Kevin & Eniko expectin’ Baby #2 despite coronavirus pandemic, said they’re done

Kevin and Eniko expecting Baby No. 2/Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Kevin and Eniko expecting baby. 

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LOS ANGELES — Social distancing be damned, Kevin Hart and his wife — Eniko — are expecting their second child together. The concupiscent lovebirds disseminated the maternal communiqué on Tuesday via Instagram with a photo of Eniko’s baby bump with the caption: “baby #2.” As tensions rise, it’s nice to see somebody jovial during the coronavirus pandemic. “In the midst of all this we’re counting our blessings and couldn’t be more grateful,” Eniko wrote. “Soon to be a family of 6!”

The impending neonate will join siblings Kenzo Kash Hart, 2, Hendrix Hart, 12, and Heaven Hart, 15. The last two belong to Kevin’s ex-wife. No slip ups here. It’s definitely a planned gestation. “We’re going to do one more [baby] and then we’re going to throw in the towel after that,” Kevin told USA Today last year.

“One more is enough – that’s a loud house. We have a loud one already between the kids and the dogs. So I think adding one more will really complete the Hart family circle and we’ll be done… That’s it.”

Kevin and Eniko got hitched in 2016. The 40-year-old humorist confessed to cheating on Eniko when she was gravid with Kenzo. The infidelity was brought to light in the 2019 Netflix documentary “Kevin Hart: Don’t F*ck This Up.” Eniko said she “immediately lost it” when she found out.

But she decided to give the diminutive comic another chance.

“We’ve gone through it. We’re past it. He’s a better man now,” she explained.

“But three strikes, you’re out.”

Does that mean Kevin has two strikes left?

Should Eniko seek tubal ligation?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Congrats ❤️❤️🥰😍

  2. I nutted on Kaley Cuoco's face

    Black men see unflushed feces 💩 in a public restroom and can’t help but gobble them up

  3. thagreatestmanalive

    If a man publicly cheats on you multiple times and you stay with him to have more kids. You have an agenda or no self worth nor self esteem.

  4. If he has a BOY, I suggest he names him SMIDGET!

  5. I could never be attracted to a midget man no matter his net worth. I feel bad for his son inheriting those short 5’2 male genes.

  6. @Louis: How about mini mini mini me?

  7. The babies gonna be taller than him at birth…

  8. Well…She said as long as he behaves…
    Kevin…like the man said in the Song she may be holding something in that will hurt you one day…its just the beginning…they smile…they forgive…but in the back of a woman mind…She is scorned…and wait for it or get out now because she Will return the humiliation Factor and Pain…thats called KARMA and all her girlfriends telling her what to do…GOD is able but not GOING to stop the WAGES of SIN…

  9. First of all, many wives stay with their cheating ass trifling ass disloyal unfaithful ass husbands because, they were the other woman to his first marriage(like enniko).
    These women don’t give a damn about their husband’s infidelity. They don’t value fidelity, if they did, majority of these marriages wouldn’t even exist. Because MANY of these husbands were cheating before they even got married. If women wouldn’t insist on marrying whoremongering men, they wouldn’t get humiliated CONSTANTLY by these trifling so-called husbands of theirs.

  10. I wouldn’t leave him either 😂💁

  11. of course she is gonna stand by her meal ticket jackpot…i mean..her loving devited husband! lol.
    what else is the mistress side chick gonna do?
    she’s broke, has no career, no income, no job, no talent, no money, no education, no goals, no name for herself, she is gonna sit her ass at home and take his cheating with other women, just likevshevdid when he was cheating with her (and other women) on his first wife. history has repeated and now he is cheating on her with several whores and sluts. now she knows how 1st wife feels.
    karma is a bitch aint it!

  12. she knew he was a cheater from day one. She had no problems sleeping with a married man so her benchmark is low.

  13. Kevin Hart you messy.
    Guys like this make it hard for other men.
    Kevin Hart you messy.

  14. wow so many haters in the comment section.

  15. It’s not even Kevin’s baby you all in for a huge surprise

  16. KeepingupwithNahandtheFab 5

    Baby how you get em will be how you lose em 😉 God don’t bless mess 👌

  17. You think if he worked at Home Depot, she would have stayed with him ??

  18. Girl, act unbothered publicly. Cry in your privacy. You’re still a beautiful woman. You, like many other people have to experience what past practice didn’t teach you. Kevin is charismatic wealthy entertainer. That doesn’t negate him from cheating, but he has a history of this, you were the sidechick. When you married him, you left a position open to be filled. Gird your loins, hold your head up, and walk in your purpose. You didn’t really think he wouldn’t cheat on you, did you? Did you believe the lies people will tell you to get you…blame the other person, say they were inadequate, or that they broke the vows first, etc. Learn. You’ll be okay. It’s just a reality check boo, you’ll live. Enjoy your life.

  19. jamie oxenreider

    Then we find out the baby isn’t kevins😂

  20. 1000 Cars Plus

    Garbage gossip , don’t call it news !

  21. Jessica Jordan

    What goes around comes around. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  22. BeauTEAful You

    If they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you. Period.

  23. Giiiirrrrrllllll you know you stayed because of the money and fame. C’mon now

  24. Iheart Michelle

    Oh great don’t cheat again on your pregnant wife

  25. Nat Turner’s Revenge

    U think she’s bullying him into babies because of his height?😂😂😭

  26. kevin is proof it’s not size that counts but the motion of the ocean

  27. And hes gonna do it again and again and again, so get used to it or leave

  28. Wife is a snotty little biotch

  29. File for divorce and get everything you can

  30. He’s still cheating on her

  31. Eww I would’ve cheated too it’s so hard to find an attractive black bitch

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