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COVID-19 Video: Rapper Cardi B vents “frustration” over being quarantined

Cardi B, Offset’s wife, has cabin fever/

Cardi B rips coronavirus. 

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ATLANTA — “My girl wants to party all the time…” After spending the past several days under quarantine as a precaution of contracting the novel coronavirus, Cardi B finally blew a gasket. Perhaps enervated from cabin fever, the 27-year-old rapper has grown sick and tired of solitary confinement. COVID-19 be damned, Cardi is ready to get out and shake a tail feather. But it may be awhile before that happens; especially at the rate the pandemic is permeating. The “Bodak Yellow” star voiced her exasperation through a polemic on Instagram Live.

“I need to know what’s going on,” Cardi fulminated in the video.

“If you f*cking work at ‘The Pentagon,’ let a b*tch know because I need to f*cking know, n*gga…”

“I don’t know if you [can] tell, but I’m losing my f*cking mind,” she continued.

“I want to get dressed up, I want to put a f*ckng lace front on, I want to put on my f*cking expensive outfits and I want to go f*cking out. And I can’t.”

Never one to mince words, Cardi said she detected something ominous when the economy went to hell in a handbasket. “You want to know something? I know sh*t getting real,” she explained. “Once the stock market starts going low, that’s how I know sh*t getting real.”

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  1. 🤣😂🤣😂☠☠☠ Omg I love her crazy self. I have been a fan of her personality since day 1. She is hilarious. If she did do the news I would definitely watch✌🏾

  2. There are people with terrible mental afflictions that exhibit far more intelligence then this cardi b. She is wildly disgraceful. Her voice is racist.


  4. Yes, I’m sure this former stripper is freaked out about catching a virus…

  5. I’m over here watching this while I’m being forced to self isolate because yay I tested positive for corona, K I L L. M E.

  6. Y’all hating on Cardi so bad in these comments! Y’all big mad! 😂♀‍🤷🏾 the jealousy is so real🤦🏾

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