Bill Cosby seeking ‘early release’ from penitentiary amid fear of ‘coronavirus’

Bill Cosby concerned about coronavirus/

Bill Cosby seeks “prison release.”

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PHILLY — Bill Cosby is seeking an early release from prison amid consternation of the coronavirus. Right now, he’s virus-free. But the 82-year-old rapist fears his life would end if he somehow contracted COVID-19. “Mr. Cosby’s lawyers are now considering filing a motion asking the court to release Mr. Cosby from prison and place him under house arrest for the duration of his sentence,” said Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s attorney. “Specifically, the lawyers are focusing on whether states are granting early release to elderly inmates from prisons due to the coronavirus — which could be a valid legal argument for Mr. Cosby.”

Uncle Bill (aka Inmate NN7687) was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault in 2018. He’s serving 3 to 10 years at SCI Phoenix in Pennsylvania. The former JELL-O puddin’ pop spokesman slipped a mickey in the drinks of several chicks then had his way while they were unconscious.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and R. Kelly are also pursuing a premature manumit over COVID-19.

Is it time for inmates to make an emergency egress?

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  1. Tough sheet dude. Stay and pay with playmates……….
    Why should you be any different than the rest of the population..

  2. Informed Windie

    Cosby is, REPEAT IS, a “DISEASE”……..

  3. Just because he used to be famous, ( now he’s infamous) doesn’t mean he deserves a ‘get out of jail free’ card!

  4. Who cares what bill and his lawyers want, throw him in a cell with Harvey or someone else with Coronavirus, let them live if perfect harmony together, eat some Jello Bill, everything will be ok

  5. Awwww. He feels helpless and scared, like his huge list of victims…..

  6. ScullDawgMillionaire

    we don’t care about cosby…. fool

  7. To bad, let him stay there. That’s where he belongs. If you due the crime you should serve time. No excuses.

  8. Most mothafuckas are concerned he wont die in prison.

  9. Ask the people he raped how they feel?

  10. People in hell want ice water too! I’m good with it as long as he goes to Wuhaun China for his probation,,yo!

  11. let him rot


  13. I can see an argument like this making sense for non-violent offenders – people in jail because they didn’t have the money to bail out- stuff like that. Serial rapists? You earned your spot there, buddy.

  14. must be nice to be rich and have great lawyers…heck just pull every prisoner out

  15. Let him out of prison and send him to Italy. We’ll find out rather quickly if the 80 yrs. and older in Italy sentence is true. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!!! LOL

  16. So what! He might get coronavirus. So might a lot of other people there. Just because he’s rich and famous doesn’t mean he gets special treatment. Serve your time like everyone else!!


  18. Gee, that’s a shame.

  19. Committed the crime, convicted of the crime, do the time. Cosby is no one special. NO release.

  20. Cause and effect… Sorry, you caused this effect.

  21. OMG! In prison and still looking to use his celebrity status for favors!

  22. Drugged multiple women then rapped them.

  23. #FreeCosby

  24. he is getting his pudding popped now ,,rapist,,

  25. Bill Cosby is a victim. All the woman accusing him where golddiggers. They chose to be around him. Just because he didnt marry them they went after him.

  26. HoneyHoneyBaby


  27. montecristo5353

    This is a bunch of bullshit. He’s over 80 if he had to go to jail it should of been house arrest..But after so many years this case should of been thrown out of court.

  28. ma,ma gee's gospel

    Black man Accused of Rape goes straight to Prison, White man Accused of Rape goes straight to the White House, And becomes President, Oh the lrony of it all ! 🤢


  30. Only 9 more yrs Bill, it’s prison not jail.

  31. Imagine if Cosby was falsely accused. And don’t fucking blast me, I said IF

  32. Raymond Hernandez

    He didn’t do anything why does bad things happened to good people

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