Roseanne said “The Rapture” is linked to coronavirus, believes old people targeted

Roseanne believes old people being targeted/Getty Images

Roseanne Barr’s conspiracy talk. 

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HAWAII — Here’s a conspiracy theory for your ass: Roseanne Barr believes the coronavirus was concocted to extirpate baby boomers which validates her decision to migrate to Hawaii. No bullsh*t. The 67-year-old actress uttered her two cents Sunday night during an appearance on the YouTube series “Quarantined With Norm Macdonald.” Roseanne didn’t disclose which island she lives on. But Hawaii, as a whole, has less than 400 cases of coronavirus. “99 percent of the Hawaiian people are sequestered and doing exactly what they were told to do,” Roseanne said. “There’s a military base here as well.”

When asked if she was being proactive by making an egress from the states, Roseanne replied: “You know what it is Norm? I think they’re just trying to get rid of all my generation. The boomer ladies that, you know, that inherited their, you know, are widows. They inherited the money so they got to go wherever the money is and figure out a way to get it away from people.”

Roseanne didn’t clarify who “they” are. But it’s no secret COVID-19 has levied a much deadlier impact on elderly victims. During the 15-minute chinwag, Roseanne also said nobody in Hollywood wanted to f*ck her and she drew parallels between the coronavirus and “The Rapture” — the doomsday prophecy biblically elucidated in Revelations. “F*ck, I hope it’s not the rapture,” Norm retorted.

Do you agree with Roseanne?

Are old people being targeted?

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  1. Norm and Roseanne need to just stop the charade and just get married and be my grandparents.

  2. Omg boomers are the most easily fooled people in the fucking world 😂

  3. she’s right…….. this is the end of the world

  4. Hey Norm, you’re starting to look like Burt Reynolds just before he checked out!

  5. Roseanne: “…because, you know, nobody in Hollywood ever wanted to fuck me.”
    Norm: “Yeah, yeah”

  6. Fuck this bitch she’s worse than Carol Baskin

  7. Love you, Roseanne! You, too, Norm! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😊😷💙🙏

  8. Good lord these two are funny as shit 😆

  9. Concrete Bleach

    For fucks sake, she is still the dumbest bitch alive.

  10. amen rosanne!

  11. Moms Daily Agenda

    Roseanne…luv her laugh! Wish she’d come back to tv! Queen of Comedy! 👍💕

  12. roseanne aint crazy….. she speak the truth…… the rapture is here…. but who is the antichrist?????

  13. This bitch is out of her mind
    Love ya, Norm

  14. Rosanne needs to hang it up. Has-been. Give it up

  15. Roseanne 😂🤣😂💪

  16. Lavern Merriweather

    Two complete and utter FUCKWADS they can both go fuck themselves racist shit assholes

  17. Go eat a bat. The real kind not the impossible bat.

  18. sweetlikechocothai

    Ewwww. Roseanne.

  19. Anthony Gentile

    Two Loons

  20. Holy fuck these two need a podcast together. I need that in my life.

  21. Love Roseanne 💗 wish I was in Hawaii right now 🌴🌺

  22. Nunya Business

    She’s batshit.



  24. Sheila collins

    Roseanne is more aware than people think…wake up sheeple!

  25. Real comedians right here.

  26. Illuminatis pedophile demons!!! Are u ready to pay?


  28. roseanne interests me because she is kind of a typical narcissist, who fits in perfectly into Hollywood. And I never fully realized it until hearing her talk to hear herself speak. The rest of the world matters little to her, it seems. I wonder how common this is, in Hollywood. She probably knows she is this way, at least, bc she isn’t dumb.

  29. I was enjoying this until she talked about seeing some guy eating a baby. Bleh!.. 🙁


    Love you Roseanne!! We stand with Roseanne!!!

  31. Hawaii has 504 cases. 9 deaths. She’s on glue. 👍

  32. Damm Norm you fucking suck, You ask a question and talk right over people, and keep talking. And its show after show. WTF man.

  33. I Fing LOVE ROSEANNE!!!!!!

  34. Norm, have you been checked for having motor neurone disease? I really hope you don’t, but, you’re looking a bit like my good friend did in the early stages.

    I’m not trying to be funny, cute, a dick or whatever.


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