Hot Ones: Timberlake joins ‘spicy wings’ challenge on YouTube’s ‘First We Feast’

Timberlake talks music on Hot Ones/Photo: First We Feast

Justin Timberlake ingests hot wings.

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LOS ANGELES — “Cry Me A River!” Justin Timberlake cried himself a river while becoming the latest sacrificial lamb to make an appearance on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” to answer questions for 20 minutes while masticating a plate of scorching hot wings. While sedentary, the 39-year-old vocalist joined “First We Feast” host Sean Evans to confabulate on everything from his affinity for Memphis to his own discography. Justin also enumerated his albums from top to bottom.

As for the spicy wings? As customary, they were nothing short of caliente as evidenced by the proliferation of Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Justin almost waved the white flag early, telling Sean: “Is there a restroom close by? … I’m serious.” Justin also said he “went full Patrick Mahomes with this sh*t!”

By the time the chinwag concluded, a tearful Justin could barely see. “Holy sh*t, what’s happening right now?” he screamed. “I don’t know what’s happening to my equilibrium… I feel like I’ve been poisoned. Is there cyanide in this?” Even though he got his ass kicked, Justin vowed to come back.

Watch the hilarious interview.

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  1. Bethanie Kingston

    I feel like these 2 have so much respect for each other. So sweet.

  2. 👍👍👍

  3. When did he get so creepy looking?

  4. The Bearded One

    Genuinely not a fan of his music in anyway, but what a fucking nice guy he is


    They look like brothers, kinda sorta.

  6. Arlettis Veloz Rosell

    This show is just amazing!!! The guests, the ambientation, The Questions!!!!!!!!

  7. I can’t believe so many losers watch talentless people eat shitty food

  8. Loved it!!

  9. Phanthom Fox 12

    I wanna see Keanu Reeves in this !!

  10. TheBoiWho8Pasta 69

    Petition to have Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson in this show

  11. Grimmy Hendrix

    JT is such a class-act, I truly admire him.

  12. jersey hidalgo

    Beware da bomb!

  13. Think that’s the most extra sauce i’ve ever seen anyone put on the last wing

  14. Creature Domes

    Omg it’s JT 🦀🦂🦎🦋🕷🐜🐛

  15. Beast! Didn’t even notice he didn’t take any drinks 🤯

  16. Luna Soap ASMR

    The whole time I’m thinking, “Why isn’t he going for that ice water and milk?”, and then at the end he goes, “And I didn’t even drink any water or milk!” I think somebody just lost a bet!! 😉

  17. Its fun seeing Justin nervous.

  18. He should’ve asked about him cheating on his wife

  19. He is high, isn’t he? 🤔

  20. LMAO “is..there a restroom close by.. im serious”


  22. No social distancing happening here.. It’s a Covid Party.

  23. Pendragon Love

    I KNEW it was gonna suck and it did…🙄😐

  24. He literally has no lips. How does he even eat?

  25. I wish I could have seen Justin the man, and not Justin the character. Not even da Bomb couldn’t break him out of character. Some people just can’t be themselves for fear of how they come across.

  26. Randy Stittsworth

    RESPECT! My co-workers and I did the challenge last year and I along with just four others managed to go through the gauntlet of all the hot sauces that were used at that time. I did drink a lot, so my hat’s off to you Mr. Timberlake!

  27. How and why did this hillbilly get so famous?

  28. Brittany Hendrieth

    Ohhhhh Mr. Timberlake! 💕💖

  29. We need keanu reeves ❤️❤️

  30. Stories We Tell

    Can we have Neil Patrick Harris on the show?

    Please 😁

  31. rhinochaser3216

    Justin Timberlake’s eyes are blacker than my asshole

  32. “I feel like I’ve been poisoned…. … because I have.” “Is there cyanide in this?” – Best interview yet!

  33. There should be some kind of hot ones trophy for finishing the challenge.

  34. Does anyone else feel like this isn’t real? Like Justin didn’t really get hot sauce on his wings? I just get the vibe he’s faking it. If this is true I’ll be so disappointed with this show 😭

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