Hot Ones: Margot learns her lesson while masticating big plate of spicy ‘hot wings’

Margot struggled to ingest spicy hot wings/Photo: First We Feast

Margot learned a very spicy lesson. 

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LOS ANGELES — Margot Robbie joined the list of sacrificial lambs to make an appearance on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” to answer questions for 20 minutes while masticating a plate of scorching hot wings. The Australian beauty sat across from “First We Feast” host Sean Evans to discuss her new film “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.” As anticipated, Margot was apprehensive from the outset and, like many before her, she really struggled to ingest her allotment of red-hot poultry.

“I’ve never eaten anything this spicy,” said a teary Margot before guzzling a cold glass of H2O. “My lips are burning.” As the sauces got progressively hotter, so did her reactions. Margot even popped off a few expletives. “Oh my f*cking God,” she proclaimed after nibbling a hot wing saturated in “Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity” sauce, which owns a Scoville hotness rating of 135,600 heat units.

“I think I might die. Holy sh*t!”

Margot was joined by cast members for the last wing.

Spoiler Alert: They appear to handle the challenge better than she did.

Watch the hilarious chinwag.

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  1. Blaine McGovern

    Margo is such a cutie and a trooper too, i’m proud of her, she stuck it out with the best of em, mad respect for this woman in everything she does!

  2. She’s so hot

  3. This woman is so damn attractive…………..I can’t find a flaw in her appearance. She’s really smart too.

  4. Margot: “I think I’m gonna die.”

    Da Bomb strikes again!

  5. Roman Korvinus

    she ain’t got anything to worry about, there’s more fire in her britches than in her mouth.

  6. Guntag Barghelm

    I already admired Margot for her beauty and poise, but after this show, I admire her more for her personality and persistence. Well done, you Bogan from Australia.

  7. She’s distractingly gorgeous

  8. Hannah Vinagre

    She seemed more comfortable with having convulsions from holding her breath than confronting her fear of eating spicy food… 🥴

  9. Sean: “Rather appropriately, this sauce is from Australia” – Margot: “Oh, wonderful” —— laugh

  10. Margot is so classy , she ask before doing anything even drinking water 😂

  11. I’ve always thought Margot was hot, but (and I’m a little embarrassed to say this) my mouth literally watered when I heard her speak in her normal accent.

  12. Chad Bednarczyk

    The most legit honest reaction to da bomb ever… lmao… The second you see a beautiful women become honest real and down to earth as it gets lmao.

  13. This is the bravest thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like I should see her movie out of respect.

  14. Barry Allender

    Stop eating that stuff! You’re going to wear your tummy out..

  15. “Stick spicy food up her butt”

  16. dont give a fck about questions, just wanted see Margot, iam a simple guy

  17. Margot is the first person to eat wings and still look attractive

  18. Kyle Mccarraher

    He’s literally having a date with her. She took her clothes off too.

  19. Margot you’re a beast. Proud of u for getting through to the end!! ✋🏻🤚

  20. I like how she says “Spicy” instead of “Hot”

  21. I don’t know if I’m ready to see Margot in pain

  22. one of the shittiet eipisodes ever. its just a commercial

  23. Chance Carlson

    I love Margot robbie but birds of prey was garbage.

  24. Margot is SO hot 👍😍

  25. nawaf Al-mdrrk


  26. Garrett Haskett

    LOL, her Co-star eating the 2 hottest wings: “this is really good!”

  27. A one bite chump. She sucked. Nice person, but she couldn’t handle this at all

  28. I’ve tried the bomb sauce and it’s unbelievably spicy so she did really well to go higher than that

  29. GOD! Can she get any hotter?!

  30. billymcnasty05

    Margot Robbie is just pure radiant beauty .

  31. Hot wings birds of prey just saying



  33. Gotta admit, thought she’d break and not finish because of how spicy she said it was at wing 3! Lol go Margot!!!

  34. First of all, let’s just agree that she is BRAVE as hell.
    Secondly, she’s adorable, she kept asking for Sean’s permission haha cute

  35. How does she still stay so fucking elegant while dying

  36. Shannon McCann

    I love that he gave her good, real, intellectual questions instead of the bullshit fashion questions she’s probably so used to.

  37. benjamin torres

    When she said oh my fucking god.. i laughed but was aroused 😂😂 plus the avengers music after

  38. Margot Robbie :” can i take my jacket off ”
    not a single non gay man, ever : no please don’t

  39. Margot Robbie Marry me plz

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