‘The Neighborhood’ seeks a trifecta

The Neighborhood seeking a renewal/Photo: CBS

The Neighborhood seeking season 3. 

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LOS ANGELES — Dammit coronavirus! Look what you’ve done. Thanks to you, we’re still not sure if one of our favorite shows will be renewed for a third season. The verdict regarding the future of “The Neighborhood” has been put on ice as we continue our domestic skirmish against COVID-19. As anchors of a variegated cast, Cedric The Entertainer (Calvin Butler), Tichina Arnold (Tina Butler), Max Greenfield (Dave Johnson) and Beth Behrs (Gemma Johnson) portray familial rivals who are intent on annihilating cultural boundaries through derogatory humor.

There’s also a focus on gentrification.

The CBS sitcom is racist and facetious in an Archie Bunker – George Jefferson kinda way. From a TV ratings standpoint, a pronouncement could go either way. So far, season two is averaging a somewhat disappointing 0.89 rating in the 18-49 age demographic in conjunction with 6.12 million viewers.

When juxtaposed against its inaugural season, those figures are down 21% and 6%, respectively. So, what’s the forecast? If the show finishes strong, a continuation becomes a certainty. If it becomes anticlimactic, Ced can kiss his black ass goodbye. Are you a fan of the show?

Do you clamor a trifecta?

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  1. Cedric and his family are funny but I Don’t think the neighbors fit especially Gemma trying her hardest to be funny it’s just fake! Laugh track makes it even worse hopefully they will faze out The fakeness

  2. Max Greenfield needs to be saved from this terrible show.

  3. I actually felt bad for the two white actors, this story line is offensive to me and I’m black!!

  4. If reversered it would have been considered racist. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Not only is Calvin’s racism sad, but also Dave and Gemma not being offended by it. I’m tired of this white guilt propaganda.

  6. I love this show!!!!! Tichina does her character a lot of justice. She still got it! All the way from Everybody Hates Chris.

  7. Loving America

    I binged watched the first season and fell in love with this show. It is
    the most racist show to hit TV since Tosh.0. It’s like it holds a
    mirror up to our community to show we’re just as bad as white people.
    Keep going !!!!!

  8. Melissa Rosario

    I hope it gets renewed for many seasons

  9. I predict this show will run 4 to 5 seasons. Beth and Tichina have that magic touch when it comes to sitcoms.

  10. This show made me laugh out loud…

  11. Love the neighborhood

  12. Tichina Arnold please keep you hair natural.. dont try

  13. Retired Stitcher

    The show is supposedly in a rough neighborhood. But everyone dresses like they live in West Hollywood with Ralph Lauren type clean and crisp bright new clothes. Not one well-worn tee shirt. No tattoos. Clean new fashionable shoes. It’s more like a black family moving into an upscale neighborhood. I wish my kitchen and living room looked modern like these families!!!

  14. Love ceddy bear. Hes too cute

  15. I like the premise of this show, just as I liked All in the Family! My only complaint is the son of Cedric and Tichina…he looks way tooooo old!

  16. Saw it… Didn’t care for it.

  17. I wonder if black ppl will ever get their own schtick or is it always gonna be “white people act like dis and black ppl do this derpy derp”

  18. agiftedrighter

    This is dumb garbage.
    Just perpetuating division in a sneaky way.
    A lot of these stereotypes don’t apply to anyone I know, white or black.

    Just divisive propaganda disguised as unfunny comedy.
    If there was no laugh track no real person will laugh when watching it.

    Just dumb trash for the mundane masses.

  19. All blacks do is talk about race but claim they cannot be racist

  20. Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainment are so hilarious on the show. LOL!

  21. The best sitcom of the decade. 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. This show funny!

  23. This show sucks. Please cancel it ASAP.

  24. Tawonga Chenga

    @Tony Cole: Wtf??? The neighborhood is good!!!

  25. it’s a little racist but i like it

  26. Tinthia Clemant

    Reverse discrimination and bad acting; combo for a successful tv show for what America has become.

  27. It’s okay to be White. Funny how it’s okay for a Black show to be racist to Whites. Other way around and the show would be off the air.

  28. bossdog bossdog

    What moron believes white people actually act like this? Who is writing this racially offensive crap? They need to be fired for being incompetent and ignorant. This show is just as racist toward their portrayal of white people as anyone has ever complained about racism against African americans. Pathetic what gets passed off as entertainment these days.

  29. this show set black people back 400 years

  30. TJ Tin Survival

    CBS’s answer to racism is…….MORE RACISM!! Racism exists because of shows like this.

  31. I’m white and have lived in a black neighborhood before, and nobody cared.

    This show seems like it’s trying to stir up racial tension under a false premise.

  32. huntingtonparkway

    Ced… it’s time to lose weight!

  33. Porkchop Jones

    I love reverse racism

    About damn time

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