Saturday Night Live spoofs coronavirus “pandemic” with hilarious soap opera

SNL pokes fun at coronavirus pandemic/Photo: Will Heath, NBC

Saturday Night Live spoofs Coronavirus. 

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NEW YORK — The cast of “Saturday Night Live” poked a little fun at the coronavirus outbreak over the weekend with a “Sands of Modesto” soap opera that goes way overboard with precautions. Actors Daniel Craig and Kate McKinnon are farcical in maintaining a “social distance” to eschew contracting COVID-19 which entails the use of latex gloves and spritzing antiseptic on everything. Daniel also caresses Kate with a prosthetic arm from several feet away before nuzzling and kissing her through a sheet of Plexiglas. The panicky lovebirds partake in Saran Wrap copulation seconds later.

The non-contact sketch concludes with a Barbie Doll catfight and Daniel’s ex-wife (Cecily Strong) sneezing as Daniel and Kate seek an egress through the front door. Give SNL credit. Sometimes you gotta chortle to abnegate crying. But, to some, the coronavirus is hardly a laughing matter.

Dr. James Lawler, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, predicts 96 million Americans will become infected and 500,000 will die from the airborne pandemic. Keep in mind, the United States has a population of more than 300 million people. So he’s talking one third.


Dr. Lawler also said the elderly demographic will get hit the hardest.

Given the fact so many victims have died from the disease, was the skit performed in poor taste?

Watch the crazy soap opera.

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  1. Blond Cecily is so hawt she burned hole on my pants

  2. “Ahhhh, no, no, no, no, no.” AYYY LMAO.

  3. How is this show still on air hasn’t been funny for over a Decade now….

  4. Murphy Phillips

    How the fuck is modesto getting mentioned right now?????? This is so weird lol

  5. About as funny as watching paint dry. Yet people in the audience are laughing. Never underestimate the stupidity of the general population.

  6. A ratio of 4 white people to 1 black? Yea this is definitely Modesto.

  7. Manni Interrupted

    This was amazing! Much needed laugh.

  8. This is next level acting! OMG! This sketch is hilarious and so good! I would watch a whole season.

  9. Hahahahaha, people have died.

  10. Gretl Blickenstaff

    I will never look at any of these clips from Saturday night live again. “Have you read the Bible it’s weird?”… No no no The Bible is the word of God. So he was basically just saying that God was weird……… So if they want to choose to blaspheme God on their show? Then I will not ever be a part of it ever again….

  11. @Gretl Blickenstaff: Bye bye, crybaby bitch. Go clutch your bible while rocking yourself to sleep.

  12. greatboniwanker

    Remember to laugh; Thank you SNL!

  13. Creative Canvas

    The accuracy! This is so on point! 😂😂😂

  14. Can I please have Kate’s outfit thanks 😍

  15. Not funny At all .

  16. They’re making light of the situation but it’s unfathomable how the US will look in a week and how many lives will be lost in the world

  17. This is a great skit. LMAO!

  18. The Mellow Life

    When she sneezed at the end! 😂😂

  19. Coronavirus or not, Cecilys in a skirt!!!

  20. Charu Thammavaram

    Now this is f’in hilarious

  21. cecily been workin out

  22. Muhammad Umair

    Leave it to SNL for using something that has killed thousands of people in comedy. I wonder how the writer managed to pitch this successfully or what people thought when they approved it.

  23. Cihangir Çağatay

    ass bumps are the new handshake due to coronvirus

  24. i bought a bunch of bottled water and canned goods just in case

  25. Hilarious!!!

  26. ihavetotakeashit

    Where is the lefty outrage for SNL making light of the pandemic the Democrats want so bad to happen? Why is everyone so happy and laughing ? Why isn’t the audience booing and screaming in outrage , calling them children and whatever other words the left feels appropriate to call anyone on the right that even remotely says something in the wrong way about anything to do with this, where is the outrage?

  27. The Barbies were a good touch.

  28. MTB Mike & Sons

    Ok, I literally almost died from laughter. Thanks SNL for cheering up the world when everything is always so negative!

  29. Captain Awesome

    That ending made me almost piss myself laughing 😂😂😂

  30. With the corona outbreak going on it seems to me that nobody wants to touch each other ever again. I’m sorry to say this but no touching means: no love, no love means no relationship, no relationship means no bonding.

  31. Inside the Booth

    That was pretty funny. Is SNL getting better now?.. btw nothing beats John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.

  32. Robert Schultz

    Meanwhile, there have been 29,000 deaths from the regular flu this year.

  33. Bitch, this is Modesto!

  34. Best snl sketch in like for ever

  35. carolyn darley

    Dental Dams for the entire body..Genius!!

  36. Soppingwet Burgers

    Cecily Strong can get these 3 inches.

  37. Captain cluck Nugget

    Don’t think the making fun of the coronavirus is funny when people are losing their lives!!

  38. Bechloe is life

    I just- Died😆🤣

  39. Chanda O'Brien

    This was seriously one of the best sketches this season!!! Love it!!! 😂

  40. This is supposed to be funny?

  41. Kevin Gomolchak

    I’m sure this sketch will be funnier once people stop dying of Covid-19 and we’re all not terrified anymore.

  42. LMFAO right now. So funny!

  43. This Sketch is Ahead of It’s Time.

  44. I leave mean comments

    Holy shit, this is horrible. I’m serious, I’m not even being mean as a joke… this is just… just awful. Jesus, this is cringe-inducingly unfunny.

  45. Thing’s got really real when she sneezed…L.M.F.A.O…🤣

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