Scarface, lead rapper of the “Geto Boys,” diagnosed with the incurable coronavirus

Scarface tested positive for COVID-19/

Scarface said he’s COVID-19 positive. 

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HOUSTON — My lungs playin’ tricks on me? Scarface, lead lyricist of the 90s rap group “The Geto Boys,” joins the list of celebs who’ve tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The 49-year-old rapper (whose real name is Brad Jordan) disclosed his malady on Thursday during a livestream elucidation with fellow bandmate Willie D. Scarface said he’s been bilious for weeks, forcing him to finally take his ass to the emergency room where he was inoculated with an IV and antibiotics.

Turns out, he was in worse shape than originally thought. While suffering through pneumonia in both lungs, Scarface experienced a kidney malfunction that rendered him quiescent. Now we know why at night he couldn’t sleep; he tossed and turned. “It’s not fake,” Scarface said in the video.

“People out there thinking this sh*t is a game, it ain’t no joke… I felt like I was going to die.”

Scarface is recuperating nicely and he’s expected to be fine.

He’s also preparing to go on tour.

The third member of the clique, Bushwick Bill, died last year from pancreatic cancer.

Should Scarface postpone his musical endeavors and focus on gettin’ better?

Besides, aren’t large gatherings illegal?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Love Scarface to death 25 + years. This hurt me like a family member.

  2. Its in the food or water. Something not adding up. Ive been a nurse over 20 years never seen anything like this. The spanish flu is just the same

  3. Bad acting!

  4. The SCARFACE I know is dead !

  5. The Barbaric Ram

    Man get well soon Scarface💪🏾

  6. BS, so because he got coronavirus he can cover up himself.

  7. Get well Scarface.

  8. Tareene 1 Like Queen

    Prayers out to Scarface🙏🏽. Thanks for sharing bro. Some people need to hear the truth from a real one✊🏾.

  9. Pastor Johnson

    More than likely Scarface contracted the Covid when he went to the hospital for his initial complications. If you go to the store, dont touch nothing nothing nothing without glooves. Then remove carefully and wash all of your purchased perishables as well as a sanitation wipe on all other items. This is serious. Thank you both for the interview. Our prayers are with yoy. BTW get sunlight

  10. comedian see no evil

    Ghetto boys 4 life

  11. No doubt about it we all will be touched by the virus, how is your immune system? If you ask bill gates he will tell you most will be fine.


  13. Pump that vitamin C (orange juice ) and vitamins if you can find them,plus D3.
    Healing prayers!

  14. They tried 2 kill u Face

  15. Just Being Vee

    Lord have mercy….😢
    It aint no joke

  16. Martagus Newton

    Love Face and Will, but everyone that get flu like symptoms run to the hospital, now they have Corona. Instead of treating themself first. Whats in the IV that was given to him? Doctors are the biggest drug dealers in the world. They stand to gain 130 billion in stimulus. IJS they benefit off this.

  17. Any outside contact (going to the store doing basic errands) or if he had any visitors also the hospital/dr visits.. all these were opportunities to contract covid 19



  19. Father we need you like never before.. please Help this man in this man in the matchless name of Jesus💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  20. Prayers Up For Scarface🙏🏾

  21. Wesley Williams

    Sending love out to Scarface!! Get Well Soldier!!

  22. Infinite Powers

    Fake news! Another famous person diagnosed hmmmm but no body else has it 💁‍♂️

  23. Prayers to everyone with this virus and Scarface 🙏🙏 speedy recovery

  24. Josh Plays Terrible Games

    Covid19 tha new aids

  25. Get well face🙏

  26. Praying for you Scarface stay strong my brother 💪💪💪

  27. Jamie Davidson

    Heat kills the virus boil some hot water in let the heat go up your nose it will heal u it’s that simple REAL TALK 101

  28. Get Well Soon O.G. Much 💕 #GhettoBoyz

  29. This dumb Trump caused All of this.

  30. I believe that there are 2 strains of this virus circulating, one with the mild symptoms and one with the severe symptoms.
    I also think can hang in the air a lot longer than they say. It’s way too many people infected for it to be droplet and proximity alone. Protect yourself people and stay safe

  31. Found Peacebypiece

    All theories aside…
    Scarface, My thoughts, prayers and meditations are with you. Stay positive, eat Healthy , and get well soon. SO much respect for you. You’re one of the great ones, Brother! Respect

  32. This is germ warfare. We’re test subjects. No better way to test a bioweapon’s effectiveness than just lettin the dogs loose.

  33. Yeah it’s strange but I think if any human gets sick right now and go to the hospital right now there going to diagnose you with this virus and who ever dies it’s going to be the same,it’s like no other disease right now exist besides this covid19 😷

  34. Rosalind Hampton

    Get well soon 🙏 Face peace and blessings 🇨🇱

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