Ava Louise licks an airplane toilet during ‘coronavirus challenge,’ Dr. Phil is pissed

Ava Louise licks toilet seat in corinavirus challenge/Photo: New York Post

TikTok vixen Ava threatens Dr. Phil.

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LOS ANGELES — Aspiring singer Ava Louise is catching hell from all gradients after she threatened to expectorate on Dr. Phil during a nationally-televised chinwag that aired Thursday afternoon. Ava, if you recall, is the supercilious damsel who licked an airplane toilet seat as an impolitic stunt of the “coronavirus challenge.” The nauseous ordeal was captured via TikTok video and, yes, it went viral. Disturbing footage shows Ava’s tongue licking the john multiple times to prove COVID-19 ain’t sh*t. Dr. Phil, 69, was among the many critics to lambaste the upload, drawing the exasperation of the 22-year-old narcissist.

“I’ll pull up and I’ll cough on you,” Ava told Dr. Phil to which he retorted by labeling her “spoiled and entitled.” That wasn’t all. Turns out, Ava was just gettin’ started. To her, COVID-19 is for old people. “I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me,” Ava explained.

“I just don’t think that this is as concerning as possibly as it could be, because I don’t have coronavirus. I don’t have any symptoms. No one I know has symptoms… You’re blowing this pandemic to crazy proportions, instilling fear in the nation, because you feel like it affects [baby] boomers.”

“You’re the ones who can die, and we can’t,” she added.

Damn, that’s foul.

Ava believes Dr. Phil is a member of the Illuminati.

She also posted a tweet that reads: “Dr. Phil can suck a d*ck. He’s just mad I’m hot as sh*t!”

Are you Team Ava or Team Phil?

Watch the disturbing videos.

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  1. sadly for her, there is no cure for stupidity.

  2. itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

    She should be quarantined for stupidity!

  3. I don’t want this girl to be a part of my generation.


  4. Despicable.

  5. She is what pure evil looks like.

  6. KickUpThe Eighties

    Dr Phil needs a medal for even trying to have an adult conversation with this dangerous idiot. Should be locked up for everybody’s safety

  7. I promise, as a 21 year old, we’re not all like this… god I’m so embarrassed…. hope she gets ‘Rona and her lips are the first to go

  8. I mean, while I see her point, because of the hysteria being ludicrous, nonetheless her logic fails when placed under a microscope.

  9. Disgusting 😤
    No one gave you any reason to show concern? If all of the sickness and death happening around the world isn’t a reason for you to show concern, then I am genuinely concerned for anyone that comes into contact with you. Grow up and look around!! The world does not revolve around you!!

  10. Dr Phil come on. You used to provide quality content. Are ratings that important? PS what happened to your studio?

  11. My goodness. How horrible is this girl. Shameful !

  12. hope_revjfg Smith

    Where does Dr. Phil find these nutty people???

  13. Isn’t this that same dumbass girl that was on his show before talking about how she’s so “hot” and everybody wants her and blah blah? What a moron……

  14. One rule I stick to: there’s no point arguing with people who are stupid and ignorant, no matter how right you are they will not listen.

  15. Sondra Williams

    She may need some mental health treatment.

  16. With all the people stocking up on weapons and ammunition, this girl just might find her head mounted on someone’s wall. 🤪

  17. She probably has it.

  18. Me and old doctor philly cheese steak might pull a chris brown

  19. alison mckellar

    Wow… Seriously.. I’m speechless at her stupidity

  20. Her parents need to slap her up down and sideways!

  21. If I could reach through this screen and slap her, I would. If she gets coronavirus, she should be denied treatment.

  22. TheAllbrighton

    I can’t believe she called him a boomer like that’s a valid argument 😂

  23. Wait is she literally saying she thinks that covid19 is made up by the illuminati to limit young people…? From what…? I don’t think countries all over the world would be putting out tons of money and having so much things postponed or cancelled just to stop her from partying for a few months or however long this is gonna last. She really believes her life is the Truman show, doesn’t she?

  24. SecretSquirrel

    Seems that common sense isn’t as common as it used to be

  25. She literally licked a toilet

  26. Are we looking at the most stupid girl on the planet right now????

  27. I’m type one diabetic. If I get coronavirus, I’ll very likely die from it. People like her make me scared just to go to the pharmacy to pick up my insulin. This is ignorance. Willfully ignorance.

  28. BumbleBee Tuna

    I’m sitting here coughing up a storm and I want to cough on her.

  29. Oh. My. God.
    Someone come get her…

  30. Concerned Citizen

    Selfish, blithering idiot! I’m sure her parents are cringing!!!

  31. Drop a Gear and Disappear

    I bet you 20 bucks her dads not around

  32. Couldn’t even finish watching this video. She is beyond stupid selfish self-centered etc.

  33. Rosemarie Plant

    Oh they blew it up alright. They blew it up all in her LIPS 👄

  34. I love this women she is the great woman ever and shes right dr. Are u aware that according to kdka if u have a great immune system ur symptoms will only be a cold then you’ll be fine and move on

  35. It’s time to grow up darling. It’s not all about you. Typical spoiled young American. Uneducated, selfish.

  36. she acts like older people chose to be old.

  37. I’m 21 & I promise I’m the complete opposite of this, they shouldn’t have even allowed her to speak. I’m actually impressed with how dumb she is

  38. TotallllyFrEnChH81

    I’m 38 yrs old with covid-19.. You should hear me breathe with my double pneumonia, I can’t breathe.. She needs to to be educated 🤬🤬

  39. Bottle of Bleach

    Let’s wait 10 years and then make fun of her for being the boomer if she doesn’t die of corona by then

  40. InnovativeAssension

    Wow! The level of ignorance is outstanding !

  41. Didn’t think someone could be more stupid than Trump… I do change my mind now.

  42. What’s wrong with her lips ?

  43. elizabeth stewart

    Absolutely RIDICULOUS behavior and it will be her getting sick or a family member dying to actually GET how devastating this virus is. To say the young crowd is basically immune is one of the most uneducated and daft statements I’ve heard since this began

  44. This girl pisses me off more than I’ve been pissed off my whole life combined. And those lips are disgusting 😂

  45. Someone wants her 15 mins of fame.

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