Lifetime TV released exciting trailer for controversial “Salt-N-Pepa” mini-series

Lifetime released Salt-N-Pepa trailer/Getty Images

Lifetime TV drops ‘Salt-N-Pepa’ clip. 

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NEW YORK — “Push it real good!” Network officials at Lifetime Television have released the trailer for their new “Salt-N-Pepa” mini-series. Directed by Mario Van Peebles, the 3-hour biopic chronicles the trials and tribulations of nursing students Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton who obtained hip-hop stardom in the late ’80s after recording music for a friend’s school project at New York’s Queensborough Community College. Yep, Salt-N-Pepa went to JUCO.

The experiment, needless to say, paid off big time.

Salt-N-Pepa’s debut album “Hot, Cool & Vicious” sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and their hit single “Push It” reached No. 1 in three countries. Salt-N-Pepa also became the first female rap group to achieve gold and platinum status. GG Townson of Bounce TV’s “In The Cut” will play Salt.

Actress Laila Odom will portray Pepa. Cleveland Berto will star as producer Hurby Azor. Still no word on Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper who’s suing the group over royalties and lost remuneration.

Watch the trailer.

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  1. Sunni D'Groovey

    When does it air?

  2. Miranda Holland

    I can’t believe they chose lifetime for their biopic 😠

  3. So they just going to act like Spindarella doesn’t exist?

  4. Doesn’t sound like it’s about their career but about their friendship. That’s why they chose lifetime. Latifahs production company is producing it.

  5. Wish them the best

  6. I am so disgusted watching this! how can these 2 bitches even stand themselves and how could u do Spin like that!?

  7. I hope the movie is done right because Lifetime has bombed Whitney Houston, Aaliyah and Toni Braxton biopics! Spinderella’s presence is a MUST! Also, please get the ORIGINAL bamboo & door knocker earrings for the movie. I hate to see biopics re-live the late 80’s/90’s in a low budget way. Roxanne Shante’s earring game was everything back in the day. For her movie, they gave the girl earrings from the beauty supply store, not appealing at all especially when the artist is known for their fashion.

  8. Lifetime I’m not even excited damn get Amazon , apple 🍎 anybody but lifetime

  9. Pepa 😍

  10. Spinderella better be part of the biopic because she was a huge part of S&P too

  11. I am really looking forward to this movie!! Love me some Salt and Pepa!!!!

  12. Vocally Gifted

    I love Salt & Pepper for sure!!💃🏽🕺🏽

  13. I am disappointed with Pepa and an overload of plastic surgery as she looked damn GOOD without it, but to each is own.

    As far as the biopic, I hope Spinderella is in it as well as Herbie, Martin Lawrence, Wendy Williams, Original Spindarella, Kid N Play, Treach, Naughty by Nature, Biggie (since he saw them in the limousine, lol), Tupac, Heavy D and the Fat Boys, Melle Mell, Doggy Fresh, and other major players at the time. I hope they showcase Salt N Pepa at least up till the Very Necessary album.

    I also hope they reproduce some of their earlier popular hits like SHAKE YOUR THANG/GET UP, PUSH IT, and TRAMP.

    There is so much history that I hope they cover it all.

  14. When they said “Lifetime” I was like “No!!! This’ll be a mess. I wish they’d link up with BET so they can have their story done right.

  15. Neh-Bih Sangbong

    Ooh baby baby! I can’t wait.

  16. I really really wanna hear Salt’s story cause she got married and saved then dipped so I know there’s a good story there! As far as Peppa she is not my cup of tea but I love them as a group with Spin… And where is she?! SN: Pep just goes on and on and on… Lordt!

  17. I think its a old ass group thats really not relevant anymore sorry

  18. Spinderella was just important as salt n peppa from start to finish. She attracted a lot of Male fans because of her beauty and the other two were probably jealous not to forget she was a dope DJ. Jamaster Jay, didn’t have this problem grandmaster Dee from whodini didn’t have this problem.

  19. queenofgypsies

    Spinderella is definitely the most attractive in the group! Ijs

  20. Safiya Lawrence

    I didn’t even know DJ spinderella existed 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. They treated spinderella like Cinderella

  22. Who is Salt And Pepper?

  23. Ruthless Lover

    I would fuck all 3 of dem bitches

  24. Spinderella get your coins that is owed to you Queen.

  25. James Killackey

    They still look so sexy after all these years. Pepa was my very first crush in the 90’s

  26. They treated Spinderella like shit

  27. were once the sexiest bitches in hip hop

  28. Yo, I’ve always had the biggest crush on Salt 😍

  29. I won’t watch it and I was a huge SNP fan! But after how they treated Spin. Just going to hold on to the memories

  30. Just Being Vee

    That ish is TRASH.
    The biopic look like a damn Tik Tok video
    No suh✌

  31. Its gonna be dope can’t wait…

  32. Felicia Garcia

    Yay 🤗🤗🤗💚

  33. Courtney Howard

    Who asked for this not everybody needs a biopic C,MON MAN

  34. Rickette Rickette

    Uh who tf is these actresses they nobody’s so why looks like a low budget biopic actresses, costumes,wigs and all

  35. Crystal Daniels

    I’m sorry I like me some Salt & Pepa but this shit looks like it sucks. The biopic maybe could be good but whoever put this trailer together needs to be fired. This is a horrible trailer, it doesn’t look like it’s well put together. It doesn’t grab my attention at all

  36. Can’t wait

  37. The cast doesn’t even LOOK like them. The casting was TERRIBLE. How the hell do you pick actors that don’t look like who the person they are portraying?

  38. thatssomething1

    Pass me the real Salt-n-Pepa, this one I can’t even taste

  39. chocolatedelight1000

    I can already tell from this trailer that they are gonna make it seem like it was just Salt N Pepa who were the trailblazing pioneers, and leave Spin out in the cold. Truth be told if you look back on their history Salt N Pepa was a 3 female group that consisted of Salt, Pepa, and Spinderella!

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