NFL legend Michael Strahan says ex-wife “abusive,” seeking custody of twin girls

Michael and Jean in nasty feud/Photo: TMZ

Michael Strahan seeking custody. 

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NEW YORK — Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan is already entangled in an embittered child support battle with his second ex-wife, Jean Muggli Strahan. Now we can add custodial rights to the docket. The former NFL star filed court docs the other day seeking primary custody of their twin 15-year-old daughters, Sophia and Isabella. Mike, 48, is accusing Jean of beating the sh*t out of the girls in conjunction with emotional abuse. He also claims Jean has failed to take the twins to court-ordered therapy sessions and the girls are routine no-shows for their volleyball matches and equestrian bouts.

Mike told the judge it’s been this way for years and he’s got tangible corroboration to boot. Right now, Jean is the custodial parent and Mike has visitation rights. The New York Giants legend wants those roles reversed pronto. Mike lives in New York and Jean resides in North Carolina.

As previously mentioned, they’re already embroiled in a splenetic child support dispute.

Jean is seeking $500,000 per month.

So the feud promises to get even nastier.

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  1. 💰 I S👀 Money 💰

    Think twice before procreating.

    Think 4x before procreating with someone you think is beautiful.

    Exhibit A: Strahan.

    Having money is obviously not enough of a reason to decide to have children.

    His ex wife always had her attitude in her. He simply ignored the red flags for various other reasons.

    Having someone from your past you no longer like keep trying to get involved your evolving life can be painful.

    Pretty sure he never envisioned that when he decided to procreate with her.

    The signs are always there. The real question is this:

    Will you catch them in time? 🤔

  2. As soon as these N!&&3R$ get a little money they move out of the hood and get a white woman.

  3. Sounds like a ploy to get out of child support.

  4. Interracial relationships rarely work out and drama is the norm.

  5. I'm Black and Woke

    This is ridiculous! They are being abused because they are missing their volleyball matches and horse riding events. Shame on her. Lock her up Lock her up.

  6. WOW…

  7. This is all so simple fellas…. DON’T WIFE NO B*TCH….EVER!

  8. This is why intelligent men with assets are not marrying women in the USA. The womb rentals are too expensive.

  9. WOW
    Fags and Pussy make the laws
    This bitch thinks she was part of his success. This ho was on the field taking the hits
    She thinks standing by him, giving him some pussy, maybe making him a sorry ass meal every blue moon, and spending his hard earned money warrants a 8 figure payday.
    This shit…..the way women in american think warrants true fucking insanity.
    Any women who has a job and struggles to make minimum wage or even something just below 6 figures should understand the struggle.
    Should understand for the bullshit they make how hard life is. and this Hoooo did nothing but pop out two kids, and thinks this warrants a 8 figure payday
    Only fags on meth and women raging on estrogen can do the mental gymnastics to rationalize this dumbshit.
    I blame him…..I completely blame him. How many fucking time do these dumb ass athletes need to see shit like this before they stop getting married. Or stop getting married without a strong ass prenup.
    I understand wanting kids and a family,….but it’s not worth $$$. You can go to some third world country,…teach the bitch english and get the same for less then 10,000. A fine ass bitch….
    Stupid fucking stupid.

  10. His wife is a ni🦍🦍er lover! She dates ugly black boys!

  11. Why do these Black celebrities marry UGLY ASS MAN LOOKING WOMAN?? JOHN LEGEND??

  12. that white woman taking him to the cleaners.with that child support

  13. Fuck I paid $1,000 a month and I am going crazy

  14. CHAOS 🤬Theory

    Now he’s about to find out how black he really is …
    You can create the bubble , but it always pops when that type of white woman is concerned …

    Strahan been straddling the fence along with his half black daughters who believe they are every thing But black..

    No amount of inclusion last forever …
    Dudes like him throw his ppl under a bus for five more good time minutes in white eyes …

    Now that white woman just made him look like another stereotypical dead beat absentee black dad …

    You reap what u sow…
    Now that white woman going to move in a white Man who’s going to take her for everything lol

  15. 500,000 in child support payments wtf, how many touchdowns did she make
    fuckin none.

  16. SuperiorToLibs

    Why don’t black men EVER want black women

  17. He is a ugly thing


  19. Static ⚡️Shock

    Stay away from colorless people, all people of color.

    There’s a reason they burn in the sun and their birth rates are declining—nature is trying to undo its mistake of freeing this species from their caves.

  20. This shit is getting out of control with these women needing 100,000s for child support. Kids are expensive but not that expensive.

  21. Michael just wants to get out of paying child support. It will be very difficult to remove children from their mother. Michael needs to stay in his lane and be a responsible parent and be supportive of the mother of his children and keep paying your part.

  22. Talanda Mc Clure

    LET THAT “WHITE BITCH” GET A DAMN JOB!!! Michael should give the basic necessities of his girls and all this other expensive SHIT needs to STOP. That WHITE BITCH is BOGUS!!! FOH!!!

  23. Black males with white bitches hmmm gal you should have sued him for a billion 500 is too less

  24. Stephanie Duncan

    🗣️leave BECKY 👵 alone🤢🤢🤢🤢

  25. He got played by a bottom-feeder. She’s trash.

  26. He’s the one abusing those children.

  27. Jimmy L Aldrich

    White women are just like white men…evil, depraved and sick.

  28. I won’t agree with him if he kills the bitch…but I understand 😂

  29. Bad move MIKE, marrying a TRIFLING WHITE WOMAN!!!!!!

  30. Ugly kids

  31. Emanate Venuste

    If he married a black woman, he would probably call her crazy, fat and let her die broke! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  32. He s a great guy who has great parents and he’s raised wonderful children. Too bad the x wife trying to drain him from all his money he’s worked hard for.

  33. This is what you get for getting married in America! I’m 58 years old, never been married nor had any children, Retired and getting a very handsome monthly pension. I own my own house and it’s fully paid with full equity end to end. I have a FICO credit score of 820 and I don’t have ANY credit card bills. Only an idiotic moron would get married in this day & age FULL KNOWING that there’s NO benefits for men.

  34. Fuck Mike and every other black man that can’t stay out of heathen asses.



  36. He’s just continuing to get his N***A wake up call because he disobeyed THE MOST HIGH and took a wife outside of the chosen people. The 12 tribes of Israel that consists of so-called blacks so call Hispanics so call Native Americans who are all God’s chosen. DEUTERONOMY 7: 3 COMMANDS NEITHER SHALT THOU MAKE MARRIAGES WITH THEM…..
    HE was not supposed to marry outside one of the 12 tribes he disobeyed the most high and that is why he’s having so much trouble

  37. Black men need to stick with black women once they get successful.” Just like the❤Obama’s ❤”

  38. ThePowerOfDefinition Arts

    He made his bed with a white woman, now he can lie in it.

  39. The comments should be worried more about getting the daughter safety rather than the skin color of their mother. Geesh People!! We are all human!! My opinion!! Don’t @ me!!

  40. I TOLD YOU ABOUT MARRYING THOSE Girls.Micheal Strahan mom voice. 👩👱‍♀️. That’s all these white girl be doing hooking up with these black ball players to get a piece of the pie then find away to get out of the relationship to enjoy the money without the man. The kids what’s really gets them the money.

  41. All of these beautiful black women out here, he chose to go that route(white woman). Guess in his mind, she represented the epitome of success. Now she’s dragging his ass!

  42. Andrea De Salvo

    Why give a hoot about this man! It’s his life to lead no matter who he chooses to lead it with. Don’t people have more important things to wonder and ponder about???

  43. Paulette Poole

    If this was going on for years. This says a lot about him why dis he allow it.
    He needs to man up and pay his child support and leave those children with their mom.

  44. Michael definately should have custody of his twin girls. They would have a much better life with their Great Dad. He loves his children Michael I hope you get custody of your girls. 💗

  45. Those girls are gorgeous!!!

  46. Lot of insecure BW in this thread mad because they phunky behinds weren’t chosen. Love to see that vinegar come out 😂😂

  47. I am appalled at the number of people so focused on Michael’s ex wife being white. Who cares!!! She is being abusive to these girls and their father is stepping in. A BLACK MAN who wants his children.

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