Transgender teen Jazz Jennings is ‘finally’ Harvard bound after weird, lengthy delay

Jazz Jennings is attending Harvard/Photo:

Jazz Jennings is Harvard bound. 

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BOSTON — Jazz Jennings is finally going to Harvard! Nearly a year after garnering her acceptance letter, the transgender celeb has decided to enroll in classes pronto on the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus. The “I Am Jazz” star made the pronouncement last Wednesday via Instagram with a photo of herself standing in front of a butterfly mural in Harvard Yard. The pic contains the caption: “After a tough decision, I decided Harvard would be the best home for me. I am so proud to be a part of the Crimson Family and excited to be starting on campus soon!”

“I can’t wait to spread my wings and fly at Harvard🦋❤️!” she added

Fan reaction was mostly congratulatory. Jazz’s brother, Sander, even gave his two cents with an inspirational Instagram communiqué. “Continue spreading your wings and radiating a positive light on everyone around you,” he wrote. “I am so excited for you to begin your time at Harvard ❤️.”

If you recall, Jazz was supposed to register Fall semester 2019. But, due to mental health issues, she decided “to take a break before starting at Harvard.” Prior to making a decision, Jazz ruminated offers from Princeton and Pomona College. The ambivalent 19-year-old plans to major in philosophy, gender and religion. “I feel like there’s a lot in store for me at Harvard and I’m really excited,” she said.

Jazz has already undergone gender confirmation surgery which means her phallus is gone.

She’s 100 percent woman.

Are you happy for Jazz?

Does she belong in the Ivy League?

Share your thoughts.


  1. just another educational scam – there is no way this boy earned grades to get into any school, he is PAYING his way into Harvard and he knows he can’t do the work to be successful, he’s entire lifestyle is about being lazy and not accountable or responsible.

  2. miss granny Smith apple

    Jazz looks like a man with makeup. Period . Strong jawline.
    looks like a man in drag .. Period.

  3. Wasn’t she failing high school? The episode I saw she was trying to get homeschooled and was saying school was too stressful lol now she’s going to Harvard???

  4. Sickening

  5. has she got her new coochie smashed yet?

  6. Christopher Wilson

    U are a strong young woman! U are mighty! U are an intelligent brave young woman the spirt of depression will leave! Don’t never give up your dream of going to Harvard University! U can do anything u put your mind to it! Stay strong and be encourage!

  7. Of course ‘she’ has mh issues. She is a HE

  8. It is a freak it needs to attend a mental institution not a college

  9. Teresa Clemmons


  10. Fat little boy

  11. She is smart to take some time for herself to really get a handle on what she wants to do going forward.

  12. Rickey Ferguson

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with jazz. It’s evident that she had no intention of going to college and guaranteed she is not deferring it, she’s stalling. She is never going to college anywhere. She’s spoiled and pampered and always got her way. She also admitted that she’s lazy. She can just bring on the tears and pulls the depression card and gets her way. Grow up jazz, you are a beautiful adult woman. Stop being a spoiled child. Do you how many kids would love to have that opportunity? Don’t piss all over it.

  13. Many people suffer from depression…….chin up Jazz this will pass sweetheart💕

  14. He is not that smart how did he get into harvard?

  15. Gregory Hebebrand

    So now he’s going to Harvard… Good luck with that..

  16. Chris Townsend

    This is a true show of bad parents who did not do thier jobs as parents!!! I love everyone and if you are gay be gay!! But cutting your body up is crazy and I don’t think it’s right under any servomechanism!!! I think jazz needs to think before destroying his body!!!💯🔨👍🏻🎼🏈🍀💡🙏🙏🎄and yes he is a boy!!!!

  17. Mr Neil Dennis

    Big suicide risk!

  18. Right
    She makes it into Harvard

  19. The Crowned Clown

    What an interesting young man, asserting himself as a woman. The world is entertaining.

  20. He will make millions based off of what HE represents. Then, suicide watch..I’m not sorry to say the truth.

  21. What the fuck is this male or female.

  22. Jazz Jennings is a castrated MALE.

  23. proof Harvard is a “image” school and has nothing to do with hard work and intelligence.

  24. It’s a fucking he. What’s wrong with these people.

  25. David Vanpatten

    It’s money and fame that’s getting him in. I’m so sick of this jazz thing

  26. jazz’s mother – I don’t want her to go to California for college –“she ” is not mentally stable
    Also Jazz’s mother – you can mutilate your gentiles , castrate yourself, permanently change your hormonal structure and never have biological children —I trust your decision

  27. I feel bad for Jazz. She’s going to an ivy league college that’s known for their conservatism, she’ll be completely out of her element there.

    Jazz wanted to go to a much more liberal/laidback college in California, and have a fun college experience. But her parents had to pressure her into going to Harvard, not because she can’t get a decent education at Pamona, but because Harvard looks better on a resume.

    I’m worried that if Jazz goes to Harvard, she’s gonna get severely bullied, and she’s gonna spend the majority of her time combating transphobes with trans activism rather than having a normal college experience.

  28. So many negative comments

  29. I am against transitioning children. But come on people, Jazz is a victim. A lot of people here act like they can’t wait for Jazz to commit suicide. If anything, you should feel sorry for Jazz. Imagine what this is going to do in the long run.

  30. The fact that his parents have allowed him to mutilate his body and encouraged his mental illness is extremely irresponsible of them

  31. Harvard has become JUCO overnight….. hahahahaha!

  32. guys if she is happy, then good on her. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s her life, it doesn’t affect you (or me!) and i’m glad she feels more comfortable now. 🙂 have a nice day 🙂

  33. What is Wrong With This Man Trying To Change Who He Is It’s He Your Born A Male You Are A Male That’s it End of No Such Thing as a Thrid Gender It’s Bullshit

  34. The exploitation of this young MAN is disgusting to say the least. Jazz, you are a young man, your sick parents should be arrested for child endangerment

  35. Disgusting thing!

  36. The world is sick😬

  37. Who gives a shit what this freak is doing?

  38. I am sorry if this sounds like a hate comment but if she is allowed to be transgender and others can be apart of the LGBTQ community then religion should be allowed in schools! If we can have clubs in schools that allow LGBTQ people to express who they are then religious people should be able to express who they are by having religious clubs in schools!! See People of the LGBTQ community don’t like the people that are religious but people that are religious are supposed to just be okay with them expressing themselves in schools knowing they can’t express how they feel about their values and beliefs! Both should be able to express who they are! Freedom of religion is in our first amendment not being part of LGBTQ not trying to be mean to the LGBTQ community but if this country is about freedom and following our amendments that we have in place then we need to follow them! First Amendment Freedom of Religion and speech and the press.

  39. Jazz is a beautiful young woman, she is not a he or a boy. I’ve loved following her & her family’s life experience. Harvard accepted her, now let her be her best self without the bullying.

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