Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape, ‘incarceration’ could exceed 20 years

Harvey Weinstein found guilty on two charges/Photo: John Minchillo, AP

Jury finds Harvey Weinstein guilty. 

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NEW YORK — Harvey Weinstein received Bill Cosby treatment on Monday much to the elation of the #MeToo Movement. A New York jury comprised of 7 men and 5 women found the ex-producer guilty of 2 of the 5 sexual assault charges he faced. Now he’ll serve time for a criminal sex act in the 1st-degree and 3rd-degree rape. The former carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison. Weinstein, 67, was found “not guilty” on 2 counts of predatory sexual assault and he was acquitted of 1st-degree rape.

The charges were based on allegations from two victims — former actress Jessica Mann and Miriam Haley, a former production assistant whose credits include “Project Runway.” Six women, including Mann and Haley, took the stand against Weinstein during 12 days of witness testimony.

The verdict was reached after 5 days and 22 hours of deliberation.

Mann told court members Weinstein forced oral sex on her inside his hotel suite in 2013.

She faked an orgasm to make him quit.

Haley said Weinstein pulled out her sanguinary tampon and forcibly ate her coochie in 2006.

He then called her a “whore” and a “bitch.”

As his kismet was being announced, Weinstein experienced chest pains and the p*ssy-eating bastard was expedited to the damn hospital. Weinstein’s attorney, Donna Rotunno, told TMZ: “We knew going in it was an uphill battle from the beginning. The verdict is bitter sweet.”

“An appeal will be filed, this fight is not over,” she added.

Do you agree with the verdict?

Was justice served?

What’s a fair comeuppance for masticating vulva?

Share your thoughts.


  1. It sucks being a sexual predator AND a Democrat. Am waiting for the day when laws apply to Republicans.

  2. Thank you 🙋

  3. Tony Biancofiore

    For a crippled guy he can really motor on that walker …..what a complete fraud and scum bag …..now in jail he’s going to feel what and how he made those women feel …..after a few months in jail, he’s gonna have a hard time walking for real this time …..when they make his movie it’ll end with the deliverance banjo playing and then fading out…he’ll appreciate that banjo clip as a Hollywood producer for the effect at the finale of the movie

  4. Slutty Gold Diggers win again!!….poor old feller, better get use to Salami Pie

  5. Did they take him to Epstein’s cell?

  6. He should be put to death row or hung to death. If someone who rape or murdering someone. Should die Period.

  7. This man should be imprisoned for committing these crimes. But I’m also curious as to why these women would wait 3 decades to seek justice? Some of the claims sound like revenge. I’m just saying…💁💁


  9. Shove that Walker up his ass!!!

  10. “Squeal fat boy! Squeal like a pig!”
    -Weinstein’s future cellmate

  11. It’s only a GAME,he will get out in less than 6 months.GUARANTEED

  12. Joseph Freeman

    Wow 80 women accused him
    70 have accused trump
    40 have accused bloomberg.
    We need accountability

  13. Qanon Douglas Silver

    Weinstein will be worth alot of money in prison!! He will be raped continuously!! He raped, so he’ll get raped!! Before the month is up, he’ll be the Prison Prostitute or the Cell Block Slut!! They are gonna hurt that boy, guard’s better watch him closely!!

  14. Lock his brother up too.

  15. A rich and powerful man went to jail? Maybe there is hope for America after all.

  16. Now all Child Molesters need to be Hunted Down, Tortured and Brutally Killed..

  17. Come on, Oprah….we need a surviving Harvey Weinstein. We need a movement to stop his movies from being played just like R. Kelly’s music, right??

  18. Surviving Weinstein

    where the fuck is oprah?

  19. HARVEY WEINSTEIN I KNEW IT! Chest pain my ass, he’s suffering from JAILITIS…I wonder if he would be go to MDC I Hear they have a OPENING!!! My son & I watching I saw the footage of him going in and I told my son this would happen… I just saw on my twitter that I WAS RIGHT ! Harvey Weinstein rushed to Hospital after verdict of GUILTY…


  21. Nutty Chocolate

    Finally justice has been served.

  22. He will be dead within a year like all the others

  23. Meanwhile his lawyers claim that the fights not over. In other words, Whilst Weinstein can pay us money, we as lawyers will continue to create pain and anguish for his victims. His Lawyers should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. He was framed

  25. Ruthless Lover

    you know times are bad when a nigga can go to jail for eatin pussy smh

  26. This Dude must have a wicked case of the shits right about now

  27. He looks like a dead rat

  28. Based on lies!! Disgrace of the american justice system

  29. His attorneys are giving him false hope. He’s in prison for the rest of his life. He’s never getting out for any reason.

    Since Harvey is such a horn dog, he should be thrilled a weekend is coming up. All the ugly old Dukes of NY like escape from NY are horned up in prison. Seems to me Harvey will have taken it up the arse a few times by Monday. His fans should think in terms of sending lube for the prostate for those nightly gangbangs. jmo

  30. Macaroniii&Cheese

    Oh he’ll go to a private prison.

  31. Randy Rodriguezvelasquez

    He’s a Democrat and serial rapist he pride himself on women of Hollywood for.a long time and they let him have his way with the elites and now it’s time to clean Hollywood of the next dark secret (pedophiles) I will never again support Hollywood.

  32. Bullshit.
    Those bitches wanted fame, they knew what they we’re doing. They no doubt got money for it and more. 😛

  33. This is horrible what he did. But how many women advanced in their career cause of this. I feel like they knew what they were getting into when they went to his room but were willing to do whatever it took to move up in their career.

  34. How many people get to go hospital after conviction

  35. I want proof that he had chest pains

  36. A crusty face, a limp in his walk, fat and disgusting….yeah I can see why so many beautiful women desired his affection 😒

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