911 Murder Call: Deranged husband kills ‘himself’ & family because wife cheated

Mark Joseph murdered his family/Photo: U.S. Sun

Florida husband murders family. 

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HAINES CITY — The state of Florida is in mourning after 43-year-old Mark Joseph murdered his wife and kids before turning the gun on himself. The murder-suicide transpired Sunday morning in Haines City, Florida. According to police reports, Mark dialed 911 and told dispatch he shot and killed his family, claiming his wife gave up the ass to another dude. “I just shot my wife and my kids,” he told the operator. “You did what?” the dispatcher replied. When officers arrived at the scene, Mark, his 43-year-old wife Marie, his 18-year-old son Darren and 14-year-old son Markus were found dead.

All four suffered gunshot wounds to the cranium.

A damn shame.

Listen to the disturbing 911 call.

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    Cheaters never prosper and all women cheat its best to be single

  2. Araya Buchichi

    That’s sad 😢 stress n quarantine probably push the guy

  3. Why not the other dude too

  4. Ruthless Lover

    @the great G: I concur……I wouldve killed the other nigga and let my family live

  5. Jennifer Rosenfeld

    Doesn’t give him the right to kill his children what did they do?

  6. Wether one was having an affair or not doesn’t give anyone the rights to take a life away… Not only did he murder his wife but his children as well… So sad.

  7. Why would anyone ever get married?? Serious question

  8. Brianna Petitdos

    @BKK: Before they died they were in love someone made a dumb decision

  9. shouldve married a white girl

  10. RIP Markus and Darren. May God be with you both😢😢✝️💔

  11. nigga shoulda got a divorce

    plenty of fish in the sea

  12. Human shit.

  13. MiniFlowerDrumSong

    It’s one thing to kill your spouse, but the kids??? What did they do?

  14. I’m pretty sure this guy probably killed his kids in front of his wife and then killed her. Make her have one final horror and regret. Pretty sick people out there.

  15. Maureen Barragan

    Its her fault that this happened, she shouldn’t of tried to divorce him.

  16. Oh well. Life goes on….

  17. I’m confused to how you can kill your own children???

  18. Some of these comments ….

  19. He’s the worst kind of person

  20. Pure evil and selfishness to take the lives of the very family he is responsible to protect!

  21. It’s no excuse but he did this because he saw he would have to pay child support, custody battles and watch another man possibly raise his kids. To him this was a way to save his kids but it’s sick and twisted and should never have happened.

  22. SOOOOO sad 💔

  23. You know what? Being single is just fine.
    I only trust my cat, Cleo …

  24. Jesse Jackson where are you?

    black lives matter

  25. may the lord have mercy on his soul

  26. It’s TRUE! There really is a BLACK GENOCIDE in America. (But it’s NOT the way they’ve been describing it!)

  27. Narscissist sociopath

  28. He’s a hero.

  29. this nigga lost his fuckin mind

  30. Linda Huckabee

    This is so sad, traumatic for anyone involved with the family.

  31. Charuhas Deekshit

    I feel so sorry & sad for the wife & those children

  32. Sweet Jesus in Heaven

  33. How can I ever have trust in men? I am single now but how can I know that the man that I will be with won’t do this to me? Humans are so unpredictable, it’s terrifying


    All women cheat it’s best to stay single

  35. @ELIJAH CAPRICORN: That’s definitely not true but you stay single if that’s how you feel.

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