Public Enemy fires Flavor Flav amid beef stemmin’ from Bernie Sanders campaign

Flavor Flav has beef with Chuck D and Bernie Sanders/Getty Images

Public Enemy says “goodbye” to Flav. 

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LOS ANGELES — They used to “Fight the Power.” Now they’re belabouring each other. Flavor Flav is no longer a member of Public Enemy. That’s because the group has decided to ostracize his crusty black ass. Flav was jettisoned Sunday night after he issued a cease-and-desist missive to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for incorporating his image and likeness into a damn campaign rally. All hell broke loose when Sanders disseminated a promotional banner that shows him holding a microphone to the sky with the idiom “Fight the Power” at the top.

Team leader Chuck D is an avid supporter of Sanders so a severance was inevitable. The hip hop posse released the following communiqué: “Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav. We thank him for his years of service and wish him well.”

The disbandment is hardly a surprise. Flav and Chuck have been beefin’ for years; ever since the 60-year-old rapper sued Public Enemy in 2017 for royalties, merchandise earnings and emolument he claims belongs to him. Are you disheartened by the break up? Can the group survive without Flav?

Do you envision an armistice?

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    Flavor Flav? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Chuck D just became an Uncle Tom .

  3. Sanders is public enemy to the large majority of voters.

  4. Flav, you don’t them anyway. Entertainers endorsing socialist candidates is the kiss of death, for both the entertainer and the candidate. On a side note, why does Snoop hang out with Martha Stewart ?

  5. Chuck D sold out to da man. What is the world coming too

  6. Don’t believe the hype! Chuck used to fight against the very system he now supports.

  7. Bernie pandering for the bl*ck vote. He’ll have country music performers on his next trip to the south to get the white southerners.

  8. Obey the Walrus, Sr

    This is all about politics. Flav has always been a republican and he is a trump supporter. Chuck D cant handle that it allowed politics to ruin their partnership. No difference than families breaking up over this.

  9. How do ya fire a founding member?

  10. BoochieDestroyer

    So he gets kicked out because he doesn’t want to suck up to chuck’s favorite candidate. Seems kinda fascist

  11. this is like a hamburger without the meat

  12. List of people that Bernie Sanders has lifted out of poverty:

    1. Bernie Sanders

  13. Who’d of though Flava Flav would be the smart one of the group.

  14. This a sucka move by PE to me, joining up with any of these candidates, they’re all trash to me. First Snoop had to bow down, now PE is endorsing an old white politician with a suspect history to put it kindly when it comes to people of color. The next thing you know Ice – T will be playing a cop on TV. Oh where have you gone NWA.

  15. Flava Flav should think about using sun screen…

  16. I’m sorry but Mr. Flav received the ugly genes, probably from both parents, like Chelsea Clinton.

  17. Bathhouse Barry Hussein Obama

    Flavor Flav should wear a Computer or a 50 inch flat screen TV around his neck.

  18. HiliThinkSmart

    So this is how Public Enemy is Fighting The Power nowadays by firing their own members? This cancelled culture has gotten out of hand.

  19. michael gaspard

    Flav IS Public Enemy! Chuck can eat a bag of 🍆s.

  20. Herewegoagain!

    A black screwing over another black, wow didn’t see that one coming.

  21. Seminole Nathan

    LOL ChuckD drops Flavor Flav for an 80 year old white millionaire. Fight the power!

  22. So Bernie’s now down with killing police, violence against women, and of course, the selling of poison to inner city youth.

  23. Public enemy without flavor flav is like a PB&J minus the peanut butter.

  24. I’m just happy to still be alive when Public Enemy is actually affecting a Presidential Campaign! Seriously. This is great news. 2020 is cooler than I ever expected.
    Maybe Flava Flav is also recovering from his disappointment about Mayor Pete dropping out? 😢🤔🙂

  25. Good riddance!!

  26. tony jones-clark

    Having Public Enemy without Flavor Flav is like having Kid without Play(Kid N Play)!!!

    It’s TOO late NOW CHUCK!!!

  27. I hope this works out. Chuck D sent out a tweet today of some artwork with him and Flavor. Maybe a sign they’ve patched things up.
    Also, I’m disappointed by the results. Joe Biden? Really America? You voted for a senile old man that suffers from Alzheimers as your favorite for President? Watch some of his recent videos. He barely knows where he is half the time, he lies about being in historical events, and other times he can’t speak properly. Wake the fuck up!! VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS. If he doesn”t win the nominee, I’m officially giving up hope that Americans will ever stop being stupid. The guy wants to give you free health care, decent wages and end the military industrial complex and you vote for the same neoliberal corporate democrats that lost to Trump!? What the fuck is wrong with you people!??

  28. Hmmm, never thought of Chuck D being the crazy one 🤔🤔

  29. Ms. Birmingham

    I don’t agree with Chuck D on this. Flav has every right not to desire to be associated with a political candidate; and Chuck should have respected that. If he wanted to support Bernie he could have done so as Chuck D., not in the name of Public Enemy. I can’t throw my support behind ANY cause on behalf of my job or use its image, logo or likeness without its full support and collaboration.

  30. Advancing years have addled Chuck’s brain. All politicians are psychopaths. All politicians will continue to provide the US prison industry with an endless supply of blacks, Mexicans and other minorities.

  31. Chuck sold his soul to a 78yr old socialist Jew with a bad ♥ 🙃🤢

  32. This is Chuck second time doing this. He also put Professor Griff out.

  33. Fuck Flavor trump supporting flav

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