Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson ‘illuminate’ 60s racism in “The Banker”

Mackie and Jackson team up once again/Photo: Apple

The Banker really ‘racist,’ but good. 

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HOLLYWOOD – Are you black and can’t get a loan? If so, you can probably relate to George Nolfi’s recently released drama “The Banker.” Despite garnering a middling score of 68 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ renowned Tomatometer, the bodacious film still gets a thumbs up for a trio of crackerjack performances by Anthony Mackie (Bernard Garrett), Samuel L. Jackson (Joe Morris) and Nicholas Hoult (Matt Steiner). Based on a true story in the ’60s, “The Banker” illuminates the redline struggles of two negro proprietors — Garrett and Morris — who are relegated to remunerating a working-class white man (Steiner) to be the pretentious countenance of their real estate firm while they pose as a custodian and chauffeur.

After marrying whilom club entertainer Eunice (Nia Long) in 1963, Garrett relocated to Los Angeles to concoct the venture. But the banks refused to give his black ass a loan because of skin pigmentation. Determined to launch his métier, Garrett formed a partnership with Morris and the rest is history.

“The Banker” was supposed to premiere last November. But the movie was pulled last minute due to “potentially damaging charges that surfaced from a family member of the Garretts.”

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  1. Racism

  2. Nicolas hoult is too handsome omg

  3. They don’t want niggas to see this movie.

  4. The Piscean Nicole

    Hell yes!!!!

  5. And the “banker” molested little girls, lets ignore that.

  6. The anti white narrative aside, this movie looks pretty well made!

  7. History is History

  8. ooO this looks good

  9. More divershitty bullshit.

  10. wow so ethnic 🤗

  11. now thats a black racist movie
    so fuck it

  12. Nick Fury & Falcon are here to recruit Beast to join The Avengers.

  13. I’m intrigued.

  14. I wish I was black..

  15. Another evil White Man story!

  16. BRILLIANT!!!!!!

  17. wow black folk in the usa really do have a complex about being hard done by in the past.

  18. Democrats see African Americans as victims. Republicans see them as equals.

  19. Race bating race bating race bating and then even more race bating.

  20. Jewish money

  21. Nicholas Hoult has a nice face

  22. I swear all the marvel actors are working in pairs for all their new movies

  23. the super trucking rookie

    I feel a mass shooting in a public place is going to happen after this comes out. 👱👩‍🦲👨🏼‍💼

  24. Hank , Falcon, AND Fury?? okay i gotta see this

  25. Samuel L. Jackson was right Anthony Mackie’s character was a revolutionary without firing a single shot.

  26. You Need Jesus

    I actually had an idea a few years ago to hire a white guy to be the “front man” of my business. Hoping this would open opportunities when negotiating with “Rich White Folks”. It’s sad that I felt the need to do this.

  27. Samuel Jackson: I’m tired of these mothafuckin whites! Owning these mothafuckin banks!

  28. Next is the black ping pong player that broke the color barrier.. then the black shuffle board player.. then the black cricket player.. then the black oyster shucker…

  29. Willinoy Sitorus

    African americans are privledged people. Yall ancestors struggled so yall can be grateful in life and live in prosperity. Stop whining and playing victim games black people. Yall are living in the best country in the world with equal law for all citizens. No excuse. get yall asses to work.

  30. Thomas Wilborn Jr

    Great actors, great cinematography!


    Black Man buys a Bank 🏦 😂

  32. Armando De La Fonte

    Now I can watch Black movies again, because I got soooo tired of that Tyler Perry B.S

  33. thorbjørn mann

    another black victim movie. slowly starting to get one dimensional

  34. Taden Darkrunner

    Falcon & Nick Fury Get a Loan. 😂😜

  35. Does Samuel L Jackson ever turn down a role?

  36. Watched this last night. Absolutely Superb!!! 💯

  37. eddie griffin said it :
    they dont tell us nigga anymore they said we ar not hired
    “NIGGA” 🤷‍♂️

  38. Child Author Jasmine T. Goins

    I wanted to see this movie wow, reminds me of the rich bankers when African Americans was on top with their own banks in I believe Kansas in history but, alot of bad things happened and the African Americans lost the financial power… Everybody knows what time it is everything ever deed done shall be revealed especially for African Americans stolen inventions, and ideas that all were created by African Americans shall be revealed why can’t we African Americans get credit for what God Yahweh has given to his chosen peoples respectfully truth I am just saying, why? Respectfully substitute teacher,inventor,special needs childrens author, minister,
    international business major undergrad, mother, entrepreneur
    Tabatha D.Cain-Malik

  39. photoholicflix

    I saw the movie today. I liked the business relationship and friendship between Anthony Mackie and Samuel Jackson as men. Plus, I like how the filmmakers illustrated how discrimination in the real estate and banking industries have prevented African Americans from building wealth in this country. Good film!!!


    I’m soooo glad.. that apple 🍎 release the movie 🎥.., I love ❤️ it!!!!.. the story of the banker was very important to tell.. and my family enjoyed it… thank you 😊 Apple 🍎.. for telling this story!!!!!

  41. Just watched the movie. No words to describe it. I love every movie that takes part in the 60s in America and this movie gave me hope that Hollywood can still make good golden movies.

  42. Lukman Abu bakar

    The best movie ever…all must see..and understand

  43. Don’t like it… too black for me

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