NBA suspends season after Utah’s Gobert “tested positive” for deadly coronavirus

Mitchell and Gobert have contracted coronavirus/

Coronavirus sparks league suspension.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The NBA suspended its season “until further notice” after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. The announcement came just moments after league officials postponed Wednesday’s contest between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder. Gobert’s teammate, Donovan Mitchell, has also contracted the malady. “This is crazy. This can’t be true,” said Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in response to the NBA’s decision to halt operations. “I mean, it’s not within the realm of possibility. It seemed more like out of a movie than reality.”

The league issued the following statement: “The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice. The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Gobert, the league’s defensive player of the year, learned he had COVID-19 shortly before tipoff.

Members of both the Thunder and Jazz will remain in quarantine until testing is completed. Teams the Jazz have faced within the past 10 days were also instructed to isolate; this includes the Cleveland Cavaliers, the New York Knicks, the Boston Celtics, the Detroit Pistons and the Toronto Raptors.

Two days prior to Wednesday’s diagnosis, Gobert joked with reporters about contracting the respiratory disease. Now he realizes it’s not a laughing matter. COVID-19 is dominant both on and off the court.

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  1. Good. That’s less ni🦍🦍ers we have to watch on tv.

  2. Wow! Why did he run around touching stuff this ain’t no joke!! He did it to his self

  3. Who gave it to him

  4. Rudy Gobert always creeped me out. This not a surprise.

  5. too funny, him of all people

  6. Larry Kings toilet splatter

    He was just glad he didn’t get herpes from passing Khloe Kardashian around with the rest of them

  7. What a dumbass ..Rudy u fucking idiot, a pandemic is nothing to sneeze at’s a very serious matter…no sympathies for your dumbass !! Thanks for getting the NBA season cancelled

  8. Gobert is positive that has a Corona Virus. Also Tom has it…………… Assisted by Gobert😳

  9. reinging DPOY locked down the whole league

  10. stupid selfish moron. Gobert!!! f you

  11. What if Donovan was sick first and got Rudy sick. Everybody is saying Rudy got him sick. Lol you never know

  12. Pao the Passer

    Rudy COVert


    Rudy Gobert is a Damn fool, somebody needs to get in a hazmat suit on and kick his ass. He could be a terrorist for all we know, could have gotten so many people sick, and wiped out the NBA for good..

  14. God dealt with Rudy quick

  15. Who cares about millionaires being sick.

  16. Even one of the great defender in the nba cant defend this coronavirus

  17. This is not a joke 😢

  18. Fuck this corona virus 🙁

  19. Nat Turner The Gat Burner


  20. What if Rudy Gobert dies … then niggas will stop laughing

  21. Genevibb Gesoro

    Fuck you china

  22. I know Donovan Mitchell never thought he would get some life threatening disease when he got drafted.

  23. Corona Virus: Try me bitch

  24. With the first pick Corona virus select Rudy Gobert

  25. Rudy Gobert is a domestic terrorist. He knew he had coronavirus and intentionally spread it to other players and reporters.

  26. Rudy: This thing is a joke, no worse than a common cold

    Coronavirus: Hold my mic

  27. Giannis Giannis

    How can he win defensive player of the year if he can’t defend his own immune system


  29. rudy gobert: im the most defensive player of the year

    corona: hold my beer

  30. Derrick Dorsey

    Nurse: excuse me Mr. Gobert, it’s time to take your temperature, please remove your head from your ass and your foot from your mouth.

  31. Fucking idiot 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤧

  32. I honestly find this hilarious💀💀

  33. Rudy Gobert is the type of guy that would blow out a kids birthday cake candles who is a cancer patient @ St Judes Children’s Hospital

  34. So you mean to tell me Gobert showed symptoms thee day before he was tested which means he had the virus for about 2 weeks. In those two weeks Gobert is playing hard nosed defense against, what was it, 5 different teams and those 5 teams played teams and so on and so forth. But lets just look at the teams Gobert played. Out of the DOZENS of players that he had close contact with only his teammate Donnovan gets infected. THAT’S IT! HOW SWAY! Gobert was in close contact and breathed on way more players than just Donnovan. I’m not so sure I’m buying this story.

  35. Karma is a b&#ch boy



    People aren’t mentioning another huge, low key reason the NBA suspended its games, Lebron threatened to not play if fans weren’t present at games. Remember when the league was about to do that but chose to go ahead and suspend the season instead, plus they were the face major sports league to do so, so instead of dealing with the virus and Lebron’s female tendencies they chose the better safer but costlier option.

  37. Andrew Ivanchenko

    gobert is a moron

  38. FUck you RUDY GOBERT… you are arrogant and childish…

  39. Coronavirus 19

    i miss the NBA already

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