Saints coach Sean Payton is cleared of ‘coronavirus’ following self-quarantine

Sean Payton no longer has coronavirus/

Sean Payton is COVID-19 free. 

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NEW ORLEANS — Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, has been medically cleared of coronavirus and he’s “feeling a lot better” after keepin’ his ass home via self-quarantine. The 56-year-old gridiron honcho tested positive for COVID-19 last week following an esoteric bout with respiratory prodromes. Payton, a Super Bowl champion, voiced a précis of his experience Wednesday night during a chinwag on Louisiana’s 105.3 FM. “I was cleared yesterday,” said a relieved Payton.

“It was quite a process. You spend a lot of time trying to learn as much as you can about it. You see it on the news 24/7 … (Sunday night) is when I first began to feel some flu-like symptoms. You know when you start to feel the chills? Then Monday morning, they were certainly a little more significant. I had a low-grade fever, and the chills were back. That’s when I had my test, on Monday. Basically quarantined at the house. I didn’t get the test results back for quite a bit.”

“When you’re basically at home with the symptoms that I had, 85 to 90 percent of people will have mild symptoms and recover fully,” Payton continued. “The CDC basically puts out, prior to getting cleared, (that) you have to be three days fever-free … (and) a week from when you first felt symptoms.”

“I’m closer to 10 days now,” Payton added.

“I’ve been fortunate … I’m feeling a lot better.”

Payton is the first known member of the NFL community to test positive.

Will COVID-19 run rampant throughout the league?

Do you plan to get tested?

Share your thoughts.


  1. these people get tested because of their fame and wealth what about the rest of Americans who are told stay home only to wonder if you actually have the virus shame on this news network cover the stories of everyday Americans not these spoiled celebrities

  2. I cannot change my name for 90 days


  3. zzZFoxZzz Zack Fox

    Well if he can get tested then I’m going to get tested.

  4. Lots of sleep is great medication. Fatigue. Running nose, around eye area headache are also symptom. Isolating yourself for 14 days plz.

  5. It’s not right that celebrities can get tested but not anybody else unless their dead

  6. He doesn’t look seek. I wonder how much the administration is paying these guys. Like actors and sports figures to say that they are sick, so everyone else will surrender to their agenda.

  7. People have to wait days and days to get tested maybe even longer but if you’re a part of the sport world they get tested ASAP tell me that’s fair that’s disgusting I wish everyone would wake up in this country and stop going to the sport events they get the money and all the tests first and we get the shaft I boycotted baseball for many many years I will not support any sport team and not just because of this because of the greed I hope this coach is going to be okay anyone who has symptoms that bad should be able to get tested no matter if you rich or not everyone should be treated equally but I’m sure by now we all know that’s not going to happen in this world there’s too much greed and Evil but that will END one day but for now God bless ALL

  8. cardi b said all of these celebrities are paid to lie and say they got it

    i believe her

  9. @Alex V: And exactly what agenda would that be?!

  10. blame mardi gras


  12. Just Another Username

    Of course he’s feeling good, that’s what all the rest of them said too. This is being blown out of proportion. You want to be careful around elders of course but other than that, it’s just a flu, and it is flu season anyway.

  13. Is he dead yet?

  14. Conspiracy Theorist

    he’s rich, they probably sold him the cure

  15. Must be nice to get tested when you want because you don’t feel well 1 day, I’ve been sick for 2 weeks with flu like symptoms and water in my lungs and ears just to get told to stay home

  16. NFL Draft won’t be like it used to be, it will be on TV with no fans no players walking up to shake hands with the Roger Goodell all that is dead now

  17. @Ryan Ross: They could elbow bump the commissioner instead

  18. joseph Panocho

    Some people want to know why celebs, sport figures are getting tested…if you are wondering, you are not that important. When a society builds people as more important than others people are left wondering why…you already know the answer. The only thing people can do is send a message after this is over…don’t go to movie theaters, don’t go to sports arenas, theme parks, and more importantly, don’t feed the monster of social hierarchies. Hopefully, it will be a lesson learned, if not it will happen again and again.

  19. cardi b is right

  20. I hope he gives it to Drew Brees!

  21. Jeremiah Bryan

    I hope Sean doesn’t die the saints need him and who will take his place get well coach 😩😷😭

  22. Qualified Automotive Solutions

    this isnt the global killer they r making it out to be. complete scam.

  23. What do some of you not get? Testing is a waste of time because unless you test all 327,000,000 Americans then it is not going to amount to diddly squat.
    These cases that are coming to light now were already in the public and most who contract it don’t report it because they think they have the flu or their symptoms are so mild they just ignore it. This crap was circulating in the USA long before we knew what it was. Therefore, we can’t stop living and hide in a cave and cripple the country over a virus which has a very low mortality rate.

    The USA has had 30 million reported flu cases this flu season of which 350,00 required hospitalization and 22,000 have resulted in deaths. We didn’t shut the country down for the flu and we never do. The sensationalism of this COVID-19 virus is ineffective and harmful to the country.

  24. They aren’t telling us everything

  25. Let’s not all say this 💩 at once. 🤔 How many people are claiming it and ain’t got 💩. Mf’$ learned from #24🧐.

  26. This is chinas bio warfare that they used against the us. I’m not joking about this either. That’s how I feel.

  27. Hoax

  28. You-In-Your FEELINGS

    So regular ppl cant get tested unless they are basically dying, but sean payton doesnt have a fever, calls the doctor on sunday and gets tested on monday……… are you fucking kidding me right now.

  29. I can smell his bullshit through my screen

  30. I’m a chiefs fan and I’m sad

  31. Smells like a bunch of bullshit

  32. that white nigga lyin

  33. Prayers your immune system fights this Sean, my prayers to you to get better 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Robert Brentzel

    The moron shouldnt have been at a horse race the weekend before he tested positive.. it was obvious to the intelligent people in the country it was getting bad even then.. he must have gotten his advice from Fox news

  35. Wait! I thought everybody died from this.

  36. Mike or patty Rhoades

    So glad he is recovering!! LOOK tired tho!!

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