Azriel Clary ‘accusing’ singer R. Kelly of “coercing” her to eat her own dookie

Azriel accuses R. Kelly of making her eat poop/

Azriel Clary drops dookie bombshell. 

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CHICAGO — R. Kelly’s sexual assault case just took another bizarre twist. Azriel Clary, a former odalisque in Kelly’s harem, dropped a bombshell the other day when she accused the ignominious singer of forcing her to masticate her own feces. She said Kelly filmed the sordid ordeal. Azriel made the shocking revelation in a promotional clip for “Precedence” — a documentary produced by the ASIS Entertainment Network. In the video, Azriel tells a federal agent she was coerced to defecate into a cup prior to bon appétit.

Yuck! That’s disgusting!

“He has a video of me — he made me do this video, actual — doing a number two in a cup and then eating it out of a cup,” Azriel explained. Seconds later, a lachrymose Kelly can be heard imploring Azriel to give him a second chance after she declares the relationship over.

“It’s done, it’s done, it’s over, you may not even make it to trial,” Azriel told the 53-year-old vocalist as he cried like a little bitch on the phone. “I’m so sorry for you. I’m sorry, I really did love you, and you lied to me, you used me, and you played me.”

Gotta give Azriel credit for being candid.

But she should’ve took that sh*t to the grave.

Never tell anyone you ate doo-doo.

That said, do you believe her?

Would you ingest a turd for someone you love?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Take it to the grave!!!😂

  2. That’s what she wanted to do. I would have taken death before that. Hell, as a kid my mother couldn’t even get me to eat my veggies. She’s ridiculous🤪

  3. No mo sh!t talk.

  4. Listen I do not believe this girl on anything!!!! I mean nothing shes says at this point!!!

  5. Jeanette Sweet

    She is not the only girl who reported this sick evil behavior. Yes, I believe her and the other victims!

  6. De’ Anna Wilson

    I don’t believe it! Period! All of them have the same story, there’s nothing different! They’re all unique in their own way, why the hell do their stories have to be the same! He’s about creativity! You mean to tell me he couldn’t/wouldn’t find pleasure in getting these girls to different things all for his pleasure! They all to be the same huh? I doubt it! Most predators change it up and seek more of a thrill! Exactly why the courts keep pushing the date back trying to find a credible storyline that will stick! Is he perfect? I doubt it! Did he do all this? I doubt it!

  7. I feel sorry whoever tongue kissing her now.

  8. So did she get sick from eating feces, is there documentation of her going to the hospital or a clinic. I don’t want to defend R Kelly, he very well may be guilty of everything that he’s being accused of. I’m just asking for some evidence, facts and proof.

  9. I don’t believe her,she could’ve simply moved on time to get your ass a job

  10. Rodney Johnson


  11. Your breath stinks like shit GIRL ! HAHAHAHA SHIT EATER!!!

  12. Sick people, making sick claims/ allegations.

  13. R Kelly is innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cornelius Smith

    That story is insane !

  15. Lawanna Watkins

    I don’t believe it! She needs counseling.

  16. Somethings you take to they grave you will be forever known as a shit eater.

  17. Tiffany Brazier

    Im gonna say this and I know ppl are going to bd mad but Manipulation is not against the law. Those women stayed with him because they thought they were going to gain something. She ate her feces because she wanted to please him if he even asked her to do it. They all lying.

  18. I can believe him hitting it anal and doing that…. it’s a fettish

  19. I ain’t eating no poop Ike….we just gonna have to duke it out
    Yours Truly,
    Tina Turner


  21. Strong Out Front

    She tellin it like it is! Kelly is a total freak and freaks love freaks!!

  22. She can be a spokes person for mouth wash!!

  23. And he made her wash it down with his own urine !!!

  24. I dont believe her ! The testimony of a ho, is null & void.

  25. Slay the Dragon

    i bet her breath smells like shit

  26. Hey, she should just be lucky he didn’t force her to eat HIS feces.. 😀


    …he MADE her or ASKED her…
    and she was a willing consensual participant in deviant fetish sex acts… until the MONEY RAN out🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. How is this possible if R Kelly didn’t even let them have any food 🤣

  29. Barbara Crutchfield

    Aziel is not telling the TRUTH! She need HELP!

  30. lol 😆 “I ain’t eatin my own shee-it!”

  31. This is crazy. I’ll say this, I think these girls got more than they bargained 4 going 2 live with R Kelly. I believe they did things they r ashamed of, things they never imagined doing. Things that have their psyche discombobulated. I can’t say I believe he made the girl eat her poop, but I believe he had her doing things that have her bugging out now that she has time 2 think 4 herself. He does some psychological damaging things 2 these girls that is definitely not normal.

  32. Fernanzo Jamison

    She lying and hes finna be released again 💯

  33. Lies on him for money

  34. The Secret Life of Rayyy

    This girl is crazy as hell, she will say anything to get a bag. She learn how to lie from her lying as criminal as pappy.

  35. Gregory Leggett

    I’m beginning to believe all of these allegations against R Kelly are fabrications. Azriel Clary is in desperate need of professional help.

  36. This is not true because if u eat ur poo u would be sick as a dog. Need to go to hospital for antibiotics

  37. She full of shyt!!! NO PUN INTENTED!!!!

  38. The Grand Unchallenged Sword

    She was eating dookie of her own volition. Nobody without a gun to their heads would never consider it. If you ate the logs, he had a gun on you or you nasty like that. Period.😨

  39. That girl so full of shit it’s pathetic. Do she realize how much of a fool she looks and sounds. I can’t believe that somebody would continue to allow ppl to make a dam mockery out of them. #freekellz so we can get some real music.

  40. Uuum that girl is so so stupid and fake hooligan arrogant she need to go to hell because she is apure devil even a child of one year can see that that girl really lies very stupid

  41. Merita Williams

    If she did do it🤔that is a serious form of mind control!!! I’m not going to eat my s***💩he would just have to kill me!!

  42. Shitty mouth lien bitch 😂😂😂😂.

  43. Spongebob Squarepants

    Wow I didn’t know black women eating they own 💩💩💩

  44. It's Me Carlos

    I smell bullshit on her breath (no pun intended)

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