Hot Ones: Will Ferrell still on fire

Ferrell struggles with Hot Ones challenge/Photo: First We Feast

Will Ferrell talks theater & more. 

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LOS ANGELES — Will Ferrell joined “First We Feast” host Sean Evans on the latest episode of “Hot Ones” to answer questions for 20 minutes while masticating a plate of scorching hot wings. The 52-year-old thespian was trepidatious from the outset. “I enjoy spicy good, to an extent,” said a nervous Ferrell as he took a seat. “I do have a very active ulcer right now, I don’t know if that will be an issue.” Here’s some highlights: Ferrell was asked to elucidate his decision to shun Twitter after just 4 days of usage.

“I was tweeting about something, promoting some charity event I was gonna do and people were like, ‘That’s not what Twitter is for, STOP!” he recalled. “I got shouted off Twitter.”

Ferrell also said Shaquille O’Neal is the funniest athlete he’s ever collaborated with on “Saturday Night Live,” telling Sean: “We did a sketch, you can find it online, it was cut for time but we did a sketch where … I was in footie pajamas and the cast was picking on me and Shaq came over and shooed em all away and proceeded to sing a song called ‘No One Hurts My Little Man.’ It was very bizarre.”

Ferrell wrapped up the Q&A segment with thoughts on his new film “Downhill.”

Do you think he regrets appearing on the show?

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  1. Should have asked him about the videos he made with his daughter, Pearl.

  2. Flores Graphics

    It’s nice to see this side of Will 🤍

  3. Eminem or Ryan Reynolds on this show would be 👍

  4. he is so scared

  5. I Really Mean That

    Fuck Yess.

  6. That was pretty boring. Not to disrespect Will Ferrell for all the charity he’s done, etc, but he’s not incredibly funny (outside of Elf).

  7. The most chill and open I have seen Will Ferrell. No mind-blowing responses or questions but to see a comic built on manic energy and bold action slowed down was worth every minute.

    Hot Ones, keep it coming!

  8. Even though they’re doing such a ‘ridiculous’ task, Sean always asks the best questions in the most sincere manner and I never would’ve thought Will Ferrell was such a gentle-speaking kind of guy. I love this!

  9. Julie Rodriguez

    We need drake on here

  10. We need Dave Chapelle on here that would make for the funniest episode ever

  11. This is got to be one of the best interview shows out there. I just started watching about 2 years ago I’ve binged through all of them, it’s crazy to see how far the show has come in such a short time. Sean Evans does a great job keep up the good work

  12. kyle Celentano

    I would love to see MIKE TYSON!!!

  13. Get Ronda Rousey she already said she would love to be on the show 😂🔥

  14. Will Ferell🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  15. not the best episode

  16. Alena De los santos

    Seth Greene would be an interesting interview!!!!

  17. Louis The Child

    We don’t deserve Will Ferrell

  18. Azrael śmierć

    Have they ever used dave’s insanity sauce? That shits dope

  19. Jose Luis Berumen

    At the end he looks traumatized.

  20. OMG. I love this show so much!

  21. Armando Morales

    TYSON FURY! He’ll eat the bones as well….

  22. refined cigarette

    Is it me or does will seem a bit arrogant ?

  23. We need to see ellen degeneres on here!!!!


  25. Trebor Ironwolfe

    Will asks, “So, what kind of stuff is in this sauce anyway?”
    Sean replies, “Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy.”

  26. Like spicy food but dont like the discomfort of it all…. I’d be the absolute worst guest… sweat snot and tears flowing.. I’ll be the first to say… I’m glad I’ll never be famous…

  27. Eimen Hamzaoui

    Wanna see Steve Harvey in this

  28. Brett Van Boven

    Holy shit! I watched that SNL bit with Shaq and was god damn crying. It’s really too bad that didn’t make it to air.

  29. Invite Eminem, 2 Chains, G Eazy, Ice Cube, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brian, Obama, Paul Banks, Brad Pit, Corey Taylor, Randy Blythe. Get some real guests!!

  30. Im impressed he held up alot longer then I thought, lmao😂😂💪🏻👍🏼!!

  31. dont kid around when coronavirus is going to kill us all

  32. Top 3 guests I would love to see on this..

    1. Dwayne Johnson
    2. Keanu Reeves
    3. Robert Downy Jr.

  33. Will: I immediately regret this decision.

  34. I always fast forward all the videos until they reach “ The Boom” then I start watching 👍🥵

  35. not as much as he will regret it next time he takes a shit

  36. Help me baby jesus this shit is hot im on fire

  37. Will Ferrell is a talentless baby-eating Satanist.
    He is the unfunniest comedian on earth.

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