Tracy Morgan has lost his mind

Tracy and Megan are screwing like rabbits/

Tracy Morgan elucidates sex. 

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NEW YORK — “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” Tracy Morgan and his wife, Megan Wollover, have espoused a somewhat sanguine approach towards the “Stay-At-Home” order. Rather than wallow in angst over the novel coronavirus, the amorous lovebirds are engaging in bouts of feral copulation and, get this: it involves role-play. Tracy disclosed libidinous details Tuesday morning during an appearance on the “Today Show.” Talk show host Hoda Kotb filmed the chinwag from her New York City residence.

“Me and my wife been quarantining it for like three weeks, so she’s pregnant three times. Every week she got pregnant,” boasted the 51-year-old comic which caught Hoda off guard. “We’re role-playing. She’s playing a young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus, and I’m the scientist who discovered the cure. And she’ll do anything to save her grandfather’s life — and I mean anything.”

Um… ok… TMI?

Tracy also lauded President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and he plans to have his pet sharks and gorilla tested for COVID-19. Many viewers were in the midst of repast during the Q&A and some were completely grossed out. Just the thought of Tracy having sex is nauseating in itself.

One Twitter user wrote: “I love Tracy Morgan but even i know you don’t put him on live TV when the church folks are eating breakfast.”

Tracy and Megan have four kids, yet they’re still f*ckin’ like rabbits.

Was the interview inappropriate?

Would Hoda been justified in switching to a commercial?

Watch the chat.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Don’t invite comedians to your show if you are not ready for what they have to say. There’s a reason Stand Up comedy is widely popular.

  2. (God Bless) Tracy Morgan is too funny, the hairstyle is cool Asf💪🏾💯 keep doing you brother much success to you and your family🍾🍺🥃🍹🍸🍷🥂🍻🍤🍣🦞🍳🥓🥥

  3. Way more than anyone needed to know!!!

  4. Such a miraculous recovery after his settlement

  5. Um, it’s called comedy Hoda? Ever heard of it?

  6. We already have enough stress to handle in 2020 without having to know about Tracy Morgan’s sex life

  7. Sounds like he done lost his mind during the quarantine.

  8. laughter is good for the soul!!

  9. Poor Hoda. Impregnated 3 times in 3 weeks by Tracy Morgan. LOL. This article wins the clickbait title of the year.

  10. JakOffAllTrades

    The man is a legend. The only time early morning television is appealing to me is when the hosts are horrified.

  11. I watched the interview and loved it!! Tracy Morgan has a way of commanding the stage…He owned the interview…..

  12. Whatchamacallit

    Uh oh, somebody’s about to get pregnant!

  13. Morgan never was funny, still isn’t funny.

  14. I saw it and didn’t think he was funny at all..

  15. TMI. TMI.

  16. Tracy was never funny

  17. I love this dude so much. His interviews ALWAYS deliver the laughs like this. I’ve noticed he’s doing it even more now after recovering from the accident.

  18. Darren Gilliam

    The interview we needed! 😭

  19. “….and I mean she’ll do anything”😜🤣🤣

  20. Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

    Love you Tracy! So glad you were able to recover from the accident! You’re a treasure!
    Stay safe, stay healthy! ♥

  21. phillip Morrison

    Omg he is hilarious

  22. If she was expecting a normal interview with Tracy, she was totally mistaken.

  23. Poor Hoda 🤣

  24. What a clueless moron. Can we stop giving air time to idiots and pretending that what they say is somehow valid or has any meaning at all?
    Trump’s more than enough.

  25. Why does she seem disappointed when he just wants to talk about the virus and no blame. Hmmm

  26. tracy looks like he eats pussy

  27. “she’ll do anything…..”

    does that mean suck dick????

  28. Ho duh is a prude acting like she’s better than tracy! He keeps it real !

  29. The role playing part took me out 😩😂😂

  30. Thanks Tracy Morgan! We need to laugh.
    It’s baffling how the Left blames Trump for everything. Now they’re hating Trump for Coronavirus/?? That’s all we hear All Day Long. We’re sick of it.
    We should all choose our common humanity and laughing with each other. Peace and love, man!


    Tracy morgen thank you brotha stay strong don’t let these clown a** people say anything to sway you that was perfect 👌

  32. God is proving incompetence can cause you and your loved ones their life. Next time you vote think about you and your loved one’s life and don’t let bigotry/racism make you regret your choices.🙏🤔

  33. sgtslaughter21

    This guy is NOT funny at all….and he never was

  34. Tracy ….stfu….

  35. Chelsea Bella Gallo

    This dude is lame as Fucc.
    No jokes should be made about this virus..

  36. Onemotherandonedaughter Therese

    I use to love you Tracy! Crooklyn, we go hard, not dumb!
    You straight dumb! What happen to you! Smfh, you dumb out here. That accident really, fuxked you up! I will not watch , anymore episodes of OG! You just lost a big fan!

  37. African-Americans do not like Tracy Morgan.

  38. Morgan sucks and so does his show! 🙈🙉🙊👎👎

  39. chanel middleton

    I’ve followed Tracey a long long def comedy jam time…..never heard him trip like this….smh

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