Maia Campbell has hit rock bottom, seen “prostituting” outside Texaco gas station

Maia Campbell has hit rock bottom/Lionel B Show, YouTube

Maia Campbell is seen prostituting. 

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ATLANTA — “Cocaine is a hell of a drug!” Maia Campbell has struggled with drug addiction and mental health issues for years. But it appears she’s finally hit rock bottom. Maia, who starred alongside LL Cool J in the ’90s television sitcom “In the House,” was recently spotted working as a prostitute outside a Texaco gas station near Atlanta. Must be some desperate negroes in the dirty south because that’s one filthy vulva. A concerned chick descried the toothless Fille de joie soliciting on multiple occasions.

The woman shared their pitiful encounter on Facebook with her followers. “Although [Maia] is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs, she always seemed so out of place to me,” the lady wrote.

“In person, she still has remnants of her old self and she definitely has a glow of beauty that stands out amongst the rest of the usual crackheads and prostitutes that frequent the store daily. I told her that I would never give her any of my money 🙅🏿‍♀️to support her habit, but I would start bringing her food and some of my old clothes so she wouldn’t be down completely… out there in these streets. I also told her that if she ever felt like she was in danger and needed a place to lay her head from time to time [or] to protect herself from the harsh weather, she could contact me. The look in her eyes was priceless. The deadness in her eyes lit up briefly and she kissed me on my forehead and said ‘God bless you my beautiful queen’ as she stored my number in her phone.❤ I’m not sure what God has in store for any of us, but I want to request for all of my social media friends to pray for Ms. Maia Campbell.”

Words well spoken.

The only part that raised eyebrows was when she offered Maia a place to stay.

Street Rule No. 1 — Never let a crackhead spend the night.

You’ll wake up and all your sh*t will be gone.

Not sure what pushed Maia over the edge. But she was once a prepossessing talent blessed with a family and an acting career. The 43-year-old thespian married Elias Gutierrez in 1998. Two years later, they gave birth to a daughter — Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez — and, sadly, that’s where the good times end.

Maia lost her mind in 2002 then got hooked on narcotics. Her refusal to seek therapy led to a messy divorce. Elias was subsequently awarded full custody of Elizabeth. Then, to compound matters, Maia’s mother — Bebe Moore Campbell — died from brain cancer in 2006 and it’s been downhill ever since.

Rapper T-Hood was lambasted on social media for filming Maia’s labefaction.

The Atlanta artist showed no contrition despite the junkie’s poor psychological state.

“Y’all n*ggas would not be mad if I posted a white girl,” said T-Hood in an Instagram video.

“If I would have ran into muthaf*ckin’ Hillary Duff [Lizzy McGuire] and she was asking for crack and sucking d*ck at the gas station for money [and] crack, I would have posted her too. [Maia has] been on the block for years. We [already know] this b*tch. She’s been doing dumb sh*t… This ain’t no mental disorder. This b*tch is just high as f*ck!”

Maia appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” a few years ago but nothin’ got fixed.

She also spurned succor from LL Cool J.

Let’s pray Maia gets her act together and fast.

It’s really a damn shame.

Watch her crackhead episodes.

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  1. Sad 😥

  2. Heart breaking for any woman💔. It’s sad to see what drugs do to PEOPLE .. no one is the exception to the rules😖. I hate drugs😞🥺😩

  3. My Lord she needs help. Refusing help is futile.

  4. Poor girl . Mental illness is the worst

  5. Damn I feel bad 😞

  6. Damn girl, you need help take the help. Lord

  7. I wished Maia had a good husband to look after her and her baby. She needs protection.

  8. Maia Campbell the CRACKHEAD did it to herself. Black MEN don’t get sympathy when they have REGULAR difficulties NOT brought on by SMOKING CRACK. So let these belligerent black women SUFFER for once.

  9. Sasha Alexander

    She still is beautiful

  10. This breaks my heart. Poor girl. Praying for you Maia! ❤️🙏🏽

  11. I Never Knew Her Mom Was Author Bebe Moore Campbell

  12. My heart just broke. What happened?? Seriously. What the hell did life throw at her?

  13. Damn man😢😢😢 so sad

  14. trussell davis

    I had a huge crush on her especially when I see her in that movie trippin,

  15. Bless you child💯💯

  16. 🌺 Queen Saffron🌺

    Did LL Cool j Her?

  17. Maliek Jackson

    Once she gets cleaned she can have her own reality show

  18. dariana bissette

    This is so sad 😢

  19. Damn demons are real tho….I pray for her

  20. hate to say it. but she’s finished.

  21. Man, I choked up when I saw her liked this!!!

  22. This is far from funny it’s sad and the person filming is low down.

  23. Let’s just call it what it is, this once beautiful young lady was once a part of HOLLYWOOD enough said.

  24. jazzy the gamer

    father in heaven, please save this once beautiful lady, what a shame😔


    So after iyanla she got worse rather than better? And iyanla hasn’t stayed in touch with her.. So that was for show! Because she was good friends with maia’s mom so she still should be checking on her.

  26. The man in the video is the most disgusting person ever to exist. Fucking piece of shit. She’s going through a drug addiction and a mental bi polar condition. She has a excuse for what her behavior is. But for him you can not cure ignorance, stupidity, low life to Society looking for fame at any cost bastard like himself.

  27. So..So ..sad .. May God touch her to get cleaned of the drugs ..😢🙏

  28. Heart breaking for any woman💔. It’s sad to see what drugs do to PEOPLE .. no one is the exception to the rules😖. I hate drugs😞🥺😩

  29. What happened to her teeth

  30. Dickum N Lickum

    First thing she needs to do is get there sorry ass opportunists like that motherfucker behind the camera out her life and get in touch with a real mental health professional. Them fuckboys just see her as a cash cow to line their pockets with. If LL had’ve thrown her a benefit concert, them niggas would’ve took the bag and left her crying and broke.

  31. Go watch the movie Trippin she was one of the most beautiful black women on T.V.

  32. steven richards

    Mental illness is a terrible thing ! But that dude is just showing how black men abuse women and laugh about it .

  33. I cant believe he recorded this and posted it to the internet! Asking, do you want some powder or some crack? Pump my gas???! For real?
    She said she got raped, he wore a condom and the dick was good. Oh my Lord

  34. I did not know she had a little girl. Seeing that broke my heart. I can relate to her losing her mother. I lost mine in 2004. Seeing that video just now broke my ❤. I pray that she does the help she needs.

  35. Tye Nejayla Hearns

    None of this is funny she is so hurting cant u hear what she is saying she is in real pain over her mom and daughter… MY GOD the world is so cruel … Maybe that man is the one who beat her tooth out and he def knows her she talking she gonna get beat up now that was asking for help

  36. Cleopatra Penny

    This is soooooo sad. Unfortunately, a lot of child stars go through this. The industry does this.

  37. These photos are old as in years ago. Who ever posting this garbage needs to stop and allow her to heal. She’ll never heal properly if ignorant ass people keep bring up this mess. Get a life people. Stop destroying someone’s life instead help build it.

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