, my humble advice to Wilder_ RETIRE— go and enjoy the money you earned in your prime time.


  18. James Donnelly

    Wilder tried to make the fight about skin color. I wonder if he still wants to do that 🤔

  19. Joshua is the greatest alive!!! Great win Fury, fuck wilder!!!


  21. I don't mean to be rude im just blunt

    Wilder has never been a good boxer. Case closed.

  22. The Great White Hope!!

  23. Wilder: i can beat a prime ironmike
    Fury: hold my two piece chicken and a soda

  24. Patrick Willibald Mushingwa

    People please compare the two matches Wilder was drugged… He is not steady.

  25. Tomasz Himalajski

    19 rounds in 2 fights.Wilder won just 2 rounds. No point of doing rematch again

  26. Rap music loses again. Wilder came in rapping and acting like jayz just like Cam Newton did
    Fury showed that blue collar comes in with more heart and outworks hip hop rap.

  27. I feel bad for wilder man people are making fun of him because he lost

  28. King Fury 👑🦁🇬🇧🥊

  29. I’ve always said that Wilder is a freak athlete. He could’ve become anything he wanted to like a NFL wide receiver or a tight end or even in the NBA. But he chose boxing to help his daughter. Wilder is awesome.

    But that being said, Tyson Fury is literally bred for boxing. His entire lineage is full of bare knuckle fighters. Fury can straight up box.

  30. My Haunted Home

    God these vermin are trying to push a fight III. Wilder would be an absolute moron to exercise the rematch clause in the contract. He needs to make major changes, most importantly a new trainer. He needs to further evolve in skills as a fighter which he has not done.

    Listening to the interviewers on other channels, they were claiming he wasn’t himself going into the fight, literally coming up with excuses for him so that they could push a third fight.

    It’s over and done. Wilder didn’t just lose but was obliterated. NEXT!

  31. Micheal Prendergast

    Bleeding ears are indicative of burst eardrums. Potentiality life altering injury.
    Wilders corner did the right thing. Wilder was getting brutalised.

  32. Once that shot to the ear broke wilders equilibrium, Tyson kept the 1, 2 combo to the ear until it was over.

    From my own experience, once your ear is fucked, trust me, you whole world starts spinning 24/7

  33. I was thoroughly impressed by Fury. I thought Wilder would be motivated and ready but it didn’t matter last night. Surprised by the power Fury showed. He lifted Wilder off the mat with that first knock down in the 3rd. Joshua doesn’t want any part of Fury. He’s the best all around boxer we’ve seen since Lennox Lewis.

  34. jantje blokhead

    Where are all those big mouthed american wilder fans. Your boy got slepped.

  35. Tyson Fury is a class act because if I won that fight, the first thing I would have said in the press conference would be, “BOMB SQUAAAD!”

  36. If wilder fights fury a third time it will be the end of him

  37. White folks are so happy they finally have their Great White Hope lol

  38. I honestly think this fight was fixed 🤔 somebody dropped the bag 💰

  39. Every man for himself

    Tyson fury is a GREAT FIGHTER, but his old man body, just COMPLETELY turns me off!

  40. Naithan Delgado

    They both can’t box we need fighters like Mike Tyson, Ali , Foreman, and Holyfield back these fights are boring but please give Wilder a rematch and after the trilogy winner fights Joshua

  41. Hermand Duverne

    Victory belongs to Jesus!!!!
    It was Wilder’s god against Fury’s God ( the one and only, “Jesus-Christ “).


    Wilder got beat by the Toxic Avenger! 😂😂😂👊👊💪💪💥💥

  43. Wilder made 3 excuses then says:
    I’m not going to make any excuses!!!!
    You got your AZZ handed to you!
    Man up brutha

  44. Fury cheated

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