Hunger Video: Florida citizens shun social distancing to stand in line for food & cash

Florida residents risk health for benefits/Photo: EPA

Florida residents risking their lives. 

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HIALEAH — Social distancing be damned, Florida citizens decided it was more prudent to stand in line and risk their lives in exchange for complimentary sustenance and unemployment insurance. Lord have mercy. The pecuniary debacle, which entailed coronavirus exposure, transpired Tuesday morning in Hialeah, Florida. It was also captured on video. Reminiscent of the Great Depression, ravenous residents were packed like sardines (much closer than 6 feet) as city officials distributed free food in conjunction with paper applications for unemployment benefits. A very sad scene.

Amid fallout from COVID-19, more than 10 million Florida citizens lost their jobs and many were unable to apply for succor online so they had no choice but to rebuff social distancing guidelines. Some donned facial coverings and some didn’t. Unfortunately, the Sunshine State wasn’t alone. Food banks across the country (most notably Texas and Pennsylvania) remain overwhelmed with lines several miles long.

Are we headed towards another Depression?

Is it time to send people back to work since they’re risking their lives anyway?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Donnie Brookings

    Even the rich will have to eat their money.

  2. In SIX more weeks you’ll be able to buy a slightly used 2019 SUV ( 8K miles on it) for $3,000. HA!!!!!!

  3. Omg people 6 feet apart not 1 inch apart from each other

  4. I’ve been out of work for almost a full month, unemployment is taking forever to kick in. My savings have been used up paying rent, electricity, and insurance to make sure we have a place to live and can get to places we need (the 2 year old has epilepsy and is partially deaf so we go to ER and dr often). We’re struggling, money is super tight but we’re surviving, so far.

  5. Deadbeats.

  6. SirenaRosenfeld

    Common sense isn’t so common 🙄😞 this is all sad.

  7. kasey LOCKRIDGE

    What do you expect!!! They are lucky they are being peaceful!! Ijs..people need money now!

  8. Iaisha RealityShow

    Sad that they got these ppl looking like savages

  9. Desmond Donaldson

    Thank god I did mine weeks ago I honestly had a feeling it would be like this when people’s money started to look funny

  10. You can get it through mail


  12. They saying folks don’t have access to computers. I guarantee 99.9% of those folks out there have cell phones on them. Yes, they should had folks stay in their cars .. form 3-5 drive up lines and hand them out.

  13. Jay Paul Mojica

    Corona virus a hoax

  14. What the….their are supposed to be social distancing over there; not cool, guys!

  15. Why aren’t these forms available to print these online?? They need to create a separate pdf site that will allow them too

  16. UNACEPTABLE!!!!!

  17. You cannot create a social benefits system overnight, should have sent checks to every social security number; no lines or computer application.

  18. This is what America will look like on a “normal” day if Sanders gets elected.

  19. Shannon Valery


  20. Shawni Edwards

    This is trump era

  21. Hispanics used to being in groups of 5 or more 😂

  22. Please if you know someone with a computer in your state or a different state, ask them to print out the application for you & send it to you.

    If any of the doctors, nurses, and other health care providers reading this, I just want to say thank you. You are really appreciate it. Thank you to all the essential worker!

    To everyone else, let’s try to flatten the curve so we can do our part. Hand washing.
    Social distancing.
    24/7 shelter in place.
    Let’s get through this.

  23. They will get COVID19 and not collect a red cent..maybe they need instructions in Spanish.

  24. That whole group going to need body bags instead of applications

  25. Brian Hammerhand

    Why do they have to get their hands on anything why can’t they do this online it’s ridiculous. I don’t believe all those people have no phones or access to the internet.

  26. Thing are getting really bad

  27. Think about how long lines would be if people actually did social distancing themselves.

  28. Lesa Qnonymous

    Thousand of Floridians ignore the safer at home guidelines and don’t distance unless explicitly made to do so, so why not just put them back to work?

  29. America used to be a beautiful place not anymore

  30. @T Brown: What? When was it beautiful? When was America great? It’s always been flawed AF

  31. If you have a cold or flu, and decide to go to the hospital, you will be tested positive for coronavirus! I faked I was sick and told the nurse I believe I have the coronavirus, they put a swab up my nose and few days later called me back saying I tested positive. That was 26 days ago and I still feel normal and no symptoms!

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