Gang Assault Video: 18 ruthless “thugs” pummeled 15-year-old girl in New York

Gang members stomped teenage girl/Photo: Col Live

Eighteen blacks assault teenager. 

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NEW YORK — Law enforcement officials in Brooklyn, New York are lookin’ to prosecute at least eighteen black dudes after they allegedly beat the hell out of a 15-year-old girl in broad daylight. The Rodney King-esque trouncing transpired Thursday afternoon on Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights. It was also captured on video. Raw footage shows a gang of thuggish malefactors taking turns stomping the poor girl as she laid helplessly on the ground.

Afterwards, the spineless miscreants purloined the victim’s cell phone, debit card and tennis shoes. It’s a damn shame. “She was bleeding like crazy,” said Anita Peavy who owns an electronics store where the bombardment took place. “We just tried to keep her calm and sitting there until the ambulance came.”

The girl is alive and she’s expected to make a full recovery.

Do you think a gang initiation was involved?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Black Lives are supposed to matter

  2. this is what popeyes chicken does to people

  3. This is a serious, disgusting event, But I wonder if she was wearing a MAGA HAT, which triggered this event.

  4. Michael Andrews

    N words.

  5. What exactly are they gonna get out of this sh*t? Smh🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. F*CKING COWARDS! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. long-time listener , first-time caller

    I wonder what she did to deserve that? 🤔

  8. These weak punks think they’re so big and tough ganging up on ONE 15-year-old GIRL. It only shows what useless cowards they are. Get a man for each of these cowards face to face, and I’ll guarantee they’d wet their pants and beg for mercy. Cowards never fight fair, and here’s the proof. I hope each and everyone of them get caught and sent to prison. We’ll see how tough they really are with inmates.

  9. This is shocking. I simply can’t believe a group of inner city black teens would do such a thing. Can you? 😏

  10. They might of found out it was actually a dude and not a real girl

  11. Charlie Charles

    where is BLM when u need em?

  12. Bunch of fucking worms, attacking a woman who was already on the ground. Fucking cowards.

  13. I could easily kill every one of those thugs and go to sleep like a baby…Let me see some shit like this go down and I’m popping some caps…

  14. Why why?!

  15. Y’all think y’all a gang for jumping a 15 year old girl 🤔 where tf y’all moms at ?

  16. These the type of bitches the cops need to shoot while they unarmed

  17. They’re lucky she’s alive and recovering. The sad part is she might have a harder time recovering mentally. It must have been terrifying as hell for her to be jumped by 18-20 boys like that. And then getting robbed on top of being beaten? How many people need to be a victim until someone does something?

  18. I am a black man and i ask does black LIVES still Matter.

  19. There must have been some motivation to this probably from the girl, stupid, but a girl can’t just be attacked by a gang of boys, free willy

  20. It’s a wonder she wasn’t killed omg

  21. If this were a group of white men, we would hear about this till our grandkids had babies.

  22. This is what happens when we stopped using the fucking belt if that was my daughter you would never see me coming fucking Low life scum bags 🤬

  23. where the fuck is blacks lives matter????

  24. For all the idiotic/racist comments asking where is Black Lives Matters now… There is a simple answer for your query. BLM is out
    fighting a Bigger more lethal Gang of Criminals, called the Police! Can we please stop with the dumb questions now!

  25. Definition. Of lil bitch ass niggas

  26. Results of ” I don’t need no man” single motherhood!!!

  27. It took all these young punk as Ni** as to attack one girl to get a cellphone battery. They all need to do some real serious time in jail.

  28. Nubian Princess

    I bet a dime half of them had no father present in the household

  29. These damn fools do not care about cameras 🎥 they are completely insane

  30. this is absolutely disgusting wtf is wrong with people i honestly wanna know what the girl did SO TERRIBLE that they had to do this shit to her..wth they do shit like this then complain and cry about police always staying on their ass..ugh..this is why people say “blacks are violent” etc. cause they do shit like this smhh get it together!

  31. I used to cry for all the black boys and men victimes of police brutality… I was in savior mode for my “black kings”. After seeing this video, plus the bus driver who split on a black mother’s face and all the videos of black men disrespecting black women online… Now I don’t care, please send these teen to jail, judge them as adults!

  32. Like a pack of Hyenas.

  33. Thank God my son didn’t grow up acting like this.If that would of been my son. .I would of beat and broke his legs when he got home.And I can not believe no one not one grown up stepped in and help that girl..people just keep walking .She was even beat in front of a work place .And no one came out to help her shame on all of them people.Dang right they would not of gotten away with that shit if I was their.

  34. Damn shame we need to police our own neighborhoods with our 9 mm and billystick by two men.We take care of that.🤔✊😡 Sorry for girl 😥 get well soon.❤️💯

  35. Everyone of those kids should be charged with attempted murder

  36. Pussiest shit I’ve ever seen

  37. Kimberley O'Connell

    They need to send those boys to prison!

  38. AuraHolyUltima 1981babyBABY

    Hi racists! I see you…

  39. To much Frosted

    Prayers 🥺🥺🥺

  40. What the fuck happen to this world

  41. walking by faith Mccollom

    That’s horrific to watch , what a rat pack mentalilty these young foolish boys had!! I know one of them has a sister, they all need a short prison stay in general population!! Heart breaking to watch!!!

  42. Alexander Henson

    Wonder what she did to deserve it

  43. The observer's

    If i was that girl i would like smack em all and then run to my house and call the police.

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