Child Arrest Video: Black police officer terminated after ‘busting’ a 6-year-old

Turner fired after he arrested 6-year-old Kaia/Photo: St. Lucia News

Cop got fired for arresting a child. 

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ORLANDO — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to former police officer Dennis Turner who was fired after he arrested 6-year-old Kaia Rolle for throwing a paroxysm in class. The imbecilic ordeal took place last September at a charter school in Orlando, Florida. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows Turner and another cop placing handcuffs on Kaia as she cried in resistance. “What are those for?” she asked. “They’re for you,” Turner replied.

Seconds later, Kaia went off. “Help me! Help me!” she pleaded. “I don’t want to go in a police car. Please give me a second chance.” Rather than cut the kid a break, Turner transported Kaia to a juvenile detention center where she posed for a mugshot and had her fingerprints taken.

No bullsh*t.

Kaia was also charged with misdemeanor battery for kicking a teacher.

Turner told school administrators he’s effectuated more than 6,000 arrests in his career which includes a 7-year-old. The incompetent negro was terminated on the spot. The second cop was “exonerated” after an “investigation revealed that he notified his supervisor multiple times about concerns with the arrest but was never given instruction not to proceed with the prisoner transport.”

The battery charge against Kaia was ultimately dropped. “I can’t think of any reason to ever arrest a 6-year-old child,” said Jeff Kaye, president of California-based School Safety Operations Inc.

Turner has a disturbing history.

He once sent threatening text messages to his ex-wife and he’s been accused of racial profiling.

Look, it’s not easy being a cop.

But officers like Turner make it paradoxical.

The n*gga is a disgrace and he’s undeserving of a badge and gun.

Watch the ridiculous video.

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  1. she is just a little baby girl! Why! Why!!

  2. Land of the free, home of the brave 😂👍

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t there let me chill,🤬

  4. I’m amazed both of these cops haven’t been hospitalized yet…

  5. God bless ‘Murica … 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Carlos Spiceywhiener

    is kicking someone an arrestable offence? I had no idea.

  7. that girl is now forever Traumatized

  8. Vince Tagliano

    I hope this girl learned a valuable lesson. Kicking teachers is unacceptable and you WILL pay a price if you conduct yourself that way.

  9. Is that a black cop arresting a six year old girl for throwing tantrums??

  10. Snake Plissken

    Where are the parents?

    Why are the parents not notified prior to their child being taken to jail?

  11. Pigs

  12. Arthur Clements

    Yeah…there has to be a way to deal with this better. She’s 6. I want cops chasing dangerous people not a six year old girl. Maybe female officers and maybe no cuffs? There has to be a better way.

  13. Bojan Malinović

    American democracy at work…

  14. swedishpenispump

    She had what was coming to her. The handcuffs are to send a message obviously its not because they think she’s an actual threat. KICKING a teacher is inexcusable behavior unless it’s in self defense which it wasn’t. She will never kick a teacher again. Well done officers I’m sorry you have to deal with this entitled mindset people have. Don’t kick someone trying to give your kids an education. It’s quite simple.

  15. What did the teacher do to be kicked?

  16. Chris Shackleford

    Some will call it a valuable lesson and others will call it wrong. Policy is anyone in the back must be cuffed. It doesn’t say unless they are 6 years old. Personally I think the child being arrested and taken to jail (or to Juvie) is wrong. The parent should have been called and allowed to make the transport. The officer wasn’t mean. But he scared the daylights out of the little girl. Will this be a forever trauma experience or a valuable lesson learned? Depends on who you are I guess.

  17. I’m sure if it was a white girl he wouldn’t have handcuffed her

  18. Fishron the Shark

    Damn I feel so protected and served

  19. Disgusting

  20. If that was a white police officer the comments would be hella racist right now 😂😂😂🙄

  21. Oh now she wanna cry.

  22. Henry Birtcher

    People do NOT blame the police officer because I heard about it on the news and the officer should be credited for this!!

    Don’t judge me as harsh but the officer has a right to arrest the little girl because she went off at her teacher in a violent/aggressive manor!!

  23. This is despicable.

  24. If the six year old girl was white the world might never knew

  25. Skylar Thompson

    Now they arresting kids?! Good lord, what is wrong with the people of this country???

  26. Johanna Hidalgo

    This only happens to minorities, can’t u see with your own eyes??? This is so much beyond disgusting that it’s impossible to watch…. I wonder who would really charge a 6yr.old girl and actually enforcing an arrest, I’d refuse even if I’d loose my job, foc them!!! U want more trump???😔

  27. Why didn’t he just taser her and leave it at that? That seems to be the normal police procedure.

  28. This shows the very stupidity of our country. This is a child and all she did was kick a teacher! Yes it’s wrong but she is 6! When I was six, boys in my class used to kick the teachers all the time. She was literally asking for a second chance! She will be traumatized for the rest of her life!

  29. I dont see the problem. She was psychically abusive to teachers. So the police gave her a “scare”. bet she doesnt do it again.

  30. Who called the police in the first place !

  31. Ricardo Falconi

    So this is the land of freedom and respect for human rights? And in the other hand this same country tries to make China look like a concentration camp at all cost and with ridiculous and deceptive information, poor Americans don’t realize they have been living in a concentration camp for years…

  32. Soldier of most high army

    America the land of the free and the brave.🤥

  33. Chrissy Stewart

    What The Heck arresting a 6 year it doesn’t make any sense They should call the parents use comment sense Florida need to change the law . if a child have AD HD any type of Disability giving hard times in school should call the parents not the police. This is messed up this have to end too painful for me to watch I don’t want this to happen to somebody’s disabled child I’m 💔 I’m 😡 don’t that no more This little girl don’t deserved this

  34. Nobody hates black people more than black people.

  35. Nikki Thompson

    This is absolutely disgusting!!! Every. Single. ADULT. That allowed this to happen should be ashamed of themselves, and those that requested it should be sued. There is NO way a tantrum couldn’t have been handled differently. UNACCEPTABLE and UNBELIEVABLE. 😡🥺

  36. Johnathan Patrick

    How disgusting. The solution for a 6 year old girl having a tantrum in school is placing her in handcuffs and putting her in a police car. And that solves what, exactly?! 😡😡😠😠 How about contacting her mother and father first??!! And someone correct if I misspeak, but doesn’t that officer have to get permission from his superiors in addition??!! For God’s sake, why?! And whoever called the cops to have this on body camera footage ought to be ashamed of themselves, too. I swear, common sense ain’t so common anymore. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😡😡😠😠

  37. that police officer will be giving me 12 rounds of boxing if that was my little girl

  38. Denise Williams

    The school needs to pay for this as well. 😢😢😱😱

  39. restlessthotz on Twitter

    As always, black people oppressing other black people. Story of our race. When we start taking responsibility for the deplorable state we’ve landed ourselves in, we’ll begin to emancipate ourselves as a race.

  40. So this is America the worst country on the planet earth.

  41. From these comments I guess the teacher was supposed to let herself get attacked everyday. The girl wasn’t hurt. The officer was gentle. The other children also have the right to a peaceful classroom.

  42. Ashley Singleton

    She will NEVER kick a teacher again.

  43. The beautiful squad Period

    My heart is broken, and I’m very😡.


  45. OrchtraMag Queenundra

    Man They Need Their Azzes Stomped Including ThoSs Responsible At The School!!!

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